Sunday, June 27, 2010

TNA Knockout signs new contract

As noted earlier here on the website, one third of the Knockout Tag Team Champions, Velvet Sky, indicated Saturday on her MySpace account that she has signed a new, long term contract with TNA Wrestling. "I ain't going anywhere!," Sky exclaimed. Her contract was set to expire later this year. It was recently reported that there has been more grumbling than usual amongst the company's female performers over the pay discrepancy between them and their male wrestler counterparts. At a recent set of television tapings, they reportedly talked amongst themselves of getting all the women together to demand a raise from management. However, the television tapings concluded without confrontation as we noted earlier. The women said to be most upset were Velvet Sky, Taylor Wilde and Lacey Von Erich. ODB was also part of this camp, but has since quit the organization. Reportedly, Velvet Sky was contemplating quitting the organization if she didn't receive a raise, but it appears she's been pacified.


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brando said...

1/3rd?? wtf? don't you mean 1/2? Since when are tag team champions a trio? I thought all tag teams are duos? Is the TNA Knockout tag title, which sounds pretty dumb in its own right considering there are only like TWO Knockout tag teams, a 3-person title??