Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Drew McIntyre & Wade Barrett Pulled From TV

Source: Pwinsider.com

Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett have been pulled from WWE television as their current work visas have expired and they are no longer eligible to work within the United States. In the case of Barrett, he has returned to Great Britain while he awaits a new visa to be cleared. Meanwhile, McIntyre is still believed to be in United States.

According to company sources, no timetable has been set regarding their respective returns.

More shortly.

Credit: Ryan Clark @ wrestlinginc.com


ejaz14357 said...

Wrestling News Center is my favrity place,and like also.

brando said...

I don't give a flying f*ck about Drew, so good riddance to that wannabe (future world champion my ass), but Wade has to go, too?? Too bad! Hopefully he comes back soon. Or perhaps he can wait til this stupid Nexus storyline, which is getting old, repetitive and worn out its welcome, is done, and THEN become a singles star. After all, HE won the NXT contract, not the other 6. Piss off, wannabes. Go back to fcw.

Esp. Justin Gabriel, who looks more like the next American Idol than breakout wwe star. If you didn't hear him open his mouth or know that he's South African (British descent), you'd think he's just another wannabe who belongs in music as a teenybopper rather than wrestling.