Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hard Times Ahead for TNA?

TNA Having Major Financial Problems
Posted by: Kenny Williams ( has learned via The Wrestling Observer that TNA Wrestling is currently experiencing major financial problems.

The company has increased it's roster to over 70 performers since January, especially with the additions of "high-priced performers" such as Ric Flair, Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy, and Ken Anderson (aka Mr. Kennedy/Mr. Anderson). TNA has also added the costly expense of taking TNA iMPACT! live every other Monday night, as well as promotions for the show, such as airing commercials during WWE Monday Night RAW and running billboards in Times Square. It is being reported that TNA has little to show for its efforts other than slight bumps in house show attendance and merchandise sales. To further prove this fact, TNA's ratings are at their lowest levels in four years because of the Monday night move.

Dave Meltzer, the editor of The Wrestling Observer, had the following to say during a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio concerning TNA's major financial problems:

"I'm worried about my friends who work for TNA because they have bigger financial problems than anyone knows."

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