Saturday, June 26, 2010

Goldberg talks about wrestlers who use the "spear"

On Twitter, Bill Goldberg was asked if it bothers him that so many wrestlers have added the "Spear" (also known as shoulder block takedown) to their in-ring repertoire, a Wrestling maneuver he popularized in the late nineties while performing for World Championship Wrestling. The former wrestling champion said it does bother him, and deemed those who use the "Spear" as uncreative. "Gotta say all these yahoos using the Spear irks me......Just shows how over it was and how less-than-creative they are," Goldberg wrote on Twitter.


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brando said...

Add to that list Rhyno as well, who tries to be 'creative' by calling his spear "The Gore." Pfft. No fooling me. I know a spear when I see it.