Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jim Ross reveals what his WWE future holds

"I have worked out what we believe to be a win/win, employee agreement with WWE and will remain with the company that I have been with essentially since 1993 when I debuted at Wrestlemania 9. (To celebrate this occasion, as I'm writing this I'm wearing a toga.)

Going forward, I will be focusing on a variety of talent relations matters, essentially as a consultant, of which will not require weekly travel. I will be visiting FCW in Tampa on a regular basis to observe the development of the young men and women who, I hope, all want to headline Wrestlemania some day. This area of the company has always been of particular interest to me including when we opened developmental areas years ago in Louisville, Cincinnati, Memphis, and Southern California. Many of the WWE's biggest stars of this generation came from those areas."

--Jim Ross, from his official blog

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Ross I am an african american sports broadcaster from Pensacola FL. I remember watching you every sat. morning on Power Pro Wrestling, You gave us a lot to look forward to after a hard week at work. I have been following Pro wrestling for over 30yrs. I love it so much that I was on the ring crew for 10 yrs. Put the ring up for Hulk Hogans very first Gulf Coast match. Trie to become a ref. behind Robert Gibson but I did not have the pull or money to train and be fully brought in to the pro wrestling family.I bring enthusiasm to the sports fans I reach. My goal was to be a Pro Wrestling Announcer some day could you please tell me where and when your Announcer tryouts will be held so I can attempt to be a part of something that I truely dreamed of being a part of See I had the opportunity to taste a little of it I want a shot at making a difference in Pro Wrestling if given only 1 opportunity that is all I need. Thank You!
Darryl Felton