Monday, March 29, 2010

Talent Line-up for next Memphis Ladies Wrestling custom match taping

Next Custom Taping May 22nd and 23rd!

* Veronica Fairchild - The sugar and spice Birmingham beauty
* Tiffany Roxx - The battling brunette from East Tennessee
* Susan Morton - The violent lady of Middle Tennessee
* Sex Kitten Kathy - The hardcore and vicious Nashville native
* Sassy Stephie - The sassy one who loves to get her way
* Rock C - The reigning, rocking and ruthless MLW Champion
* Persephone - The talented wrestling veteran from Virginia
* Mystic - The mysterious mistress of mid-west mat mayhem
* Mary Elizabeth Monroe - The battling beauty from St. Louis
* Little Jeanne - The former WCW star from the Big Apple
* Lillie Mae - The tough, two-fisted scrapper from Texas
* Kayla McMahon - The little lady with the huge heart
* Jazz - The baddest with talent and ability from the Big Easy
* Heather Owens - The unpredictable, hardcore mid-westerner
* Hailey Rage - The beautiful blonde with a pretty smile
* Crystal Fire - The deadly combination of skills and power
* Claudia del Solis - The fastest rising superstar in MLW history
* Christie Ricci - The Mississippi Girl and wrestling queen
* Camron Star - The vicious, rule-breaking Indiana superstar
* Brandi Wine - The blonde-haired, blue-eyed southern girl
* Ann Brookstone - The mid-west brawler, not above cheating
* Amy Lee - The big, bad biker girl who will bring the pain

Women's wrestling legend JOYCE GRABLE will be available for managing MLW talent!

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