Monday, June 28, 2010

IWA Mid-South results from 6-25 & 6-26 in Bellevue, IL

IWA Mid-South results double header weekend from Bellevue, IL
on 6/25 "Tryout Show"
*Scotty Keyes pinned Outlaw Jason Rose
*Corbin Blaze pinned Tyler Priegel
*The Future Donovan Ruddick pinned Wuha Nation
*Johnathan Greshem pinned Bucky Collins
*Kaige Kuttler pinned Reed Bentley
*MVP Johnathan Napier pinned Temple Rain
*Corbin Blaze won a 5-man battle royal
*IWA-MS Light Heavyweight Champ Ryan Phoenix pinned Ric Brutal (non-title)

Saturday Night 6/26 IWA Mid South presents "Summer Scorcher"
*Johnathan Napier & Justice Jones d. Cash Cavins & Cole James
*Neil Diamond Cutter d. Hunter Matthews
*Dan the Man d. Tyler Priegel
*Dixieland Destroyer d. Kyle Rich
*Josh Raymond d. Samurai Del Sol
*Markus Crane & Sal Thomaselli d. Bucky Collins, Mr. 450 Hammett & Corbin Blaze (5-way scramble, double pin)
*Victorious Secret d. The Hooligans
*Jimmy Jacobs fought Johnathan Gresham to a time limit draw
*Jaysin Strife d. Ryan Phoenix in a no-DQ match to win the IWA-MS Light Heavyweight title

Near riot at IWA Mid-South - A fan account of the Bellevue show Saturday night stated that fans were in a near riot and attempted to jump in the ring following the Jaysin Strife/Ryan Phoenix match. "Jaysin Strife pinned Ryan Phoenix for the LHW title in a no DQ match when Markus Crane, Matt Cage and Hunter Matthews all ran out and attacked Phoenix in brutal fashion. Strife gave him a brainbuster on a chair for the win. Sal, Bucky and pretty much the entire locker room ran out to try and stop the foursome from destroying Phoenix, but were unsuccessful. The crowd was rabid. Even I was jumping up and down yelling. Fans tried to get in the ring as they brutalized Phoenix and everyone who tried to get in the ring. Strife cut a promo revealing that he was Yellow Dog all along and had to do it to remain in IWA. A lot of what he said I couldn't hear because the crowd was so loud. Strife said he, Hunter, Cage and Crane were now running the show. Phoenix finally got pulled from the ring and the foursome left out the front door wielding chairs for protection and Strife with his newly won title in hand. Amazing and powerful segment to close the show."

Next Show July 3rd IWA Mid South presents "Spirit of 76" Saturday Night, July 3rd, 2010 at The America's Historic Roundhouse (formerly known as the Historic Walter Payton Roundhouse Restaurant)
205 N. Broadway Ave
Aurora, IL 60505
Bell time is 7:30pm
Doors open at 6:45

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