Monday, May 31, 2010

Top WWE superstar injured

The Wrestling Observer reports that The Undertaker, 45, suffered a broken orbital bone and nose in his 5/25 match against Rey Mysterio on 5/25 in Cleveland. In addition, Undertaker also suffered a concussion.

It is believed the injury occurred from taking the seated senton move by Mysterio during the match that aired this past week on Smackdown. At this point, it is considered 50/50 if Undertaker can compete at the 6/20 Fatal Four way match.

Due to the Undertaker's absence, Mysterio, who is scheduled for a vacation, has been called back to action. If Taker can not compete at the PPV, it is likely that Mysterio would take Undertaker's spot. Changes could be taking place as soon as the Smackdown tapings tomorrow.

Credit: Alan J. Wojcik @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

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brando said...

Real shame what happened to Taker. I was so pumped to see him win back the World Title at Fatal 4Way, and instead that poser Rey becomes a 2-time champ. Come on... I know Rey is good and a high-flyer and all, but I think one title reign is good enough. And he's not even a heavyweight! Lol

Why call your belt "world heavyweight title" if you let lightweights in? Just shows how meaningless WWE creative makes everything nowadays. They could just as easily call it the WWE World Title or World Championship.