Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jake "the Snake" Roberts Speaks out

Jake Roberts recently appeared on the Ring The Bell Radio show, here are the highlights…

Where the Jake The Snake Gimmick came from: "I came up with the idea on my own. I was a Ken Stabler fan, he used to play for the Oakland Raiders. He was a wild child on and off of the football field. His nickname was "The Snake". I always liked the name Jake, and during that time there was a tv show called Dallas. One of the characters on that show was JR. So I came up with Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

His snake being used in backstage ribs: "Davey Boy Smith was pretty mean with my snake. He used to take lit cigarettes and throw into the bag because he wanted the snake to attack me once I got out to the ring. Obviously once I got to the ring and opening the bag, the snake was a little upset.. I got my revenge though…I gave Matilda (Davey Boy's Dog) about 12 hotdogs, some chocolate and maybe some x-lax. The dog ended up spraying their entire room. I kind of wish it would have been Davey Boy, he was a real piece of. Sh……work anyway."

Working with the Ultimate Warrior: "Going against Warrior was in no way my idea. He was a blithering idiot! He was a real piece of work and I don't even want to go into it because it will put me in a bad mood. All I'll tell you is that Vince McMahon…that's the worst thing he ever did to wrestling.

Working in WCW: "Bill Watts had no idea what he was doing. He brought me in, worked one angle with Sting and then he took the snake away from me. That was his weird way of "Besting" McMahon. Like I said he had no idea what he was doing, and if when I die I go to hell I know I'll have company because I am sure Bill Watts will be there too!"

What Jake "The Snake" is currently doing: "I'm still wrestling a little bit, but I'm currently writing some books and doing some of my own DVD's. One is called Snake Tales, which talks about road stories and stuff that went on in the locker rooms. Another one is called Snake Bites Back, which was done around a camp fire with a few friends and I answer some really tough questions not only dealing with wrestling but with my personal life too."


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brando said...

So true about Warrior! That idiot actually legally changed his real name to "Warrior" because he thought he could rake in WWE royalties or something. Of course, that backfired.

Now every once in a while he goes to a college campus or speaking event and bitches about gays and gay marriage and says nonsense like "Being gay is wrong because queering doesn't make the world go 'round." Lol