Monday, June 28, 2010

PCW results from 6-25 in Avondale Estates, GA

Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 06/25/10, from Avondale Estates, GA

Jamie Holmes (with “Screamin’” Marty Freeman and “Ragdoll” Jessie Starr with a curbstomp via pinfall over Jamie Holmes (with “Screamin’” Marty Freeman and “Ragdoll” Jessie Starr;

Brian Blaze with The Burn via pinfall over De La Vega;

The Washington Bullets (Jon and Trey Williams) with Marion Berry on Warhorse #7 via pinfall over Warhorse #7 and #32 (with Johnathan Davis Wynn), Trey Williams pinning Warhorse #7;

Michael Cannon with The Dungeon Stretch via tapout over Harmm;

Goth won via countout over Geter;

Dwight Power with The Final Solution via pinfall over Najasism;


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