Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tiger RIP

This has nothing to do to wrestling but I thought I would share this emotional day with you.

Today March 31st is a sad day for the Blaylock family. We lost a member of the family today and his name was Tiger. Tiger lived with us for over 14 years. Tiger was just like one of the family, he would ride with us, he would eat with us and he sleep in the same bed as us.
When we were sick he would lie down beside us and lick us on the face & then snuggle up beside us until we were feeling better.
Tia thought of so much of Tiger she wanted him in her 2004 graduation pictures. This dog would greet us every day at the door and almost talk to us when we came home.

No matter how we felt that day, Tiger would bring a smile to our face. Tiger would hop in our lap and wanted the attention that he deserved. I buried Tiger this morning at 5:45 AM and this is one of saddest days I’ve had in a long time. Tiger died of heart failure this morning and we will all miss Tiger, he was a true blessing from God to make our days better. Rest in Peace, Tiger.


deadman36g said...

Breaks my heart to hear your story Jimmy. I won't type much cause I know from experience that only time can heal these kind of wounds. RIP Tiger, sounds like you truly was man's best man.

Anonymous said...

thats lovely, rest in peace tiger.