Sunday, March 21, 2010

USWO/ATL Results from 3-19 in Nashville

97 were seen at the Stadium Inn tonight. OUR officials for the evening are JW Boogie Stratton, Jamey Farrari, and Tim Humphries. The sign outside now reads "ATL Champ Tony!" for what it's worth.

Wrestlers come out and surround the ring as a ten bell is done for Corsica Joe followed by a moment of silence for Ronnie "Blood" Deweese. Kilo from HWA comes up to speak about Blood and announce a fundraiser for his funeral expenses on 4/11 in Lavergne.

Saint beat Tatsu in 4:00. S backs T to the corner and ruffles his tassels. S armworks but T gets to the ropes before being yanked back in. T drops, causing S to miss a splash. T lariats and grabs a standing wristlock until S kicks him away. S blocks a suplex try and gives one of his own then hits the full nelson slam for the pin.

Psycho Medic & Crusher Eric Hodge beat Dyron Flynn & Mike Cobbs in 8:00. MC is the guy that aided Shawn Hoodrich in his victory over Kevin Dunn last week. DF has a problem in that the last two weeks he has been a victim of highway robbery, first losing the USWO Jr. Championship to Hoodrich then getting pinned by LT Falk last week because the ref was out of position. DF says he has his eyes on 4 people in the locker room and has an agenda on each! PM/CEH come out and mingle with the fans though DF stares a hole through them. CEH opens up with suplexes on DF until he gets lowblowed. PM in to splash MC then give him a crunch backdrop for 2. PM/CEH make a wish with MC but MC is able to hit an eyepoke of doom and tag out. DF enters throwing uppercuts then stomp and chokes CEH. DF/MC double suplex CEH for 2 then DF rakes the face and abuses CEH a bit more. CEH arises and comes off the ropes with a neckbreaker and we get TAGS!! DF/MC get whipped together and DF/CEH spill out to the floor. PM sets up MC for the scalpel but MC slips off and superkicks him. MC covers but PM rolls him in a small package for the pin.
MC argues with ref Boogie so PM scalpels him anyway.

Bryan Casey beat Tiny Bear in 7:00. BC makes his return after a sabbatical to cheers from the mullet ladies! TB loiters a while and even tries to leave before finally deciding to start. BC crotches TB using the middle rope and more inaction takes place. BC flexes and TB decides to pull his straps down, which was probably unnecessary. They lockup and BC throws TB around and out. TB returns and slings an elbow, hitting BC in the head. BC chokes and kicks BC in the ropes a bit but misses a bear splash and BC hits a hangmans neckbreaker for the pin.

Tony thanks all for coming and for 9 years of USWO.

Intermission is highlighted by Miss Rachel bringing out little Elizabeth Marie. I was told this was actually Elizabeth's second wrestling show as she appeared at a show in Evansville a couple of weeks ago.

Seven beat Kevin Dunn in 8:00. 7 clubs on KD to start then catches his fist and works the arm a bit. KD tries punching free but 7 headbutts and sideslams for 2. KD does the splits to duck a lariat and spinning heel kicks to take the big guy down. KD vertical splashes for 2 but 7 pushes him off and through the ropes. Back in, & goes back to armworking then hammering away on KD before another sideslam for 2. KD comes off the ropes with a flurry of kicks to take 7 down. KD hits a top elbow drop but bounces away. 7 arises and spinebusters KD for the pin.
7 throws in a powerbomb for KD free of charge.

USWO Jr. Champion Shawn Hoodrich beat Bad Boy Dixon and Steven Green in 11:00. SG not carrying the ATL Jr. Champion belt nor is announced as such. Cobbs comes out with SH but Gordon commissions him to depart. SG jumped by others to start but he crossbodies both and they roll out. SG then moonsaults off the top onto them. SH back in first and kicks SG while climbing through the ropes. SG flips SH for 2 but BBD comes in to kick SG in the knee then sling him to the corner for a swinging doublestomp. SH/BBD take turns hitting moves on SG until SG whiffs on a senton. BBD slips in to cover but SH pulls him off and they argue. BBD slings SH to the corner and gives him a swinging doublestomp. SG over to swinging neckbreaker BBD for 2 but SH kicks him in the head. SH attacks both and stands on BBD for 2. SG leapfrogs over SH and DDTs him for 2 but BBD kicks him and pulls him in to a neckbreaker for 2. SH grabs BBD and spinebusters him for 2 then sets SG on the top turnbuckle. SG pushes him off and gives both a missile dropkick. SG climbs back up top but SH follows and straddles him across the corner. BBD pulls SH off and big boots SG, causing him to hang sideways by one leg. SH comes up behind BBD and lungblowers him for the pin.

USWO Champion Jeff Daniels beat Jeremy Flynt in 10:00. We are Dominique-free tonight thanks to Gordon's getting her suspended. We are also Nore Havoc-free tonight but Gordon has secured an opponent. JF out again to KC & the Sunshine Band, fans clap and dance along, and all is right with the world. JD waistlocks but JF bump and grinds free then blocks him down and struts. JD escapes a headlock and tries leapfrogging but JF slugs him. Test of strength ends prematurely with JD kicking JF in the ribs then biting him. JD drags JF to the ropes and commences choking, etc. JF tries to punch free but receives a double eyepoke of doom. JF pushes backwards and squashes JF in the corner then mule kicks him in the groinular region. JF reverse whips but misses a splash and JD drops an elbow for 2. JF drops and causes JD to miss a running elbow then fires up with rights. JF splashes in the corner and JD drops to his knees. JD reaches in the bottom turnbuckle and pulls some knux. JF comes over to grab JD but gets hit in the face with the knux and JD covers him for the pin.

LT Falk & Cody Weatherby beat Damien Payne & Jason Xavier in 11:00. Gordon says Rudy Switchblade was unable to make it tonight so a replacement was found, noting that several people in the back wanted to team with LT. Gordon notes that DP has trouble sticking to partners. CW puts his singles quests on hold for a week to come out with LT. CW throws DP around to start then he and LT whip each other into DP in the corner. LT grabs a headlock on DP and kicks JX away, then backdrops both and they roll out. CW/LT double hiptoss JX for 2 but then CW gets pulled to the wrong corner where DP picks him up for a slam but JX come up and lungblowers CW for 2. JX slingshot sentons CW then DP goes for a sleeper. CW gets to his feet and pushes back for a blind tag but JX legsweeps him for 2. Double teaming leads to DP reapplying a sleeper then JX goes up top. JX moonsaults onto CW raised knees and we get TAGS!! All in to pair off and fight. LT rolls up DP but JX saves and throws LT out. DP chinbreakers CW, who falls backwards into ref JF and all 3 are down. Josh Crow wanders out and stands over CW/DP for a moment. DP raises up and JC pulls him up and gives him the Crow Bomb! JC then pulls CW on top of DP, revives JF, and runs out. CW is still on top as JF crawls over and counts the pin.

Credit: Mr. USWO @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

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