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Report From IWA Championship Wrestling TV Taping-March 20, 2010-IWA presents "PAYBACK" TONIGHT

"The Commentating God" Jason Hall and The One and Only "Magnificent" Reno Diamond welcomed everyone to the show. They would be calling all of the day's action.

Syn walked out to compete in the opening contest, but was jumped from behind by his former tag team partner, DJ Stunner, and his former manager Jason "The Brain" who jumped the guardrail. DJ delivered his signature stunner finisher leaving his former teammate laying.

Non-Title Triple Threat Match-Samoan Raja & Cymba vs Malik "The Great" & "Every Man's Dream & Every Woman's Nightmare" Precious vs The IWA Tag-Team Champions Full Scale Assault (Xander Raines & Jason Steele) Referee Adam Bell-Precious and Xander started the match. Precious was getting ready to lock up in a test of strength with Xander when he advised him, "Your titty out!" This gave Precious the opening to land a quick cheapshot on Xander as the crowd laughed. Raja tagged in. Xander went to work on Raja. Tag made to Jason Steele. Steele worked over the arm. Malik in. Raja beat up Malik. Cymba floored Malik with a clothesline. Malik tagged Steele. Cymba hit Steele with a dropkick off the ropes. Combo backbreaker by Malik and Precious. Malik followed with a shining wizard, but Xander made the save. Raja in with a big splash on Jason Steele. "The Flamboyant Mauler" Precious in with a headbutt and a series of punches. Precious stomped a mudhole in the corner. Textbook suplex followed with a leg drop. Malik jumped out on the floor on Jason Steele. Then, Malik connected with the rotation kick/Trouble in Paradise on Jason Steele. Raja superkicked Jason Steele. Xander hit Raja with a big flying clothesline. Lou Thesz press by Precious on Raja. Precious went for a mafia kick, but Raja connected with a sabat kick of his own. Precious hit Raja with a beautiful dropkick. Reno said, "BIG MOVE!" Tag made to Cymba. Precious ran over to tag Malik, quickly, forcing a disgruntled Malik to tell Precious, "You ain't did nothing!" Cymba suplexed Malik. Xander back in. Malik punched Xander, but Xander caught Malik with the WMD. Precious in as things broke down. Cymba sent Malik flying out of the ring. Raja sabat kicked Xander out on the entranceway. Precious hit Cymba with his "Satin sheets"/backstabber to get the win. Your winners, Malik & Precious!

LSD "Labeled Social Deviants" Idol Bane & Cody Only accompanied by Deadly Dale vs Psycho & Pappy, The Asylum-Referee C'Lo Banks-Prior to the match getting underway, Idol Bane tried to grab me when I gave him a Bad Call. Cody said, "You better hold on to the sign" and Deadly Dale said, "Good Call!" Psycho tossed me Kayte. Pappy and Cody Only started things with a a couple clean breaks. Then, Cody hit Pappy in the corner with some elbows, but Pappy fired back and knocked Idol Bane off the apron. Pappy hit Cody with a clothesline in the corner. Trademark double-team combination in the corner by The Asylum with Pappy delivering the running hip followed by Psycho's running knee. Psycho headbutted Cody's arm. Big clothesline by Psycho on Cody for a two count. Pappy tagged in. Pappy with a beautiful spinebuster on Cody that led to a pin attempt, but Idol Bane ran in to make the save. Psycho with a series of lethal kicks in the corner. Cody managed to move out of the way and tag in Idol Bane. Idol and Cody worked over Psycho's leg. While Cody distracted Pappy, Idol Bane smashed Psycho's leg across the apron. STF by Idol Bane on Psycho. Pappy ran in to break the hold. Single leg Boston crab applied as LSD continued to target Psycho's leg. When Idol Bane attempted a figure four, Psycho kicked him off and made the tag to Pappy. Pappy was setting up for their "Fall from Grace" finisher, when Deadly Dale pulled Psycho's leg. This sparked Psycho and Deadly Dale to go at it out on the floor. Psycho sent Deadly Dale crashing into the steel guardrail right in front of me. Meanwhile, inside the ring, Idol Bane and Cody Only hit Pappy with the kendo stick and picked up the win. Your winners, LSD! Following the match, Idol Bane grabbed me up, out of my chair, and pushed me rather aggressively. So not cool! What's up with all this hostility, Bro? I would like to give a big shoutout to the security guard, who came over to survey the area, five minutes after the incident occurred! What tha hell? Needless to say, he got an ear full.

Lightweight Triple Threat Match-Dr. Nemo Luv vs Suicide vs IWA Lightweight Champion DJ Stunner, accompanied by The 2009 Manager of the Year and Motor Mouth of the Year, Jason "The Brain"-Double back drop by Nemo and Suicide sent Stunner flying. Shooting star by Stunner. Kicks by Suicide, followed by a standing moonsault. Nice fast pace action delivered by these three. After a series of reversals, Suicide executed a wicked inverted faceplant on Stunner, that forced him to roll out to the floor to regroup. Jason "The Brain" was pressing on Stunner's chest to try and revive him. Nemo with a hurracanrana. Three way sleeper hold applied, until Nemo jumped down to the mat, jacking the jaws of both Suicide and Stunner. Running knee in the corner by Suicide on Stunner. Nemo with a swinging neckbreaker. Atomic drop by Suicide, followed by a running bulldog by Nemo on Stunner. Suicide set up Nemo for a Russian leg sweep and Stunner ran in with a clothesline. There was some neat combination maneuvers showcased in this one. Nemo hit Stunner with a version of the Zack Attack/inverted overdrive. Suicide with a swinging neck impaler. In the end it was DJ Stunner catching Suicide with the cradle shock and delivering a phenomenal "Spiral Tap"/corkscrew somersault to get the win. Your winner and STILL IWA Lightweight Champion DJ Stunner! Following the match, DJ Stunner and Jason "The Brain" continued to attack both Suicide and Nemo, until Syn ran down and hit DJ Stunner with a SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR!

Full Deck (Ace & Joker) vs "IWA Original" Sniper & Syn-When Full Deck walked out, Reno Diamond jumped up on the announcer's table, to support his team. Jason Hall yelled, "Spear! Spear! Spear!" Reno said, "Say it, don't spray it!" Syn and Ace tied up. Syn and Ace shoulder block. Syn with a flying headscissor takedown on Ace. Syn with a clothesline. Fans rooting for Syn. Ace hit Syn with a suplex. Ace with a headlock. Syn fought out, ducking a clothesline and was stopped due to a collision in the middle of the ring. Sniper and Joker tagged in. Joker said, "What's a forty-year-old man gonna do to me?" Sniper with a kick and snapmare, followed by consecutive fist drops. Sniper with a vicious back elbow. Syn jumped off the top with a big leg drop. Chop by Joker in the corner. Joker spiked Syn with a ddt. Ace in with a hesitation brainbuster suplex. Joker with an atomic drop on Syn, followed by Ace connected with a Harlem side kick. Great tag-team offense. Fireman's carry into a gutbuster by Ace. "Mr. Swagger" Ace followed with a fisherman brainbuster and showboated with some pushups. Joker in hitting the Cross Rhodes. Syn took one hell of a beating. More tandem offense by Full Deck with a clothesline by Ace followed by sky high by Joker. Sniper ran in to break the count. Camel clutch by Ace on Syn. Syn fought out, ducking a clothesline and nailing Ace with a flying spin kick. Then, Ace nearly decapitated Syn with a short-arm clothesline that caused Syn to cut a backflip. Joker followed with a bicycle kick. Sniper, again, stopped the count. Ace attempted a swanton, but Syn moved out of harm's way. Syn tagged Sniper. Syn launched Ace out to the floor. Sniper hit Joker with a spike piledriver to pick up the win for his team. Your winners, Sniper & Syn!

Main Event-Fatal Four Way for the Vacated United States Championship-Chris Lexx vs "The Punisher" Dre Black vs Brother CA "The Chosen Appointed One" Antwane Wise vs "The Human Juggernaut" Bishop-CA was accompanied to the ring by Raja and Cymba, who carried lights and watched the match from the entranceway. Fans were chanting, "Hypocrite" directed towards CA. Before the match CA and Referee C'Lo Banks dropped to their knees for a quick prayer. Chris Lexx with a quick rollup on CA. CA shouted, "This man committed the ultimate sin! He grabbed my tights!" CA with a headlock on Lexx. Chris fought back, but was quickly grounded with a shoulderblock. Nice series of fast pace reversals saw Chris Lexx land a dropkick that sent CA to the floor. Bishop chopped CA. Fallaway slam by Bishop on CA. CA tagged in Dre Black. Bishop tagged in Chris Lexx. Dre in with a scoop slam. Dre choked Chris. Chris with a sunset flip. Dre dodged a flying crossbody attack. Belly-to-belly suplex by Dre on Chris. Fans chanted, "Go, Chris, go!" CA connected with some punches and followed with a big mafia kick. CA stopped him with a spinning kick. Bishop caught Chris Lexx with a big spinebuster. Bishop laid in some fierce chops of his own. Two count. Chris moved out of the way in the corner from a running attack from Bishop. Chris tagged in Dre. Dre in unloading on Bishop. Bishop launched Dre overhead. CA ran in. Dre hit Bishop with a lowblow. Dre with a big double underhook suplex on Bishop. CA went off, lighting up Bishop with a series of punches, sparking Jason Hall to yell, "Oh my goodness!" Bishop speared CA. Dre hit Bishop with his signature "Blackout". Chris Lexx hit Dre Black with his "Lexxecution" finisher. While Bishop and Dre went at it on the floor. Chris caught CA with a shining wizard. Bishop nailed Dre with a SPEAR out on the floor. Raja and Cymba ran down, attacking Bishop. Chris Lexx was about to finish CA, but saw Bishop being attacked out on the floor and started to go help. CA hit Chris from behind and delivered his twisting suplex to get the win. Your winner and NEW IWA United States Champion, Brother CA "The Chosen Appointed One" Antwane Wise! After the match, Bishop hit Dre with another SPEAR! Chris followed with a shining wizard. Fans chanted, "Get Reno!" Reno jetted to the back. Very funny. Jason Hall thanked everyone for coming out and reminded everyone about "Payback" this Friday night.

Be on the lookout for all of Tia's great pictures from this show

IWA's next big event will be "Payback" and will take place TONIGHT at the IWA Arena, located at 1225 State Line Road in Southaven, Mississippi. 7:00p.m. Bell Time.
Tickets: Adults-$8 Kids-$3

Tonight's Card will feature:

IWA Heavyweight Champion Armageddon vs Bishop--IWA Heavyweight Championship

IWA Lightweight Champion DJ Stunner vs Syn--Ladder Match for the Lightweight Title

"The Asylum" Psycho & Pappy vs LSD "Labeled Social Deviants" (Idol Bane, Cody Only and Deadly Dale)--Anything Goes Match

IWA Tag-Team Champions Full Scale Assault (Xander Raines & Jason Steele) vs Full Deck (Ace & Joker) vs Malik & Suicide--Triple Threat Tag Title Match

Precious vs Dre Black--Sleep Tight Match

Chris Lexx vs. Samoan Raja--Grudge match

Antwane Wise vs. Brother Love--Loser leaves town match

You can watch IWA Championship Wrestling every Saturday at Noon on WPXX-ION Television

Wanna attend an IWA TV Taping at the IWA Arena? IWA TV Tapings are held every Saturday at 2:00pm at the IWA Arena, located at 1225 State Line Road in Southaven, Mississippi. The building is located right beside Sonic and across the street from Dale's. FREE Admission!

IWA Championship Wrestling "Where Only The Strong Survive!"

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