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Report from Relay For Life/American Cancer Society Benefit in Paragould, Arkansas-March 20, 2010

Performer of the Night: Pappy & BT [at top]...From top right clockwise - "Good Call" with D-Rock, Bishop/Karly, Serpent/Karly, Spyro/Titanic in the ring with Bishop/Motley Cruz, "Bad Call" with D-Rock, BT & Stacy, Karly/Psycho and BT/Rik Burton
Photo Credit: Brian Tramel @

The National Guard Armory in Paragould, Arkansas was rockin' last Saturday night with a crowd of over 200 on hand for the special Relay for Life show, benefitting the American Cancer Society. Brian Tramel from was in tha house, along with his daughters, Kayte and Karly and BFF Stacy as well as Wrestling News Center's very own, Tia Blaylock, who was in attendance, taking lots of photos. We had a blast. BT was there making a stop on his RRO Yearbook Tour 2010. I got my copy and highly recommend it. He really put a lot of hard work into it. BT also helped me out with some of the names that performed on the show. Before the show, I got to try me some of Andy's Famous Frozen Custard. I got the Snowmonster. Mmmm, Mmm, Good!

Things got started with announcer Rick Marks telling an inspirational story about a lady that had cervical cancer thirty-three years ago, but got treated and next year she will be celebrating thirty years as a cancer survivor.

Rick introduced local djs, Big O, Fuss and Leisa Rae from Paragould's Hot New Country, 107.1 The Train. “Big Money” Frank Martin walked out, followed by Loose Cannon and Rik Burton. As they threatened the local radio personalities, Martin told Cannon that he's got something special for him tonight, referring to Leisa Rae. An excited Cannon puckered up to receive a kiss from her, but was slapped instead. This sparked Cannon, Burton and Martin to go after the radio crew, until Big Indian Quixote and James "Dog" Parker ran in to chase them away. A match was made for later, pitting the two teams against each other.

Opening Match-Chris Day & Cold defeated Snuffy The Hillbilly & Jeremy Spiker, accompanied by a valet-Chris and Cold worked over Jeremy, taunting The Hillbilly, at times. Double-team suplex on Jeremy. This one had a shaky ending.

2nd Match-The Enforcer vs Dr. Nemo Luv-Referee Biscuit-There was some funny interaction between a couple of fans and The Enforcer, prior to the match. Nemo extended his hand out to The Enforcer, but Enforcer kicked him in the gut. Wicked chops by The Enforcer. Enforcer poked Nemo in the eye, following with a big clothesline. Nemo with a schoolboy, but Enforcer grabbed the rope to stop the count. Enforcer grabbed a chair and threw it in the ring, but Referee Biscuit quickly grabbed it and put it back out of the ring. The Enforcer didn't like that and threatened to hit Biscuit as the crowd yelled, "Hit the ref!" Enforcer and Nemo locked up with The Enforcer shoving Nemo down with his brute strength twice. Enforcer also took Nemo down to the mat on two different occasions by pulling his hair. The Enforcer hit Nemo with a chain to get the win. Your winner, The Enforcer!

3rd Match-Loose Cannon & Rik Burton, managed by “Big Money” Frank Martin vs Big Indian Quixote & James "Dog" Parker-Before the match, Frank Martin informed Cannon that "Dog" is 107.1's Leisa Rae's husband. "Big Money" Frank Martin was pimpin' in his blue suit. For some crazy reason, it reminded me of Tekno Team 2000. Cannon and Burton jumped Big Indian and Dog, immediately. Rik Burton punched Big Indian in the corner. Quixote fired back with an open hand chop. Burton tagged Cannon. Cannon in with a clothesline. Big Indian fought back and tagged in Dog. Dog in with a clothesline followed by a leg drop. Cannon raked the eyes and tagged in Burton. Burton got caught with an armdrag. Cannon back in, dropping a big leg on Quixote to get a two count. Nice looking ring. Cannon and Burton swapped out. Frank Martin choked Big Indian in the corner. Rik Burton delivered a headbutt to the nether regions. Cannon posed and distracted Referee Biscuit as Frank Martin choked Quixote with a chain. Big boot by Rik Burton. Sunset flip by the Big Indian Quixote, but the ref was distracted by Dog and Cannon. Dog sent Cannon into the ring post. Double collision by Big Indian and Rik Burton. Dog and Cannon both tagged in. Dog moved out of the way in the corner, rolling up Cannon with a schoolboy, but once again Referee Biscuit was distracted. Cannon hit Dog with a roll of quarters to get the win. Your winners, Loose Cannon & Rik Burton!

Motley Cruz and Bishop were about to jump on Titanic and Spyro when The East Coast Bad Boys (C-Money & Serpent) hit the ring, taking it to Motley and Bishop. This set up a main event tag match for later in the show.

4th Match-The Hambones vs Big Daddy LaFonce & Midnight Cowboy-Midnight Cowboy grabbed a guy's prosthetic leg and hit the Hambones with it. I was tripping out on one of the Hambones' flowery tights. The other one looked just like one of the Moondogs. Big Daddy LaFonce and Midnight Cowboy hit The Hambones with their own bones to get the win. Your winners, Big Daddy LaFonce & Midnight Cowboy! That was an experience.

"The Queen of Submission" Tasha Simone came down to the ring for what she thought was going to be a ladies match. However, things got interrupted when “Big Money” Frank Martin walked out, accompanied by Suicide, Worm & Adrian Banks. Suicide was catching heat, jawing back and forth with the fans as soon as he came out the curtain. "Big Money" said that wrestling is for men and ordered his men to attack Tasha. Suicide, immediately, hit Tasha with a kick. The guys started attacking Tasha, until Psycho & Pappy, The Asylum hit the ring, blasting them with kendo sticks and stop signs. With that, the next match was underway. And what a match it was. WOW!!!

5th Match-Special Hardcore Match-Tasha Simone & The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) vs Suicide, Worm & Adrian Banks, with "Big Money” Frank Martin-Tasha brought down Suicide with a Russian legsweep out on the floor. Worm hit Pappy with a chair. Pappy drilled Worm with a stop sign and then threw it Sabu-style blasting Suicide. Psycho with a series of kicks in the corner. Trademark double-team combination in the corner by The Asylum with Pappy delivering the running hip followed by Psycho's running knee. Worm hit Psycho with a stick. Psycho landed the Big Boss Man splash while Worm was tied up in the ropes. Crowd was going crazy. Psycho with a headbutt. Tasha buried Suicide with chairs out in the crowd. Psycho grabbed Kayte (the baby doll) and took out his fork named Delilah, jamming it into the forehead of Banks. Pappy scoopslammed Suicide out on the floor. Pappy dove off the apron, delivering an elbow on Suicide. BT was loving this. At one point, I thought he was going to jump in and drop an elbow too. Meanwhile, Tasha went to work with the fork. Pappy blasted Suicide with a license plate after Suicide flipped him the bird. Adrian Banks connected with a lowblow. Tasha leaped off the apron, delivering a clothesline on Suicide out on the floor. Banks hit Psycho down low with the kendo stick. Worm hit Pappy with Trigger. Suicide hit Psycho with a running knee in the corner. Tasha handcuffed Adrian Banks to the rope. Suicide with a facewash kick on Psycho. Pappy Samoan dropped Suicide through two chairs. Psycho followed with the Falling Grace and Tasha finished the match by splashing Suicide to get the win. Your winners, Tasha Simone & Psycho & Pappy, The Asylum! AWESOME match! This match definitely stole the show. And how about Tasha in there, mixing it up with the fellas. She kicks ass! GOOD CALL

Main Event-Motley Cruz & "The Human Juggernaut" Bishop vs The East Coast Bad Boys (C-Money & Serpent) with Spyro in their corner-Before the match started, a fan was heckling Motley saying he looked like Lynyrd Skynyrd. My response, "What's wrong with that? Skynyrd rocks!" Bishop chopped C-Money in the corner. C-Money attempted a flying attack, but missed. This one got off to a rocky start, but soon came together. Bishop missed a running attack in the corner. Rollup by C-Money for a two count. Flying headscissors, followed by a dropkick sent Bishop to the corner to tag Motley. Serpent tagged in. Serpent went for a quick rollup and then danced. Serpent with a Whisper in the Wind out of the corner, but Motley moved. Bishop in. East Coast Bad Boys with a series of kicks on Bishop. Bishop stopped C-Money while perched on the top-rope and brought him down with a pancake. Motley in with a signature backbreaker. Double-team with Motley catapulting C-Money into Bishop, who delivered a side effect that sent C-Money crashing down onto Motley's knees. Bishop with a fallaway slam. Motley hit C-Money with a backbreaker on the back of a steel chair. Two swinging neckbreakers by Motley, followed by a Rude Awakening. Motley attempted another, but C-Money slipped out, catching Motley with a backslide. Motley was quick to bounce back, hitting C-Money with a clothesline. Nice Beverly Brothers signature double-team leapfrog body guillotine delivered by Motley and Bishop. Fans chanted, "East Coast!" Quick rollup by C-Money, but quickly taken back down with a clothesline. Clothesline by Motley in the corner, followed by Motley shooting C-Money into a devastating Bishop clothesline. Very nice vertical suplex by Motley dropping C-Money into the turnbuckle. Tree-of-woe time! Motley sent Bishop, who delivered a dropkick. Motley with a suspended neckbreaker off the apron on C-Money. Serpent ran to C-Money's aid out on the floor. Back inside, C-Money flipped out of a back suplex. Double clothesline put down both C-Money and Motley Cruz. Two enzuguris by C-Money, but again Motley put him down. Bishop tried a Vader Bomb out of the corner, but C-Money put the knees up. Serpent made the tag, but the ref didn't see it. Camel clutch applied by Motley. Bishop ran in hitting C-Money with another boot. Serpent looks like Charlie Haas. Tag finally made to Serpent. Serpent in with dropkicks. Serpent threw Bishop out. C-Money leaped out on the floor on him. As C-Money blasted Bishop with chops, Serpent hit Motley Cruz with the Sliced Bread #2. Then, Spyro jumped inside the ring and monkey flipped Serpent out of the corner, who splashed Motley to get the win. Your winners, The East Coast Bad Boys, C-Money & Serpent!

Be on the lookout for all of Tia's great pictures from this show

Good Calls to everyone for donating their time and money to such a great cause.

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