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USWO/ATL results from 3/26 in Nashville

125 made their way to the Stadium Inn tonight. OUR officials for the evening are JW Boogie Stratton, Jamey Farrari, and Tim Humphries.
Commissioner Gordon announces that next week, SAW will be here to tape 3-4 matches in addition to the usual Friday night stuff.

Kevin Dunn beat Kevin Jones in 5:00. KJ "swears to God" that he will slap anyone who cheers for KD then jumps the posing KD from behind. KD fights back but KJ makes use of a chain to keep the man down. KD fights back again and gets reverse whipped only to see the two collide. KJ argues with ref Boogie which turns into a shoving match with Boogie shoving KJ into a KD schoolboy for 2. KJ dumps KD through the ropes and argues some more. KD sunset flips back in and KJ grabs the top rope. Boogie kicks KJ's hands away from the rope and KD completes the flip for the pin.
KJ tries to play the race card and gives the black power sign as he exits.

Seven beat Saint in 2:00. 7 choke slam throws S across the ring. Still on the mat, S tries to kick 7's leg out from under him to no avail. 7 power slam for 2 then catches a cross body by S and slams again but pulls him up at 2. 7 pulls S into a swinging full nelson to make S submit.
Tony points out that move was also used by Ken Patera and Billy Jack Haynes. S has to be helped to the back.
Tony & Gordon talk about the upcoming cooperation between USWO/ATL/SAW and all this with NO increase in ticket price! They also bring up the USWO cover story in this week's Nashville Scene with a big picture of LT Falk on the front page.

Steven Green beat Dyron Flynn and Tiny Bear in 5:00 in a 3-way match. SG still not carrying the ATL Jr. Champion belt and no other mention of why. DF is sporting a golf cap this week. DF rams SG into the turnbuckle but TB grabs DF and whips him into the same corner then splashes both at once. TB slams then DF knee drops SG. TB then pulls his straps down (which was probably unnecessary) and jiggles his man-boobs in SG's face then does the same to DF. TB headbutts DF thrice but SG dropkicks both. TB grabs both for a noggin knocker but they fend that off so TB suplexes both at once. DF/SG lariat TB out but TB makes it back to the apron to grab SG. DF charges but SG ducks and TB gets knocked to the floor. SG enziguris DF then climbs up top and frog splashes him for the pin.

After intermission, LT Falk and Rudy Switchblade come out to talk and they are all happy. (I was chasing down some music so they had some Brian Setzer Orchestra playing in the background) Out comes Damien Payne, Jason Xavier, and Bad Boy Dixon to play the role of Debbie Downer. LT/RS still not happy with them injuring Johnny Punch 3 weeks ago and challenges the trio. The trio jumps the duo until busting through the curtain (in an old-school Jackson 5 t-shirt) comes Petey "Mr. Lohan" Wright! PW and chair clear the ring. LT glad to see PW and introduces him to some of the new fans. LT asks PW to join them in the main event tonight. PW says he only has one thing in his car-his bag! Gordon approves this as the fans enjoy PW's presence-even if Lindsay Lohan isn't with him.

Josh Crow beat USWO Jr. Champion Shawn Hoodrich in a non-title match in 10:00. SH acknowledges the "sweat hogs" that are here to see him then talks about scheduled opponent Cody Weatherby, who can't sniff his jock much less hold it. SH says in fact CW is absent so he will just take the night off. Gordon says an opponent has stepped up though this will be a non-title match. JC comes out and SH goes nuts! JC waistlock take down but SH reverses before JC sends him out with a flurry of kicks. JC sentons out onto SH then they head back in and JC springboard dropkicks for 2. SH eye rakes but JC springboard sentons him for 2. They collide and SH up first to rana JC followed by an enziguri. SH leg drops for 2 then sends JC out and follows to give some body blows before dragging him back in. SH applies a sharpshooter but JC slips out and lariats him before hitting a springing back elbow for 2. SH low blows and hits a spine buster for 2 then sets up a flip pile driver. JC blocks that and hits the Crow Bomb for the pin.
Mike (Cobbs) Hoodrich come out to help SH to the back.

Gary Valiant beat Bad Boy Dixon in 13:00 to win the vacant ATL Championship. Gordon notes BBD's complaints about level of competition but says it is taken care of now since he brings out GV. ATL promoter Bill Deshields announces that the ATL Championship has been vacated (last held by Chrisjen Hayme) and this match will crown a new champ! They run ropes and GV slides out to hide as BBD keeps going. BBD stands over ref JF as they look for GV, who comes up from behind and gooses JF. GV throws BBD around and out then 2 handed chops before playing leapfrog as BBD goes through the ropes. Back in, BBD atomic drops GV then attacks the knee and leg, wrapping it around the ropes. They roll out and BBD shoves GV into the ring post before heading back in. BBD chop blocks and resumes the leg punishment then stomps GV in the corner before GV retaliates with the groinular claw. GV ducks a lariat and backdrops BBD then reverse whips and Boogie Blasters him for the pin and the title and hopefully his name on the sign outside.
GV invite a fan and a couple of toddlers in for celebratory dancing. Gordon gets Valiant-kissed.

USWO Champion Jeff Daniels beat Nore Havoc by DQ in 10:00. JD not pleased that Dominique is still banned and wants her reinstated with a victory tonight. Gordon OKs this. NH slams JD, who rolls out and complains. Back in JD wants a test of strength but instead boots NH in the ribs before getting suplexed. JD then unleashes his foreign object discreetly to work over NH for a while. NH fights out of the corner but JD grabs him in a standing armbar. NH escapes and goes up top but JD shoves him off to the floor. JD slings NH into the ringpost then it's back in where JD drops an elbow for 2 and grabs a sleeper. NH gets free and lariats but then runs into an elbow. JD crashes into ref TH and he goes down. NH dropkicks JD out but JD grabs the title belt. JD misses a belt shot but then pitches it to NH and takes a dive. Ref TH awakens to see this and DQ's NH!
NH tells JD to "bring his skank" for a no-DQ/falls count anywhere match next week, which Gordon approves. NH welcomes fans to the house that Nore built!

Rudy Switchblade & LT Falk & Petey Wright beat Damien Payne & Jason Xavier & Bad Boy Dixon in 13:00. JX does a mini-jacket removal ritual. DP says he has been tanning but Gordon says it looks like he forgot to turn the bed on, lol. RS/LT have the USWO tag team title belts but this is non-title. RS decks DP to start then does the stop-n-drop at the ropes and slingshot sentons DP for 2. Angry DP gets in RS face and gets slapped then gets a wedgie! LT/PW in to double hiptoss DP then PW tiltawhirls and splashes JX for 2. PW sets up the swinging doublestomp but JX rolls away and neckbreakers him for 2. PW rolls over to tags RS, who gives the 5 forearms to the back for JX. LT in to armwork JX then the same to BBD. RS in to gives BBD some noogies before getting dragged to the wrong corner for brief triple teaming. JX/DP both put knees to RS before he slips over to tag PW. BBD overpowers PW and gives him a running knee to the face then DP puts him in a sleeper. PW chinbreakers out but blind tag and BBD boots him in the face and there is more tripling. PW hits a desperation Wright Stuff on JX and crawls over for TAGS!! All 6 in to pair off and fight. RS/LT/PW whipped together and go down. DP/JX/BBD go up top and miss legdrops! LT/PW/RS dropkicks foes into each other and do a triple rollup for the pins.
LT/PW/RS celebrate with the crowd as DP/JX/BBD serenaded with "loser" chants. RS polls the crowd on a name for him and LT (Falkels and Knives?)

Credit: Mr. USWO @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

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