Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mysterio satisfied with current WWE position

Whatever issues Rey Mysterio had with WWE seem to longer exist as he seems happy with his current position. His knee is still bothering him but right now he isn't planning to take any time off. Stories going around about Rey's contract expiring soon aren't true as he has almost five years left on his deal. There is a clause in his contract that would allow him to retire as an in-ring competitor in less than five years, if his body isn't up in good enough shape to continue. If that were to happen, WWE would retain his in-ring rights.


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brando said...

5 years?? ...It's gonna be a long 5 years for Rey, it sounds like. What else can he do?? Maybe WWE can shape things up and trade him to Raw soon (or at least next year's wwe draft)? Seriously, why are he and Undertaker confined to the same brand?!

Undertaker is Raw caliber! The guy's a f8cking legend! And I'm sure Mysterio is tired of wasting time with the same roster for so long.