Monday, March 22, 2010

REPW Results from 3-20 in Hartwell, GA

In a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match, The Dark Avenger pinned Jimmy Lee; C.B. Gibson pinned Johnny Sunset; & then The Dark Avenger pinned C.B. Gibson to win the match.

After the match, Gibson demanded an audience with REPW's C.O.O. Bradford Davis Bates, claiming he was "robbed" of victory in the match. Bates offered him a one on one rematch with The Dark Avenger on April 17th, and Gibson accepted;

Enigma pinned Casey James;

Mortochai pinned Bones to win a Triple Threat Match that also involved Roscoe Ray;

After the match Criminal Intent members Brian Alexander, Terry Lawler, & their new bodyguard Ox (the security guard that was fired in February for helping Lawler win the Bunkhouse Stampede) ran in and attacked all 3 wrestlers. DeMarco Knight & Crisifix then ran in to make the save;

Jess Wade pinned Ballenger;

The DryDock Saints (James Boulevard & Kevin Blue) defeated Leatherface (w/Little Leatherface) & Terry Sims after Sims low blowed Leatherface and walked out on him;

Georgia Heritage Champion DeMarco Knight pinned Brian Alexander (w/Ox);

The match between Terry Lawler, with Ox, & Crisifix, with Lance Mountain, was declared a double disqualification by referee Bill Nunley after referee Dennis Bousson went down from a collision with Lawler, Crisifix, & Lance Mountain.

After the match, Brian Alexander, Mortochai, & DeMarco Knight all wound up back in the ring and a wild brawl ensued throughout the gymnasium.


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