Monday, June 28, 2010

UFCW results from 6-23 in Phenix City, AL

Results: United Federations of Championship Wrestling, 06/23/10, from Phenix City, AL

As the show opened, credit was given to all the promoters for coming together and making the UFCW possible. (Dr. Johnny Gayton was not in attendance due to Saturday’s actions at RPW)

Mike Stratus defeated PysKo the NutJob with “the Measle” Quitin Michaels;

AJ Steele defeated Velvet Jones;

After the match Steele issued an open challenge but decided to opt out when the intimidating Zero Tolerance emerged;

Frankie Valentine defeated Jake Slater;

Slater is hardly recognizable having lost nearly 40 pounds;

The referee declared the Jimmy Rave vs Shaun Banks match a no contest when Cru Jones jumped Rave;

J-Rod made the save which led to-

Jimmy Rave & J-Rod defeated Hot Like Lava (Cru Jones & Shaun Banks);

After the match J-Rod challenged Banks title for title at the next show, RPW title up against the World-1 South title. (the SECW Tag Titles were not on the line)

UFCW news & notes: UFCW announced a return date at the National Guard Armory for July 14. There will be a Bikini contest at the next show with a $500 cash/spa package combo prize. Runner up will receive a $150 spa package. Email ufcw@live.comfor more details. It was announced that RPW would be taping some future shows at UFCW and that RPW will soon be on TV in the Columbus/Phenix City area.Attendance was reported as 123. UFCW considered the event to be a success.


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