Monday, May 31, 2010

Carlito never failed a WWE drug test!

In what can only be described as an interesting turn of events, Carlito (real name Carlos Colon Jr.) was released from WWE not for failing a drug test but rather for showing up to the TV tapings on May 17 in Toronto in no condition to perform.

He was described as being in denial that there was any kind of an issue and was ordered by the company to attend rehab. He refused initially, was given by the end of the week to change his mind and was then fired when he still had no interest in attending.

Carlito's father Carlos Colon was doing damage control on behalf of his family and son this week for a newspaper in Puerto Rico stating that Carlito was addicted to painkillers and not recreational or performance enhancing drugs.

Credit: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

NWA Main Event 6-12 in Franklin, KY

USWO/ATL card for Friday 6/4 in Nashville

From the Falkin' Hotline @ 615-664-1669

Main Event-USWO Tag Team Championship
The ATL All-Stars (ATL Southern Champion Chrisjen Hayme & "Teen Excitement" Drew Haskins) (c) vs Flakin' Sharp (LT Falk & Rudy Switchblade)

Mega-ultra-super-spectacular tag team grudge match!
"Black Diamond" Kliff Hanger & USWO Music City Champion Damien vs Nore Havoc & Wolfie D

ATL Championship
ATL Champion "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant (c) vs "Irish Arrogance" Dyron Flynn

Jonny Demento vs "The Shelby Street Brawler" Jocephus

Chris Ganz & Chris Lightning vs "Limited Edition" Lee Cross & Crusher Eric Hodge

3-way action!
Dustin Hanson vs Jason Xavier vs Josh Crow

Playboy James Duncan vs Psycho Medic

and other stuff

Credit: Mr. USWO @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

USWO card for Saturday 6/5 in Nashville

From the "OUTLAWS" line @ 615-780-3604

Main Event-Texas Tornado Death Match
Deathwish vs Shoot to Thrill (Anthony Wayne & LT Falk)

USWO Music City Championship
Damien (c) vs White Tiger

Bad Boy Dixon vs Superfly P

"Luscious One" David Matthews vs Crusher Eric Hodge

Jason Xavier vs Fireball Roberts

Mickey Muscles vs Psycho Medic

Tiny Bear & Jonny Demento vs Saint & Shabba Shabbazz

and other stuff

Credit: Mr. USWO @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

Top WWE superstar injured

The Wrestling Observer reports that The Undertaker, 45, suffered a broken orbital bone and nose in his 5/25 match against Rey Mysterio on 5/25 in Cleveland. In addition, Undertaker also suffered a concussion.

It is believed the injury occurred from taking the seated senton move by Mysterio during the match that aired this past week on Smackdown. At this point, it is considered 50/50 if Undertaker can compete at the 6/20 Fatal Four way match.

Due to the Undertaker's absence, Mysterio, who is scheduled for a vacation, has been called back to action. If Taker can not compete at the PPV, it is likely that Mysterio would take Undertaker's spot. Changes could be taking place as soon as the Smackdown tapings tomorrow.

Credit: Alan J. Wojcik @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

Interview with WWE's Downtown Bruno: Coming Soon!

Interview with WWE's Downtown Bruno: Coming Soon!

Join me T-Bone Terrence Ward as I interview WWE Executive and Memphis Wrestling Legend right here on

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bret Hart comments on RAW GM role

Bret Hart has posted a new blog on his Facebook page commenting on WWE offering him the role of General Manager of Monday Night RAW. "So when the WWE offered me the chance to become the new general manager of Raw, I jumped at the opportunity," Hart wrote. "I expect this will be one of the most interesting job titles I've ever had and I can assure all my WWE fans that I will do my best to be the most interesting and creative GM since the inception of general managers." He also praised Vickie Guerrero for the amazing job she's done with the General Manager role in recent years on SmackDown!. Hart added: "As a note of interest, I'd like to say how proud I've been of Vicki Guerrero the last couple of years for doing the amazing job she's done playing this role on Smackdown. I'm only learning it after one week that's it's a much more challenging role than people might realize and I can only hope to do as good of a job as she did."


Jake "the Snake" Roberts Speaks out

Jake Roberts recently appeared on the Ring The Bell Radio show, here are the highlights…

Where the Jake The Snake Gimmick came from: "I came up with the idea on my own. I was a Ken Stabler fan, he used to play for the Oakland Raiders. He was a wild child on and off of the football field. His nickname was "The Snake". I always liked the name Jake, and during that time there was a tv show called Dallas. One of the characters on that show was JR. So I came up with Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

His snake being used in backstage ribs: "Davey Boy Smith was pretty mean with my snake. He used to take lit cigarettes and throw into the bag because he wanted the snake to attack me once I got out to the ring. Obviously once I got to the ring and opening the bag, the snake was a little upset.. I got my revenge though…I gave Matilda (Davey Boy's Dog) about 12 hotdogs, some chocolate and maybe some x-lax. The dog ended up spraying their entire room. I kind of wish it would have been Davey Boy, he was a real piece of. Sh……work anyway."

Working with the Ultimate Warrior: "Going against Warrior was in no way my idea. He was a blithering idiot! He was a real piece of work and I don't even want to go into it because it will put me in a bad mood. All I'll tell you is that Vince McMahon…that's the worst thing he ever did to wrestling.

Working in WCW: "Bill Watts had no idea what he was doing. He brought me in, worked one angle with Sting and then he took the snake away from me. That was his weird way of "Besting" McMahon. Like I said he had no idea what he was doing, and if when I die I go to hell I know I'll have company because I am sure Bill Watts will be there too!"

What Jake "The Snake" is currently doing: "I'm still wrestling a little bit, but I'm currently writing some books and doing some of my own DVD's. One is called Snake Tales, which talks about road stories and stuff that went on in the locker rooms. Another one is called Snake Bites Back, which was done around a camp fire with a few friends and I answer some really tough questions not only dealing with wrestling but with my personal life too."


Mysterio satisfied with current WWE position

Whatever issues Rey Mysterio had with WWE seem to longer exist as he seems happy with his current position. His knee is still bothering him but right now he isn't planning to take any time off. Stories going around about Rey's contract expiring soon aren't true as he has almost five years left on his deal. There is a clause in his contract that would allow him to retire as an in-ring competitor in less than five years, if his body isn't up in good enough shape to continue. If that were to happen, WWE would retain his in-ring rights.


Chikara coming to Detroit

CHIKARA debuts in the greater Detroit area on Saturday, June 26th!

On Saturday evening, June 26th, CHIKARA comes to Michigan for the very first time, invading the greater Detroit area with a loaded card that will feature at least 7 matches, including:

Da Soul Touchaz with C.Red
Claudio Castagnoli & Ares & Tursas

Fire Ant & Soldier Ant vs. The Super Smash Bros.

Darkness Crabtree vs. Green Ant

Own all three nights of King of Trios 2010 on DVD exclusively at!

Season 9 is here:

"We Must Eat Michigan's Brain"
6.26.2010 - Saturday Evening
Live @ The Taylortown Trade Center!
22525 Ecorse Road
in nearby Taylor, MI!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm!

"Faded Scars and Lines"
6.27.2010 - Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The West Park Party Center!
3556 W. 130th Street
in friendly Cleveland, OH!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm!

"Chikarasaurus Rex: King of Show"
7.25.2010 - Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The ECW Arena!
7 W. Ritner Street (corner of Swanson)
in well-swept South Philadelphia, PA!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm!

Our homebase: - Now in Japanese!
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Hogan undergoes surgery

TMZ is reporting that Hulk Hogan underwent successful back surgery this week -- and is already out of the hospital.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ the Hulkster had the procedure done on Wednesday -- it took 3-4 hours to complete. We're told bone spurs had shaken loose in his back, but docs were able to remove them.


Jim Ross reveals what his WWE future holds

"I have worked out what we believe to be a win/win, employee agreement with WWE and will remain with the company that I have been with essentially since 1993 when I debuted at Wrestlemania 9. (To celebrate this occasion, as I'm writing this I'm wearing a toga.)

Going forward, I will be focusing on a variety of talent relations matters, essentially as a consultant, of which will not require weekly travel. I will be visiting FCW in Tampa on a regular basis to observe the development of the young men and women who, I hope, all want to headline Wrestlemania some day. This area of the company has always been of particular interest to me including when we opened developmental areas years ago in Louisville, Cincinnati, Memphis, and Southern California. Many of the WWE's biggest stars of this generation came from those areas."

--Jim Ross, from his official blog

USWO/ATL Results from 5-28 in Nashville

95 dropped in to celebrate USWO's 5 year anniversary at the Stadium Inn. OUR officials for the evening are JW Boogie Stratton and Mark Owen.

Lee Cross beat Dyron Flynn in 4:00. DF turns the tables on LC's early offense and works him over by choking him in the ropes, etc. LC overcomes this and ends up backsliding DF for the pin.

Crusher Eric Hodge & Saint & Psycho Medic beat Jonny Demento & Shawn Hoodrich & Mike Hoodrich in 7:00. PM shoves SH around to start, as SH stays in for a while at the beginning to get armworked by the face trio. SH fights out of S' chicken wing thing and lures him into the wrong corner thus commencing the "heel triple teaming" segment of the program. JD holds S while the Hoodrich brothers kick away on him. S kicks MH in the jaw then gives him an enziguri and we get TAGS!! Everybody in the pool! It ends up being the 3 heels whipped together then PM and JD end up alone in the ring, where PM scalpels JD for the pin then does it again for emphasis.

Gordon reminds the fans about throwing things in the ring and using the really bad profanity.

Josh Crow beat Jason Xavier in 11:00. Mat wrestling traded to start then leapfrogging but JX doesn't quite clear JC and ends up gets kicked in the chest. Arguing ensues about "who made who" and JX slaps JC but ends up receiving a belly to belly suplex. JC springboard dropkicks JX to the floor then launches himself out onto JX. Back in, JC leapfrogs JX but lands on his back and is slow to get up so JX takes advantage. JX jawbreakers JC for 2 then double stomps his head for 2. JX works the leg a bit then pummels JC in the corner before spitting at some fans like he's Kid Kash or something. JX has a brief shoving match with ref Boogie before JC comes off the ropes with the flip kick. Slugfest then JX with a running knee but gets pulled into a tiltawhirl. JX gets a flying ass into a rollup for 2 then can't pin him with a small package either. JX lowblows and DDTs for 2 then climbs up top. JC rolls away from a top legdrop and JX hits the mat. JC hits the Crow bomb for the pin.
JC gives JX a complimentary slap in the face. JX leaves to a chorus of "Jason sucks".

Jocephus beat Playboy James Duncan in 4:00. Some fans suggest a new nickname for JD-"Cheesecake"! J fights off JD's armworking and blocks him down. J splashes JD then rams his head into all 4 turnbuckles. JD reverse whips J and hits a flying burrito then commences choking him. J fights back and comes up chopping! JD reverse whips J to the corner but misses a pretty splash. J winds up the right arm and clobbers JD for the pin.
JD initiates a "sore loser attack" but bails out when J fires up on him.

OUR USWO Champion Jeff Daniels comes out along with Dominique. JD mad because he didn't walk away a winner last week. JD doesn't care about the title right now, just wanting to prove he is better than OUR ATL Champion Gary Valiant. He tells GV to leave his title in the back because this is about pride. JD says he will beat down GV tonight and end his career! JD has managed to be allowed to bring D out with him tonight.
Tony can't believe it's been five years here. He says the action will be hot here and the air conditioning will be running this summer!

USWO Music City Champion Damien (w/Hot Rod Biggs & Kliff Hanger) beat Wolfie D by reverse decision in 12:00. Some policemen stop by to watch as HRB complains about the hubcap being out here. WD slams D to start and he rolls out into HRB's arms. They lay on the mat to arm wrestle but WD pops up and stomps D, lol. D slips away from the inverted DDT but runs into a boot then gets clotheslined out to the floor. WD then reaches over to pop HRB and there is much rejoicing. WD chases D back in and out but gets slugged by D as Kliff Hanger wanders out to attend to the fallen HRB. DP swaps a chain with HRB as he stomps WD then rear chinlocks him. KH then visits with D and Boogie so HRB can choke WD with the chain. DP sleepers WD as KH cheers up HRB. D/HRB take turns using the chain until WD fires up on D with a flurry of rights. WD bulldogs D for 2 then comes off the top with a double axe handle. D lowblows with the chain but WD crawls over to get the hubcap. WD stuffs it under his shirt before DP hits him in the chest with the chain. WD pulls out the hubcap and caps D's dome (as Boogie was distracted) then covers him for the pin.
KH finds Cheryl and grabs her camera, then takes it to Boogie and we've got instant replay! Boogie reverses the decision and DQ's WD for using the hubcap! WD threatens Boogie, who grabs his chest. This allows KH to sneak up and snatch the hubcap away! after Hanger snatched a video camera and showed the ref footage of Wolfie hitting Damien with his hubcap!

Nore Havoc beat Kliff Hanger in 9:00. Fun fact: NH was OUR USWO Champion at the beginning of the Stadium Inn era (LT Falk, Damien, Crow, and Saint also wrestled that evening). KH comes out with HRB and presents him with the stolen hubcap. HRB departs as KH claims the Inn to be the "house that Kliff Hanger built". Lockups and various moves exchanged until NH dropkicks KH out. KH staggers and falls into a front row chair. KH slips away from a chopping block and returns to the floor. KH leapfrogs and clubs NH in the back of the head then celebrates. NH splashes twice and KH flops down to the mat but reaches up to slap NH. KH headlocks NH on the mat and uses the ropes till ref MO catches him. KH spinning heel kicks NH then gives a running kneelift and is proud of himself. NH stunners out of a sleeper and fires up on KH. NH backbreakers KH as HRB comes out with the hubcap to distract ref MO. Wolfie D comes out, snatches the hubcap from HRB, and caps KH's dome! NH hits the chopping block and ref MO gets free from HRB and counts the pin.
Damien out to check on KH. NH tells the heels that WD is his best friend in wrestling and this is really "the house that Nore built". WD says he and NH have been friends since 1993 and he's got NH's back. WD calls D "Barney" (as D is wearing purple tights). WD challenges HRB and friends to a tag match next week. WD does some marketing research into HRB's popularity. WD's music plays as he and NH depart.

"The ATL All-Stars"-Drew Haskins & ATL Southern Champion Chrisjen Hayme (w/Playboy James Duncan) beat Rudy Switchblade & LT Falk in 10:00 to win the USWO Tag Team Championship. RS takes CH down and armworks then rolls him up for 2. CH blocks a hiptoss but RS kinda lunblowers him and tags LT in. CH backs LT to the corner but LT hiptosses him out to be consoled by DH/JD. LT makes CH miss a double axehandle but DH grabs him and puts him in a headscissors. LT gets free and tags in RS who whips LT into DH before double dropkicking him. RS swings at CH but misses and DH sneaks up to clobber him with a forearm. The ATL All-Stars commence to working over RS with CH hitting a neckbreaker for 2 then they double suplex him for a cover but ref Boogie reminds LT about illegal participation, so is slow to get over to count. DH uppercuts RS then CH/JD take turns choking him in the ropes. CH grabs a sleeper but RS gets free and the two crash into each other. RS gets up first and we get TAGS!! LT comes out swinging and neckbreakers DH for 2 then backslides for 2. RS/LT go for their finisher but JD reaches up and pops LT with a foreign object, which allows DH to cover him for the pin.
So now CH has ATL and USWO titles! DH celebrates his first USWO gold by antagonizing Chicken Hat.

USWO Champion Jeff Daniels (w/Dominique) beat ATL Champion Gary Valiant in 15:00 in a non-title last man standing match. GV questions why D is out here then decides to counter her by bringing out The First Lady of USWO, Miss Rachel! JD is angry with himself for not getting the job done in 2001 when he ran GV off the road in Columbia (huh?). In-ring brawling for the first few minutes till GV rolls out and JD follows. They brawl on the floor as GV borrows a purse and whacks JD with it but JD hits GV in the mouth with his title belt. GV mule kicks JD in the groinular region then grabs a piece of plywood and whips JD into it, breaking it in two. GV grabs a piece and double stomps it on JD's back, breaking that in half. JD grabs a quarter piece and reaches up to hit GV upside the head. JD stomps GV's head and plywoods him again. GV grabs a cup and hits JD with it, sending beverage all over the ring canvas. Back in, GV hits a sliding dropkick but misses a splash. JD hits 3 legdrops then chokes GV with a boot. JD throws GV out for D to stomp but R chases her away. GV guillotine legdrops JD then sets up and hits the superkick. GV pulls JD up at 4 but JD reverse whips him to the ropes, where D pulls down the top rope and GV tumbles out. R chases the faster D till Kliff Hanger pops out long enough to grab R and drag her to the back. JD drags GV back in and legdrops the plywood onto him. JD throws GV back out as D pulls up her shirt (?) then hands JD what appears to be the legendary atomic popsicle stick! JD uses this on GV on the floor as Gordon screams at him to stop. JD gets back in the ring as MO counts to 10 and calls for the bell. JD then resumes using the LAPS on GV as Gordon yells at him some more with fines, suspensions, etc. D whacks Gordon with the plywood (no pie for you, missy!) as Tony fires JD/D! GV left a bloody mess on the floor as JD dragged out by security.

Credit: Mr. USWO @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

RCW Results from 5-29 in Jonesboro & Augusta, AR

Ringside Championship Wrestling (RCW) presented an hour of free wrestling for the fans at the Augusta, AR "Augusta Days Festival" earlier today. The results were as follows...

- Ron Rage defeated "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton, who was accompanied to ringside by "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony.
- "Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs defeated "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony by disqualification when Bobby Eaton interfered, attacking Jacobs from behind after he had applied the sharpshooter to Anthony. After the match, Eaton and Anthony double teamed Jacobs, until Ron Rage made the save.
- Midnight Gold (Eaton and Anthony) defeated Christian Jacobs and Ron Rage due to outside interference from Jon Michael Worthington.

RassleNotes: There were approximately 125 to 150 fans watching the free action ... "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony debuted his "Golden Circle" interview segment with his first guest being Jon Michael Worthington, who discussed his upcoming match with Christian Jacobs to crown the first ever RCW Heavyweight Champion ... Funny spot saw Eaton and Anthony agree to a tag match with Rage and Jacobs, but they demanded five minutes to freshen up for it. When they finally came back out to work, Rage and Jacobs returned the favor and asked for five minutes of their own. They ended up sitting at ringside in lawn chairs, even having female fans come up to massage their backs.

After working in Augusta, members of the Ringside Championship Wrestling (RCW) crew headed to Jonesboro, AR to present free wrestling at Car Today. Here are the results from the RCW matches that were on the show.

- "Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs defeated "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton
- Ron Rage battled "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony to a No Contest when Tejano Kid attacked Rage and ended up brawling with him to the dressing room area.
- Christian Jacobs, Chris O'Neal and Stan Lee defeated Midnight Gold and Jon Michael Worthington in an impromptu 6-man tag team match. Jacobs was doing an interview with Brian Thompson to discuss the upcoming RCW Title Match he will have with Worthington to crown the first ever RCW Champion. Midnight Gold and Worthington came out and circled around him. Jacobs entered the ring and then Lee and O'Neal came out to make a save. A 6-man was then scheduled following the standoff between the two sides.

RassleNotes: Guestimate of around 200 or more wrestling fans watching a full afternoon of action that featured stars from RCW, Dogg Championship Wrestling (DCW), Southern Wrestling Alliance (SWA) and other area promotions ... Brandon Baxter was in attendance to do a live remote for 101.9 Kiss FM ... Jerry "The King" Lawler signed autographs all afternoon for fans inside the car dealership. He ended up wrestling a masked worker named "Bad Credit" ... Other local workers who competed during the show included Idol Bane, Cody Only, Deadly Dale, Craig Stone, The Falcon, Kid Dynamite and Shane Draven ... Tejano Kid did a "Golden Circle" segment with Greg Anthony to push that he was "looking for someone" he has a problem with. Of course, it ended up being Ron Rage and those two later worked each other at DCW in Jonesboro.

Credit: Brian Thompson @

Thunder On The Water "The Heat Is On" Saturday June 12th

ASWF Payback Results

What an incredible night of wrestling this proved to be a night not to be forgotten. Throughout the night the fans, despite the rain and storms, where pumped the entire the night. We had a special group of fans all the way from Tulsa, Oklahoma who where in attendence. Not to forget the Youth Group from Nettleton Baptist Church in Jonesboro. With an attendance of 400+ people this night will go down in ASWF History.

1st Match: One Fall
Loose Cannon vs. Christopher Lee
This match would mark the debut for Loose Cannon back at the ASWF. In this short lived match Christopher Lee would dominate the match and take home the victory via pin fall.

2nd Match: One Fall
Reggie Montgomery vs. Chris Stryker
The Ebony Idol would deliver the first loss to The Striking Image Chris Stryker in this hard fought match. Stryker was 2-0 coming into Payback. After the match Mike Titan would come to the aid of Stryker and would be laid out by the Ebony Idol.

3rd Match: Euro Title Match
Hot Rod John Ellison vs. Lee Michaels
This title match would be Lee’s last chance to secure the title or face being fired by ASWF Co-Commissioner Big Money Frank Martin. Frank made it very clear that if he lost this match he was gone. Lee fought hard and won back the Euro Title via pin fall.

4th Match: Ladies Match
Su Yung vs. Nikki Lane
WWE Developmental Diva Su Yung would face ASWF’s own Nikki Lane. This match would last only four minutes with Nikki Lane getting the win via pin fall.

5th Match: X-Division Qualifying Match
Mike Anthony vs. Seth Sabor
This would be the last shot for Seth Sabor to get the X-Division Title. These two would prove why they are in the X-Division. Seth Sabor would pull out a win from nowhere and get a shot next week for the title.

6th Match: Tag Team Match
Johnny Hawk/Wild Bill vs. Morgan Williams/ “The Sexay Assassin”
This tag team match was made just minutes before the bell was rung by ASWF Co-Commissioner T-Bone Terrence Ward. Hawk and Wild Bill were determined to remove the mask and prove that the Sexay Assassin was Brian Christopher. Morgan and Sexay Assassin would pull out the win.

7th Match: ASWF Title Match/Triple Threat Rules
Cason McClain vs. Austin Lane vs. Cody Murdoch
This match proved all these contenders are title material. Fatigue, stress, and pain would play a part in this explosive match. Austin would reign supreme when he pinned Cody Murdoch for the 1, 2, 3.

8th Match: Main Event/One Fall
Demon X with Hollywood Jimmy/Su Yung vs. Jerry The King Lawler
This main event match would prove why Jerry Lawler was STILL The King. The King would take the fight to Demon X but would be interrupted by Hollywood and Su Yung who would interfere in his match. Demon X would bring out the "demon" in the King. After some taunting to the King, Lawler would end up throwing fire in the face of Demon X Jerry would get the win via pinfall.

Special thanks to Betty Butler for helping make this event successfull.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hollywood Jimmy Featured In The Daily Journal

Open up the Daily Journal today and WNC'S very own "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock is featured. Check out the story at

Friday, May 28, 2010

WWE presents Raw World Tour This Sunday In Memphis

WWE presents Raw World Tour

Date: May 30, 2010
Time: 5:00 p.m.
Venue: FedExForum
City/State: Memphis, Tenn.

On-Sale Date: On Sale Now

Ticket Information: Get your tickets at the box office, all Ticketmaster outlets and , Starting at $15

Charge by Phone: 1-800-745-3000 (Toll Free)

Prices: $60, $45, $35, $25 and $15

WWE Is The Best Value In Entertainment

Come See Your Favorite Raw Superstars Including:

John Cena
Chris Jericho
Randy Orton
The Hart Dynasty
Mark Henry
The Miz
Ted DiBiase

And Many More!!

*Lineup subject to change

Insider News....Jerry Lawler'a Memphis Wrestling film crew will be there to shoot a few of the matches. Jerry Lawler will be wrestling this Sunday at WWE.

This Saturday Night Big Show At ASWF In Tuckerman

Join us this Saturday night May 29th for ASWF Night Of The Legends in Tuckerman Ark. Jerry The King Lawler, Nature Boy Kevin White, Grandmaster Sexay Brian Christopher, Lovely Su Yung, and MORE! Bell Time will be 7:00
Tia from the Wrestling News Center will be there so you can count on ASWF pictures to be posted next week.

Dustin Burcham Show Talks About TFW

TFW Street Wars LIVE May 28th 2010 8:00 CST at the TFW Arena on Skyline RD in Tupelo, MS. *This event is being held exclusively by TFW Wrestling.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

USWA Impersonation video

I am so excited to finally get to share this video with ya'll.  In this video, Jimmy Blaylock goes looking for USWA superstars impersonators including Brian Christopher, Lance Russell, PG-13, and SpellBinder. This video was made in 1997.'s very own, Tia Blaylock, impersonates JC Ice of PG-13! :)

PWO Updates


This Sunday night on PWO TV, two unlikely partners are forced to confront months of adversity, with the ultimate glory at stake, as Gregory Iron, who has suffered from cerebral palsy all his life, and Hobo Joe, who has suffered from hardship, poverty, and life on the streets, join forces to face the privileged, superficial, and allegedly sexy faction, who also happen to be PWO Tag Team Champions, Sex Appeal. Sex Appeal’s members, Bobby Shields, Bobby Beverly, “Late Nite” Nicki Valentino, and the lovely Dawn Decadence, have been attempting to rid PWO of Greg & Hobo for months, feeling their looks and attitudes are beneath them, and not worthy of being on television. Despite numerous attacks, Greg & Hobo still stand defiant and prepared to fight, but developing chemistry and trust was anything but easy.

After being betrayed by almost every friend he has had, Hobo Joe was understandably leery of Greg’s desire to become Hobo’s tag team partner and, most importantly, his friend. Through a series of bizarre exercises, Greg earned Hobo’s trust by first performing a “trust fall” (as seen here -, then later buying Hobo dinner, saving him from a night-long excursion head-first into the garbage (as seen here - Though through it all, Hobo claimed he had one other friend in life - a man named Virgil.

Greg confronted Hobo on the story, explaining that Hobo cannot tell tall tales or lies about anything if they want to be on the same page and tag team title worthy. However, Greg would be in for quite the shock when Virgil himself appeared to give the team some valuable words of advice (as seen here -

It’s been a strange road to the titles. But if Greg & Hobo can defeat Sex Appeal this Sunday night on Sports Time Ohio, they WILL receive a PWO Tag Team Title shot AND Sex Appeal‘s Dawn Decadence will be forced to leave PWO forever! However, it comes at a price. Should Sex Appeal win, Hobo & Greg will be forced to disband and never team again, leaving them sitting ducks for Sex Appeal’s numbers-game. How will this, and Sex Appeal’s ability to use the “Freebird Rule” and choose and two members to compete, combined with Gregory Iron’s tumultuous and emotional relationship with Johnny Gargano as of late, effect this match THIS Sunday night at 10pm EST on PWO TV only on Sports Time Ohio!


PWO returns to the Cleveland area Sunday afternoon, June 6 at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds, 164 Eastland Road, Berea Ohio 44107 as we present “Slamming Into Summer - The Road To Wrestlelution 3”. As part of The Great American Festival, all parking and admission to this live event is FREE for all PWO fans! Pro Wrestling Ohio will hold three big television tapings that afternoon, scheduled for 1:30 pm, 2:30 pm, and 3:30 pm! This is the LAST television taping before PWO Wrestlelution 3, so this is a can’t miss event, as it is always the most chaotic and unpredictable time in PWO right before Wrestlelution! Head to for more information on other attractions that weekend, and stay posted right HERE for news on PWO Live!

Already signed to appear in action - PWO Champion Johnny Gargano, PWO Tag Team Champions Sex Appeal, “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross, PWO’s “Most Dominant Man” Jason Bane, “Megastar“ Marion Fontaine, “Handicapped Hero” Gregory Iron, Hobo Joe, “Big Bear” Benjamin Boone, “Omega” Aaron Draven, and many more!

This event will set the stage for PWO Wrestlelution 3, so don’t miss your opportunity to get up close and personal, and be a TV star, with PWO Live at the Great American Festival Sunday afternoon June 6!


Official Website:
Official Online Store:
Official YouTube:
Official MySpace:
Official FaceBook:

Questions and comments on this press release, or requests for information on having your news site added to the list of recipients of this release, should be directed to

Pro Wrestling Ohio is a regional independent professional wrestling organization headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Since opening its doors in October 2007, PWO has been televised via the Sports Time Ohio network, official television home of the Cleveland Indians, available in over 4 million homes via basic cable and available nationwide via select sports packages on both DirecTV and Dish Network. PWO utilizes the most exciting and talented professional wrestlers in the region today, with names such as “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross, Jason Bane, Johnny Gargano, Portia Perez, N8 Mattson and Mike Tolar. PWO also works closely with various causes, having helped raise funds & awareness for such groups as the Cops & Kids program, Wrestler‘s Rescue, and variety of other groups that aid worthy causes and communities. Pro Wrestling Ohio holds live events on a routine basis in suburban Cleveland, Ohio. For more information on PWO, please visit or e-mail

Latest on Ric Flair

People within TNA have been wanting Ric Flair to turn babyface but he's against the idea. Speaking of Flair, he and wife Jackie Beams have been back together since their domestic incident earlier this year. Jackie was with Ric at the recent iMPACT tapings. Flair's daughter Ashley will be getting married this month to her boyfriend of four years, the same guy who punched Ric last year. As always, you can't make this s--t up.


Update on Orton's condition

Randy Orton was injured on Friday, and not from wrestling, reports Dave Meltzer. He had previously dislocated his shoulder and made it worse by doing the match with Edge. It is considered touch and go if he'll be ready for the Fatal Four Way PPV. The doctors told him he'd need four weeks to heal up, and will likely require surgery at some point on the shoulder.

Orton is doing physical therapy in the hopes to putting off the surgery he'll eventually need.


Sting needs surgery

Sting, 51, is in need of shoulder surgery, which obviously limits him in the ring. This explains why he wears a t-shirt instead of his traditional gear. There is skepticism why the company is putting him in the main event of a PPV in his condition.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

SAW/PHAT Card for Friday night in Millersville, TN


This Friday Night, May 28, 2010 @ the S.A.W. MILL ARENA in Millersville, TN

Located @ 1214b Louisville Hwy, off of exit 98, go 1.8 miles, and we are on your left.

Bell time @ 8pm, Doors open @ 7pm

Tickets Only $8.00 & Kids 5 & under FREE!!










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Rampage Pro Wrestling Shuts Down!

Rampage Pro Wrestling owner Dr. Johnny Gayton informed GWH that he was pulling the plug on RPW effective immediately. Gayton cited his frustration with ongoing personnel conflicts that showed no signs of improving as the reason for the shut down.

Problems recently surfaced within RPW via Joe Hamilton's Who's Slamming Who podcasts for May 3 and May 11. Hamilton, who has had a hand in the booking and formatting of the RPW television show along with his son, RPW General Manager Nick Patrick, made
negative comments about a person that he did not name. However, it was obvious from information available to GWH that Hamilton's comments were directed at Rob Adonis, who is also involved in booking and talent relations at RPW.

Sources indicate that major disagreements between Patrick and Adonis regarding the booking of the May 29 television taping were the final straw.

Adonis emailed the RPW talent earlier today informing them that the promotion was closing effective immediately. Talent will be paid for the cancelled May 29 taping.

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EWE Results from last weekend in Ripley, TN --- EWE SHUTS DOWN!

The show started an hour late. There was a noticeable sense of irritability as the late starting. The comissioner Dylan came out, ordering Dustin Baker to the ring. Now as of the agreement Dustin had to wear a dress and stand at the door. So Dustin came out to the ring in his dress. The dress was rather flattering! After some humiliation there was a bit of a surpise in store. Derrick King, Chris O'Neal, Stan Lee, and Cody Melton came to the ring. It was one of the biggest pops I'd ever heard out of that crowd. You could hardly hear Derrick when he spoke into the mic the crowd was screaming so loud. Once the crowd did die down a bit so he could speak he spoke about the reasons why he was no longer at EWE as was the rest of the crew with him. All in all he, put the blame on Mr. JC White, and the crowd agreed. It was no secret that EWE was going down hill and there seemed to be little hope in site as star after star slowly left the show. Stan decided he needed to say a few words which were pretty much was summed up with a 'fuck you Mr. JC and kiss my ass' and then pulled down his pants and mooned the whole crowd. That I can tell you was a HUGE surprise. After that the show got underway.

The first match was(no idea what his first name is) Steele vs Biscuit. Now.. I'm pretty sure if anyone has seen seen Steele, he's a BIG dude. And if anyone has seen Biscuit, knows that boy needs to eat. To give Biscuit some credit it put up one heck of a fight but he was eventually pinned by Steele.

The second match was Steele against JR. Right as Biscuit is leaving the ring JR comes rushing out. Another huge pop from the crowd. It was a pretty quick match with JR managing to get the pin on Steele.
During the intermission Mr. JC White and his wife show up. They'd been missing from the action during the first part of the show, and decide that they are not going to let any of the people out to smoke during the intermission and if they leave they won't be able to get back inside. After some heated discussion they allowed the good people of Ripley to get in and out as they saw fit.

After JR and Steel's match Dustin Baker comes out explains that he is refusing to wear a dress and be humiliated by a child. Dylan comes out and explains that if he won't wear a dress, he was going to make him sit in the ring while the audience throws pies at him. Infuriated Dustin Baker leaves the ring and the next match starts.
Bishop and Motley come out and are going against Ike and Brian Steele. Brian and Ike come out and talk a little bit.. or more like a lot to the point Motley takes the mic and tells them it's time for them to start wrestling. The match starts of pretty slow at first. Motley starting out for the Juggernauts and Ike starting out for Rhythm and Blues. Bishop and Motley dominate the match after Brian Steel is tagged in. Keeping him well away from from his tag partner. The Juggernauts used a series of strategies to wear Brian down and keep the Ref from seeing any illegal stuff going on. Ike comes in and really gets some momentum going but in the end the Juggernauts wind up getting the pin.

The next match was Tatt2 escorted to the ring by Danielle vs Rude. Now if you've been following EWE at all, you'd know that for some reason Rude has just been all over Tatt2 and trying to beat the holy snot out of him for a little over a month now, if not longer. The match starts out with Tatt2 coming off the ropes, through the ropes this match was quick! If you blinked during this match you missed something and probably some awsome move at that. During the match however Rude finally revealed why he was so angry at Tatt2 and that reason was.... because he hugged his daughter. Rude did not want Tatt2 touching his daughter in ANY way apparently. Tatt2 did come out victorious in this match.

After the match there was an intermission of sorts. Dustin Baker came out to the ring and was made to get in the middle of it. They sold plates of whip cream at concessions and the fans lined up to smear it all over Dustin Bakers head. A lot of the fans lined up to do it 2 or 3 times, really getting some revenge in. Once it was all over with, a furious and probably very humiliated Dustin Baker starts ranting about how he isn't going to let a little kid tell him what to do. Well Alan Steele and Flash Flannigan come out to the ring. There was going to be a tag match between Alan Steel and Dustin Baker vs Flash Flannigan and the comissioner Dylan.
Now after the pie throwing contest there was another big surprise for the crowd. A bikini contest!

The contest was between Russia and Danielle. Who these girls are i have no idea. But they were both beautiful and the winner of the contest by loudest cheers from the crowd... Danielle.

The next match brought the roof off of the EWE building. Too Sexy Brian Christopher comes out to more screaming then Derrick and Tatt2 could ever imagine. The crowd went NUTS! Brian came out and talked about possibly trying to keep the wrestling going in Ripley. Said that Derrick King and the rest of his crew were 40 milers. Which means they don't travel outside of a 40 mile radius to wrestle. He asked Mr. JC if he would allow wrestling in the building if he got some legitimate contracts and such and Mr. JC said he would. An Even BIGGER pop from the crowd. I'm surprised these people had voices after all this. Brian would be met by Reggie. Brian and Reggie had a pretty quick yet fierce match with Brian Christopher getting the win over Reggie. The match was just some plain good old fashioned Memphis Wrestling right there, the good stuff.

The next match was V-Man and Officer Hutchenson vs CJ and Jon Michael aka Picture Perfect. CJ and Jon came out sporting some pretty interesting face paint. It was interesting... flattering.. ehh depends on who you talk to. The match started off pretty good. There was some great momentum from both sides. It wasn't a very long match with CJ getting the win via tap out using the Sharp Shooter.

JR then decides he wants to use his little ticket thing and take on CJ. In a hot minute CJ had JR locked up in a SharpShooter as well and JR tapped out.

The main event was Alan Steele and Dustin Baker vs Flash Flannigan and Dylan. This match was rather interesting. Flash stayed in the match throughout most of it, concidering Dylan was well 9 and didn't have a license to wrestle. Alan and Flannigan go for a test of strength and out of no where, Dylan crawls between Flash's legs and punches Alan in the stomach. This was then again tried to be repeated but with Dustin crawling through Alan's legs, which just wound up getting stomped on by Flash, hits Alan between the legs with his head and has the crowd laughing so hard their nearly in tears. Flash is worn down pretty hard in the match between Alan Steel and some help from Dustin Baker. However in a bit of last ditch momentum Flash grabs Dylan throws him at Alan who catches him, falls and winds up being pinned by Flash and Dylan.

Well it's the end of the show and Dustin is standing in the middle of the ring and he tells everyone 'thank you' for coming to the show so faithfully. All the guys from the back come out and get in the ring. Tatt2 takes the mic and thanks everyone for their support but that unfortunately Mayhem was the last night that there was going to be wrestling in Ripley, TN. He tried to explain everything the best he could without pointing fingers at anyone in particular, but the crowd wanted to know, what the reason was for shutting down EWE after being there in Ripley for 4 years. The reason EWE shut down was due to money issues. EWE was just not pulling in enough people to pay for the building, utilities and pay the wrestlers as well.

Now a question everyone asked was "If Mr. JC owns half of Ripley and made it seem like he had all this money, why couldn't he help put a little money into it, since he wanted to run the place anyways, instead of just being the landlord.?" That's a great question however one that probably will never be answered.

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Rikishi Talks About His Sons,The Uso Twins and Umaga's Death

Former WWE superstar Rikishi
was recently interviewed by Jason Clevett of SLAM! Sports
about the unfortunate passing of his brother
Eddie "Umaga" Fatu last year
as well his sons the Uso twins
(Jimmy and Jules),
who made their debut on Monday's RAW attacking the Hart Dynasty.
Here are some highlights of what Rikishi said about:

Umaga's Death:

"It's a great loss,not just for our personal lives,but also for professional wrestling as well,as the fans.
You never expect to get a call like that.
I'm having goosebumps right here sitting talking to you about it.
My dealing with my brother's loss was through the fans and the family.
You would not believe how much heart,calls and E-Mails,
condolences from fans throughout the whole world.
I was very proud of that."

"Also to have so many people out of the business of wrestling,
the Umaga character has touched everybody,good or bad,"
Rikishi said.
"It's something that's out of our hands.
You never want it to happen to you personally.
I'm very grateful that I had the last part of his life to spend with him in Australia.
We had a heart to heart talk.
We hadn't seen each other in a while.
With that note,everything was fantastic.
So my heart is full,my heart is full.
But I can only say this,
I'm very sorry for the loss of professional wrestling,
such a good wrestler."

WWE RAW Dark Match
January 14th,2008

His Sons
Jimmy and Jules,
The Uso Twins:

"Season' Beatings"
December 13th,2008

"You guys look out for them!
They're in a developmental deal now.
What I told my boys was,
'You guys have a lot of shoes to fill,
but do what you feel comfortable with.
Win the fans,win the match.'

They're seeing why daddy walks through the door limping,
don't want to throw the football,don't want to play basketball.
But they're going to find out first-hand."

He added,
"I remember back in my day, doing indy shots
here and there on the road,
my kids seen me,how I was raised up in the business
because they lived it with me.
So anytime I'd see the Rotundas
(Taylor[Bo] and Windham [Duke]),
Briscos (Mark and Jay),
or any other third or second generation come into the business,
to me,
it's a natural thing to do.

I told both my sons,
'I want to see you play NFL football,but you always have wrestling to fall back on.'
Obviously,they wanted to try the family business and try their hand at professional wrestling.
Honestly,the world get ready,
because you are about ready to see twice--
when I say twice,
twice the entertainment,twice the electricity,
you're about ready to see twice of The Rock!"

Jules (left) and Jimmy (right)
pictured with manager Tamina (middle),
daughter of WWE Hall of Famer
"Superfly" Jimmy Snuka

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

IWA Pictures from May 22!

IWA back on TV this Saturday!

IWA always has GREAT shows each and every week! The shows are always full of action, suprises, and special guests! Admission is FREE!! Theres nothing like seeing it live in person!

IWA TV Tapings are held every Saturday at 2:00pm at the IWA Arena, located at 1225 State Line Road in Southaven, Mississippi. The building is located right beside Sonic and across the street from Dale's. FREE Admission!