Monday, June 28, 2010

PSW results from 6-25 in Piedmont, AL

Results: Pro South Wrestling, 06/25/10, from Piedmont, AL

Former commissioner Terry Batey interrupted Waylon Rhodes' opening pledge by taking his microphone and telling Rhodes that tonight would be Waylon's last night in power. After a heated verbal exchange, Rhodes backed Terry into the corner of the ring but was met with a superkick from Ace Haven. The reunited father and son celebrated in the ring as Waylon made his way to the locker room.

"World's Greatest Athlete" Johnny Viper defeated Kyle Matthews by pinfall in an All-Out division match;

In what started as an impromptu brawl, the team of Steven Michaels, D2daC, and "Hit for Hire" Bobby Moore went to a double count out with the team of collumbine, "Future Classic" Tyler Gage, and "Samoan Soldier" Robi Vio;

Jed Johnson and JD Rush became the new Tag Team Champions after defeating the team of Scott Spade and Stupid w/Tweety. Jed and Rush had an assist from Damon TAZ;

Drew Scott destroyed Scourge in a 6-second match;

Damon TAZ retained his ProSouth Championship against his mystery opponent, the returning Thirteen. Even with help from Waylon Rhodes and Stupid, Thirteen could not dethrone Damon TAZ;

In the main event of the evening, Commissioner Waylon Rhodes defeated Ace Haven, accompanied to the ring by Terry Batey, following interference from Scott Spade. Every wrestler on the roster got involved in this match as the stakes were so high, but in the end Rhodes managed to cheat his way to victory over Ace Haven;


- Johnny Viper vs Ace Haven with the All-Out Championship on the line!
- NEW Tag Team Champions Jed Johnson & JD Rush will be in action!
- Stupid looks for vengeance on TAZ for costing him the Tag Team Titles!
- More action from collumbine, Robi Vio, Drew Scott, and others!

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