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USWO/ATL Results from 5-28 in Nashville

95 dropped in to celebrate USWO's 5 year anniversary at the Stadium Inn. OUR officials for the evening are JW Boogie Stratton and Mark Owen.

Lee Cross beat Dyron Flynn in 4:00. DF turns the tables on LC's early offense and works him over by choking him in the ropes, etc. LC overcomes this and ends up backsliding DF for the pin.

Crusher Eric Hodge & Saint & Psycho Medic beat Jonny Demento & Shawn Hoodrich & Mike Hoodrich in 7:00. PM shoves SH around to start, as SH stays in for a while at the beginning to get armworked by the face trio. SH fights out of S' chicken wing thing and lures him into the wrong corner thus commencing the "heel triple teaming" segment of the program. JD holds S while the Hoodrich brothers kick away on him. S kicks MH in the jaw then gives him an enziguri and we get TAGS!! Everybody in the pool! It ends up being the 3 heels whipped together then PM and JD end up alone in the ring, where PM scalpels JD for the pin then does it again for emphasis.

Gordon reminds the fans about throwing things in the ring and using the really bad profanity.

Josh Crow beat Jason Xavier in 11:00. Mat wrestling traded to start then leapfrogging but JX doesn't quite clear JC and ends up gets kicked in the chest. Arguing ensues about "who made who" and JX slaps JC but ends up receiving a belly to belly suplex. JC springboard dropkicks JX to the floor then launches himself out onto JX. Back in, JC leapfrogs JX but lands on his back and is slow to get up so JX takes advantage. JX jawbreakers JC for 2 then double stomps his head for 2. JX works the leg a bit then pummels JC in the corner before spitting at some fans like he's Kid Kash or something. JX has a brief shoving match with ref Boogie before JC comes off the ropes with the flip kick. Slugfest then JX with a running knee but gets pulled into a tiltawhirl. JX gets a flying ass into a rollup for 2 then can't pin him with a small package either. JX lowblows and DDTs for 2 then climbs up top. JC rolls away from a top legdrop and JX hits the mat. JC hits the Crow bomb for the pin.
JC gives JX a complimentary slap in the face. JX leaves to a chorus of "Jason sucks".

Jocephus beat Playboy James Duncan in 4:00. Some fans suggest a new nickname for JD-"Cheesecake"! J fights off JD's armworking and blocks him down. J splashes JD then rams his head into all 4 turnbuckles. JD reverse whips J and hits a flying burrito then commences choking him. J fights back and comes up chopping! JD reverse whips J to the corner but misses a pretty splash. J winds up the right arm and clobbers JD for the pin.
JD initiates a "sore loser attack" but bails out when J fires up on him.

OUR USWO Champion Jeff Daniels comes out along with Dominique. JD mad because he didn't walk away a winner last week. JD doesn't care about the title right now, just wanting to prove he is better than OUR ATL Champion Gary Valiant. He tells GV to leave his title in the back because this is about pride. JD says he will beat down GV tonight and end his career! JD has managed to be allowed to bring D out with him tonight.
Tony can't believe it's been five years here. He says the action will be hot here and the air conditioning will be running this summer!

USWO Music City Champion Damien (w/Hot Rod Biggs & Kliff Hanger) beat Wolfie D by reverse decision in 12:00. Some policemen stop by to watch as HRB complains about the hubcap being out here. WD slams D to start and he rolls out into HRB's arms. They lay on the mat to arm wrestle but WD pops up and stomps D, lol. D slips away from the inverted DDT but runs into a boot then gets clotheslined out to the floor. WD then reaches over to pop HRB and there is much rejoicing. WD chases D back in and out but gets slugged by D as Kliff Hanger wanders out to attend to the fallen HRB. DP swaps a chain with HRB as he stomps WD then rear chinlocks him. KH then visits with D and Boogie so HRB can choke WD with the chain. DP sleepers WD as KH cheers up HRB. D/HRB take turns using the chain until WD fires up on D with a flurry of rights. WD bulldogs D for 2 then comes off the top with a double axe handle. D lowblows with the chain but WD crawls over to get the hubcap. WD stuffs it under his shirt before DP hits him in the chest with the chain. WD pulls out the hubcap and caps D's dome (as Boogie was distracted) then covers him for the pin.
KH finds Cheryl and grabs her camera, then takes it to Boogie and we've got instant replay! Boogie reverses the decision and DQ's WD for using the hubcap! WD threatens Boogie, who grabs his chest. This allows KH to sneak up and snatch the hubcap away! after Hanger snatched a video camera and showed the ref footage of Wolfie hitting Damien with his hubcap!

Nore Havoc beat Kliff Hanger in 9:00. Fun fact: NH was OUR USWO Champion at the beginning of the Stadium Inn era (LT Falk, Damien, Crow, and Saint also wrestled that evening). KH comes out with HRB and presents him with the stolen hubcap. HRB departs as KH claims the Inn to be the "house that Kliff Hanger built". Lockups and various moves exchanged until NH dropkicks KH out. KH staggers and falls into a front row chair. KH slips away from a chopping block and returns to the floor. KH leapfrogs and clubs NH in the back of the head then celebrates. NH splashes twice and KH flops down to the mat but reaches up to slap NH. KH headlocks NH on the mat and uses the ropes till ref MO catches him. KH spinning heel kicks NH then gives a running kneelift and is proud of himself. NH stunners out of a sleeper and fires up on KH. NH backbreakers KH as HRB comes out with the hubcap to distract ref MO. Wolfie D comes out, snatches the hubcap from HRB, and caps KH's dome! NH hits the chopping block and ref MO gets free from HRB and counts the pin.
Damien out to check on KH. NH tells the heels that WD is his best friend in wrestling and this is really "the house that Nore built". WD says he and NH have been friends since 1993 and he's got NH's back. WD calls D "Barney" (as D is wearing purple tights). WD challenges HRB and friends to a tag match next week. WD does some marketing research into HRB's popularity. WD's music plays as he and NH depart.

"The ATL All-Stars"-Drew Haskins & ATL Southern Champion Chrisjen Hayme (w/Playboy James Duncan) beat Rudy Switchblade & LT Falk in 10:00 to win the USWO Tag Team Championship. RS takes CH down and armworks then rolls him up for 2. CH blocks a hiptoss but RS kinda lunblowers him and tags LT in. CH backs LT to the corner but LT hiptosses him out to be consoled by DH/JD. LT makes CH miss a double axehandle but DH grabs him and puts him in a headscissors. LT gets free and tags in RS who whips LT into DH before double dropkicking him. RS swings at CH but misses and DH sneaks up to clobber him with a forearm. The ATL All-Stars commence to working over RS with CH hitting a neckbreaker for 2 then they double suplex him for a cover but ref Boogie reminds LT about illegal participation, so is slow to get over to count. DH uppercuts RS then CH/JD take turns choking him in the ropes. CH grabs a sleeper but RS gets free and the two crash into each other. RS gets up first and we get TAGS!! LT comes out swinging and neckbreakers DH for 2 then backslides for 2. RS/LT go for their finisher but JD reaches up and pops LT with a foreign object, which allows DH to cover him for the pin.
So now CH has ATL and USWO titles! DH celebrates his first USWO gold by antagonizing Chicken Hat.

USWO Champion Jeff Daniels (w/Dominique) beat ATL Champion Gary Valiant in 15:00 in a non-title last man standing match. GV questions why D is out here then decides to counter her by bringing out The First Lady of USWO, Miss Rachel! JD is angry with himself for not getting the job done in 2001 when he ran GV off the road in Columbia (huh?). In-ring brawling for the first few minutes till GV rolls out and JD follows. They brawl on the floor as GV borrows a purse and whacks JD with it but JD hits GV in the mouth with his title belt. GV mule kicks JD in the groinular region then grabs a piece of plywood and whips JD into it, breaking it in two. GV grabs a piece and double stomps it on JD's back, breaking that in half. JD grabs a quarter piece and reaches up to hit GV upside the head. JD stomps GV's head and plywoods him again. GV grabs a cup and hits JD with it, sending beverage all over the ring canvas. Back in, GV hits a sliding dropkick but misses a splash. JD hits 3 legdrops then chokes GV with a boot. JD throws GV out for D to stomp but R chases her away. GV guillotine legdrops JD then sets up and hits the superkick. GV pulls JD up at 4 but JD reverse whips him to the ropes, where D pulls down the top rope and GV tumbles out. R chases the faster D till Kliff Hanger pops out long enough to grab R and drag her to the back. JD drags GV back in and legdrops the plywood onto him. JD throws GV back out as D pulls up her shirt (?) then hands JD what appears to be the legendary atomic popsicle stick! JD uses this on GV on the floor as Gordon screams at him to stop. JD gets back in the ring as MO counts to 10 and calls for the bell. JD then resumes using the LAPS on GV as Gordon yells at him some more with fines, suspensions, etc. D whacks Gordon with the plywood (no pie for you, missy!) as Tony fires JD/D! GV left a bloody mess on the floor as JD dragged out by security.

Credit: Mr. USWO @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

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