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Report from XOW in Longtown-April 24, 2010-XOW Returns to Hernando on Saturday, May 8th with TNA Superstar Eric Young

XOW began with Tony Watts introducing "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock, who said that Al Hall was at the buffet line and couldn't make it so he would be calling all of the night's action. "Hollywood" plugged us here at Wrestling News Center.

Opening Match-Triple Threat Match-"The Future" Chris Styles vs "The Natural" Josh Matthews vs Syn-All three competitors were in the ring when Hollywood asked, "Where's the ref?" Referee Chris P. Fries made his way to the ring as Jimmy announced, "Here comes the Foot Locker guy!" Chris Styles, quickly, grabbed the mic, stating that Referee Chris P. Fries is not touching him. Chris also claimed that, "People from Longtown sleep with their cousins. And the only store they have is falling apart and has rats!" Chris said he can't wait to leave this town. Syn got the crowd going. Chris and Syn started things off. Series of arm drags were followed by a series of dropkicks from the three participants. Sunset rollup by Josh on Chris. Josh with a nice vertical suplex for a near fall. Wicked air by Josh as he hit Syn with a dropkick. Running elbow in the corner by Chris on Josh. Josh grabbed the rope to break the count. Syn got tied up on the top-rope which led to all three delivering a Tower of Doom which was AWESOME! Syn threw Josh on the floor and dove out on him. Chris suplexed Syn on top of Josh out on the concrete floor and then jumped out of the ring on top of the two with a suicide dive. Back inside, their was a two count with Josh pulling Syn back out of the ring. Chris leveled Josh with a superkick. Chris with a bridge for another two count. Syn connected with a standing Sliced Bread #2 on Chris, but Chris moved out of the way as Syn attempted a springboard moonsault. Syn hit the mat hard as he yelled out in excruciating pain. OUCH! Josh caught Chris with a rolling suplex, equipped with a bridge to pick up the win. Your winner, "The Natural" Josh Matthews! "Hollywood" Jimmy said, "This was a good ole slobber knocker!"

2nd Match-Dremond Spider vs Wraith-Wraith dodged a punch by Spider in the corner. Wraith pummelled the Spider to the mat and tried to pull off his mask. European uppercut delivered by Wraith. Wraith would follow with a Side Effect. Spider would fight back with a rake to the eyes. Clothesline by Spider. Wraith was putting Spider away after nailing a Michinoku driver when Psycho and Pappy, The Asylum stormed in, attacking Wraith. Suicide would rush to Wraith's aid, making the save. Wraith was declared the winner by disqualification. Wraith grabbed the mic, telling The Asylum, "We go way back. We've walked the same halls. We've worn the same suits. I'm better now. If you want to man up and quit playing with dolls. And I'll send you guys back to the county!" With that being said, this impromptu match began.

3rd Match-Psycho & Pappy, The Asylum vs Wraith & Suicide-Suicide began with a running knee in the corner. Chris Styles joined "Hollywood" Jimmy at the announce table for commentary. They were hilarious! Psycho was sent headfirst into Pappy's nether regions in the corner. Chris added, "They killed two birds with one stone!" Big clothesline by Pappy on Suicide. Chris went off on some of the fans in the crowd, saying, their mom was also their aunt. Big boot by Wraith on Pappy. Psycho in with a flying elbow that hit Wraith. Psycho twisted Wraith's arm with an arm wrench and even started biting Wraith's hand. Pappy knocked Suicide off the apron. Psycho with a roundhouse mule kick in the corner. After Suicide made the tag, he was getting ready to dial up The Hotline , his innovative spinning killswitch, when his own partner, Wraith, turned on him. Psycho ended up nailing Suicide with The Dreamcatcher to pick up the win. After the match, Psycho, Pappy & Wraith continued their onslaught of Suicide until SnS (Syn & Stunner) ran out as Chris announced, "Here comes the skinny white boys!" This set up a six man tag match for later with Tony Watts declaring that, "We're gonna take it to the extreme!" Wraith added in his sinister and freaky voice, "We're not gonna need three cells, we gonna need three body bags! Tick-toc!" Chris advised SnS to eat a hamburger.

10 Minute Intermission-Following a photo op with "Hollywood" Jimmy and Lil Kim, Chris Styles got on the mic, announcing that the lady with the camera (Tia) is selling kisses for a dollar, but if you have more than five teeth, it's only fifty cents.

"Hollywood" Jimmy announced that on Saturday, May 8th in Hernando, Mississippi at the ConXion Gymnastics Center, TNA Superstar Eric Young will be there as well as The Family of Pain, SnS, Suicide, Eric Wayne, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, "The Future" Chris Styles, "Nightmare" Ken Wayne, Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor and Many More!

"Hollywood" also announced that they will be returning to Longtown. Chris Styles was quick to comment, saying, "Hold on! Are you saying we are coming back to this piece of crap? The crowd, they're all drunk. They can't stand up. If they were to stand up, they would fall back down!" This sparked "Hollywood" to ask everyone to stand up, in which they did.

Tony Watts announced that for the upcoming six man tag match, the first ten minutes would be regular wrestling. After that, it would be anything goes.

Chris announced that The President of the United States is here, referring to "The Mayor" Oscar Barlow, who was in tha house!

4th Match-Special 6-Man Tag Where The 1st Ten Minutes is a Regular Wrestling Match, After Ten Minutes, it's Extreme Rules/Anything Goes-Suicide, Syn & Stunner vs Psycho, Pappy & Wraith, "The Asylum"-Tony Watts walked out carrying a road sign that said No Thru Traffic. A reluctant Referee Chris P. Fries made his way out as "Hollywood" said, "From the smell, he done crapped his pants!" Chris Styles informed everyone, "After ten minutes, somebody is gonna die!" "Hollywood" Jimmy noted that, "Suicide should have spoke up earlier and said something about all this!" Pappy threw Syn after a headlock. Syn caught Pappy running in the corner with a drop-toe-hold followed by a hesitation dropkick. DJ Stunner also delivered a slingshot dropkick in the corner on Pappy. Double shoulderblock by Suicide and DJ Stunner. Suicide with a clothesline in the corner. Syn in with a shooting star press. Psycho and Wraith ran in to break the count. Pappy turned Stunner inside out with a big clothesline. Wraith with a suplex, followed by a Harlem Hangover legdrop off the ropes for a near fall. Psycho broke DJ Stunner in half with two vicious chops. Chris Styles said, "He got a new tattoo and he don't have a chest either because he just caved it in." As Syn rushed in to try and help his teammate, Chris Styles yelled, "Get Skinny Minny out of the ring and said he looked like Olive Oyl." Double arm ddt by Psycho and Pappy. A variation of the Shock Treatment by Wraith. Chris said, "I want blood!" "Hollywood" Jimmy asked Chris, "What's wrong with you?" Chris replied, "I'm a vampire!" Stunner tangled up Pappy in the ropes after hitting a flipping dropkick. Pappy Alabama slammed Syn down to the mat and catapulted him into the turnbuckle. Suicide in, applying a single leg Boston crab on Wraith. As the ten minutes were about to expire, Wraith was going to tap, but bit Referee Chris P. Fries finger instead. As soon as the ten minutes were completed, Psycho started blasting people with his trusty kendo stick. All hell broke loose, immediately. Pappy choked Syn with Trigger's chain. Suicide hit Psycho with a chair and the road sign. Stunner with a springboard moonsault. Outside the ring, Pappy sent Stunner flipping after hitting the steel ring post. Chris acknowledged that Three 6 Mafia was in the crowd, loving this. Tony Watts on the mic stating, "This ain't WWE, this ain't TNA, this is Xtreme Outlaw Wrestling!" Pappy blasted Syn with a chair. Wraith hit Stunner from behind with the ringbell. Psycho rocked Syn with the stick. Wraith dropped the bleachers on Stunner outside the ring. Syn hit Pappy with the Future Shock on a chair. This was absolute pandemonium! Suicide hit Pappy with the road sign. Wraith sent DJ sliding across the announce table. Syn was sent crashing into a chair, inside the ring. Suicide hit Pappy the Dipsy-Do to get the win. Your winners, Suicide, Syn & Stunner! What a wild match! Following the battle, Wraith told a defeated Pappy that he knew what would put a smile on his face. All of the sudden, Psycho struck Pappy with his kendo stick. Then, Wraith bashed Pappy over the head with the road sign. Pappy liked it!

May 8th in Hernando, XOW will feature TNA Superstar Eric Young, SnS, "Nightmare" Ken Wayne, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, Chris Styles and many more. Chris Styles told "Hollywood" Jimmy, "The Blonde Bombers are getting beat and if you get in my way, I'll kick you in between your legs!" "Hollywood" asked, "Why you want to say that?"

Max Steele walked out asking "Hollywood" Jimmy, "Where are we at? Do they have a grocery store? They don't have toothpaste. This place stinks! Max proceeded to challenge a little girl at ringside and called a little boy 50 Cent. He later asked, "Is that Willis?" "Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher came out. The crowd went bananas! Brian got a little boy in the ring to throw out one of his bandanas. Brian introduced Jesse, who was celebrating his 33th birthday. Brian got Jesse in the ring and as soon as everyone started singing Happy Birthday to him, "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock interrupted, telling Brian Christopher, "I hate your guts! When I was on Memphis Wrestling, I was the star, not you! Even when you were in WWE, I used to change the channel! Doing that worm!" Jimmy started dancing, which was some funny stuff! "Hollywood" said he wants Max Steele to kick Brian's ass. Brian said that, "Since Hollywood is gonna be Max's manager, Jesse is gonna be his manager." Max challenged this decision stating, "He doesn't have a managing license!" Referee Chris P. Fries informed them, "The state of Mississippi allows someone to manage one time for free, without needing a license." "The Mayor" Oscar Barlow joined Chris Styles to announce the Main Event.

Main Event-Max Steele with "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock vs "Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher with Jessie in his corner-Referee Chris P. Fries ordered "Hollywood" to sit down. Fans were going crazy. Before the lockup, Max retreated to the floor. Lockup with big Max shoving Brian off. Max flexed. Some of the fans called Max, Goldberg. Another lockup with the same result. "Hollywood" Jimmy was laughing, hysterically, at ringside. Max backed Brian in the corner, landing some punches, but ran into a superkick, courtesy of Brian Christopher. Brian followed with a missle dropkick off the ropes that sent Max to the corner to strategize with "Hollywood". Chris tried to get the fans to call Brian a chicken, but no luck. Test of strength with Max getting the better of Brian. However, Brian would fight back with some kicks and hit a monkey flip out of the corner. "Hollywood" claimed that Brian pulled the tights. Brian spit his gum at "Hollywood". Brian went to work, twisting Max's arm. "Hollywood" hit Brian with his cane. Chris Styles said that "Hollywood" had slipped in some water. Referee Chris P. Fries said that Chris Styles had some water. Chris quickly tossed his bottle of water to the side. Brian headbutted Max in his groin while Referee Chris P. Fries head was turned. Baseball kick sent Max into the wall at the Longtown Volunteer Fire Department. Brian grabbed Chris Styles and gave him a running bulldog out on the concrete floor. Later, Max went to work n Brian, sending him into the wall. Max with a big bodyslam. Jesse distracted Max with a chair as he was trying to give it to Brian. Brian took advantage of the situation by rolling up Max to get the three count and the win. Your winner, "Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher! Max jumped Brian after the bell. "Hollywood" Jimmy jumped in, handing Max a chain and holding Brian. Max ended up hitting Jimmy with the chain. Then, Brian grabbed the chain and cleared the ring. Chris Styles told Referee Chris P. Fries, "You should have disqualified him!" "Hollywood" ordered Chris P. Fries to get in the ring. Chris P. Fries refused and Max Steele chased after him. Chris Styles pushed Tony Watts. Oscar Barlow thanked everyone for coming out as the show ended.

Be on the lookout for all of Tia's great pictures from this show

Don't forget about XOW's next Big Event on Saturday, May 8th in Hernando, Mississippi at the ConXion Gymnastics Center. This show will feature TNA Superstar Eric Young, as well as, "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock, The Family of Pain, SnS, Suicide, Eric Wayne, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, "The Future" Chris Styles, "Nightmare" Ken Wayne, Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor and Many More!
7:30 Bell Time
Tickets: Adults-$8 Students-$5 Children under 5-FREE

Don't miss any of the Xtreme Outlaw Wrestling action because you never know what's going to happen and who's gonna show up at XOW because XOW Specializes in Mayhem and Madness!!!

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