Thursday, June 24, 2010

NBW results from 6-19

Show opened with Jeremy Moore coming to the ring saying Rocker and Wayne both weren't there and he wanted a match. Moore then called his dad, Jeff McDonald, into the ring. He said it was Fathers Day weekend and he had him a gift. Jeff opened the gift only to find nothing, Moore then said that's all he was worth as a father. Moore said he has been against him the whole time and it's sad that Jeff cheered when Chris Rocker won the NBW title. Moore said maybe he would just have a match with him. Jeff then said that Moore in fact did have a match and maybe he should turn around. C-Money came off the top rope with a cross body block on all 3 members of the Anarchy. C-Money then said tonight he would teach Moore respect.

Oz def. Tommy Redneck and after the match Redneck attacked Oz

Blaine Devine def. The Kid

Hardcore Yow def. A.N.T.

Brad Badd def. Big Red

C-Money def. Jeremy Moore after a small package. Great heat on this match. Post match Moore said it was a fluke win and challenged C-Money to a rematch with Allen Walker as the ref. C-Money accepted if Moore would accept his stipulation that if he won his mother gets to slap Moore on the face for the whole crowd!

Great show! 70 or so in the crowd.

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