Sunday, May 30, 2010

RCW Results from 5-29 in Jonesboro & Augusta, AR

Ringside Championship Wrestling (RCW) presented an hour of free wrestling for the fans at the Augusta, AR "Augusta Days Festival" earlier today. The results were as follows...

- Ron Rage defeated "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton, who was accompanied to ringside by "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony.
- "Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs defeated "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony by disqualification when Bobby Eaton interfered, attacking Jacobs from behind after he had applied the sharpshooter to Anthony. After the match, Eaton and Anthony double teamed Jacobs, until Ron Rage made the save.
- Midnight Gold (Eaton and Anthony) defeated Christian Jacobs and Ron Rage due to outside interference from Jon Michael Worthington.

RassleNotes: There were approximately 125 to 150 fans watching the free action ... "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony debuted his "Golden Circle" interview segment with his first guest being Jon Michael Worthington, who discussed his upcoming match with Christian Jacobs to crown the first ever RCW Heavyweight Champion ... Funny spot saw Eaton and Anthony agree to a tag match with Rage and Jacobs, but they demanded five minutes to freshen up for it. When they finally came back out to work, Rage and Jacobs returned the favor and asked for five minutes of their own. They ended up sitting at ringside in lawn chairs, even having female fans come up to massage their backs.

After working in Augusta, members of the Ringside Championship Wrestling (RCW) crew headed to Jonesboro, AR to present free wrestling at Car Today. Here are the results from the RCW matches that were on the show.

- "Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs defeated "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton
- Ron Rage battled "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony to a No Contest when Tejano Kid attacked Rage and ended up brawling with him to the dressing room area.
- Christian Jacobs, Chris O'Neal and Stan Lee defeated Midnight Gold and Jon Michael Worthington in an impromptu 6-man tag team match. Jacobs was doing an interview with Brian Thompson to discuss the upcoming RCW Title Match he will have with Worthington to crown the first ever RCW Champion. Midnight Gold and Worthington came out and circled around him. Jacobs entered the ring and then Lee and O'Neal came out to make a save. A 6-man was then scheduled following the standoff between the two sides.

RassleNotes: Guestimate of around 200 or more wrestling fans watching a full afternoon of action that featured stars from RCW, Dogg Championship Wrestling (DCW), Southern Wrestling Alliance (SWA) and other area promotions ... Brandon Baxter was in attendance to do a live remote for 101.9 Kiss FM ... Jerry "The King" Lawler signed autographs all afternoon for fans inside the car dealership. He ended up wrestling a masked worker named "Bad Credit" ... Other local workers who competed during the show included Idol Bane, Cody Only, Deadly Dale, Craig Stone, The Falcon, Kid Dynamite and Shane Draven ... Tejano Kid did a "Golden Circle" segment with Greg Anthony to push that he was "looking for someone" he has a problem with. Of course, it ended up being Ron Rage and those two later worked each other at DCW in Jonesboro.

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