Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Confirmed: The Undertaker & Michelle McCool Get Married

It has been confirmed that WWE stars Michelle McCool and Mark Calaway (a/k/a Undertaker) got married on Saturday in Houston, Texas. The two have been romantically linked since 2007.

The private ceremony was attended by family and numerous friends, including those involved with the wrestling industry. Longtime friends Torrie Wilson, Lisa Marie Varon, and Sharmell were present at the wedding.

Both have been previously married, Calaway having been married two previous times with McCool being married once before. Both have divorced as well in recent years — McCool divorced her "high school sweetheart" in 2006, and Calaway divorced his second wife Sara in 2006 or 2007.

Credit: Ryan Clark @ wrestlinginc.com


Anonymous said...

I know Mark personally and I hate to break the sad news to all his fans but not only is he not married to this Michelle Mc Cool...he's not currently married to anyone. Everyone knows he's divorced twice and eveyone knows he had a relationship at one time with this women but he was in FL on Sat so it's interesting how he was in two places at one time.
He is not married or dating her...in fact he is living with a women who I know and her name isn't Sara..Michellle or Jody for that matter...she's not even from the US. So you can all think what you want and until someone shows me all their wedding pictures then you should all mind your own business and leave them alone..they are pretty upset with the whole thing. You can believe what you want...it's all tabloid TV stuff..you'll see in a month from now a new story that you can feed off of. He's a high profile person so the any mdeia will try to rip him because of the charater he portrays on TV...he's not like that in real life..yeah just like he's a vegatable and was mugged yet he seems pretty sain when I talk to him.

brando said...

I predict if this is real, which grosses me out to no end (seriously, how is Michelle McCool a big enough catch irl, even if she's not a slutbag like her wwe persona, to get the Undertaker's heart? something's wrong here), it'll end up in another divorce in a few years. What could possess Mark Callaway to wanna marry Michelle McCool, of all people, much less date her?? That's f'ed up. She can't be that good a partner irl, to get the WWE's biggest dog.

Something smells fishy here. Show me a video or pic of them making out or wedding photos, and I'll believe it. A pic of them just standing by each other with some random black guy (don't tell me he married them in their clothes??) is not enough.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Brando, maybe it's because he loves her? Just because you don't like her doesn't mean no one else does. So leave them alone and mind your own business. Don't diss on relationships you know nothing about.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous who posted July 2nd.
I bet you're reeeeeal close to the Undertaker, buddy. They did get married, and they have a baby now too. So clearly you're an attention moron who is so dumb you don't even check your facts before spouting off, or you live so deep in a fantasy world that it makes me sad for you.