Saturday, March 20, 2010

ASWF Wrestling Results for 3-20-10

Show Opens

ASWF opens the show on March 20, 2010 with the National Anthem and a 10 Bell Salute to one of our own.

1st Match

The action started off tonight with a #1 contender’s match for the X-Division title. Seth Sabre and Kaaliki faced off in a spectacular opener. The match exploded with Seth sticking to his high impact, high flying style nearly taking the victory early on. Kaaliki quickly grounded the young superstar falling back on his MMA training. The match progressed into a back and forth of reversals and submissions with Kaaliki finally taking the victory by snagging the bottom rope for leverage forcing Seth to tap out. Kaaliki turned his back on the fans claiming the name “Kaaliki” was a joke and he would now be known as Dante Cain.

Dante Cain secures the win to become the #1 contender for the X-Division Title

2nd Match

The 2nd match of the night was a knock down drag out between Kidd Nickles and Eric Wayne. Kidd dominated Eric in the early goings of this match holding nothing back. Eric quickly turned the tables as Kidd tried a high risk move killing his momentum. Eric took advantage and punished Kidd throughout the match. Kidd pulled out the victory with a huge choke slam showing the ASWF fans just why he is one of the most dominating superstars on the ASWF roster.

Kidd Nickles secures the win.

3rd Match

Dan Mathews and Lee Michaels teamed up to take on Cason McClain and Xcalibur. The self proclaimed no tan superman and one half of the tag team champions Cason, quickly took control of the match against the undefeated Lee. The match continued on with Lee trying to hold his own against the cheating tactics of Cason. Xcalibur refused to participate wanting to win the match based on skill in a rare show of sportsmanship from the Tuckerman resident. Lee made the tag to Dan Matthews who quickly entered the match lighting Cason up and hitting a huge spine buster on the champion securing the win.

Dan Mathews and Lee Michaels secure the win.

4th Match

Christopher Lee called out the #1 Contender Dante Cain after a short altercation earlier in the show. Lee continuously asked Cain why he would turn his back on the fans. Cain immediately went nose to nose with the champion promising to make him tap. Cain shoved the champ who quickly retaliated with clotheslines and drop kicks. Lee went on the offensive with a big cross body, garnering a quick two count. Dante once again fell back on his MMA training locking the champion into various reversals but unable to make Lee tap out. The frustrated Cain attempted to cheat his way to the win only to be thwarted by Seth Saber who refused to let Cain win the belt that way. Lee quickly took advantage of the respite hitting the Jenkins and securing the victory to retain the X-Division title. The frustrated Cain attacked the champion from behind and placed Lee into an ankle lock screaming at the champion to tap out. Saber ran to the ring forcing the cowardly Cain to flee the area.

Christopher Lee retains the X-Division Title.

5th Match

The semi-main event of the night saw the reunion CCR with Wild Bill and Demon X tagging up to take on the Lost Souls Johnny Hawk and Hot Rod John Ellison. Kidd Nickles was announced as the special guest referee to help ensure a fair match. This would be a grudge match as Hawk was looking for revenge on Demon X. Hawk claimed Demon X owed his career and success and titles to his training and would teach the ungrateful Demon a lesson. The match started off with Johnny refusing to enter the ring on even ground with Demon as Hot Rod started things off with Demon X. The match went back and forth with Wild Bill, Johnny Hawk, Hot Rod, and Demon X punishing one another in a brutal display of violence. Hot Rod and Hawk quickly fell into their familiar ways by distracting the referee and double teaming both members of CCR. The match finally broke into a free for all with all four men battling in the ring. Demon would secure the victory with a quick roll up for the three count on Hot Rod.

CCR secures the win.

6th Match

The main event of the night saw the ASWF heavy weight champion Austin Lane defending his title against The Bigg Rigg Cody Murdock in a no holds barred match. Austin would quickly light up Murdock with huge punches working the challenger into the corner. Austin acted like a man on a mission as he worked over Murdock. The numbers game would quickly come into effect as the Establishment members Cason and Athena Eclipse did their best to ensure a victory for the Bigg Rigg. Xcalibur would make a surprise appearance and turn his back on the Establishment nailing Murdock with a chair allowing Austin to hit Murdock’s own finisher the Flatbed from the second turnbuckle for the win.

Austin Lane retains the Heavyweight Title

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Anonymous said...

Match 5 Does david x think that anyone wants to see this match seriously! No one cares about these bunch of never were and never will be old out of shape wantabe so call wrestlers. David X is a sad excuse for a wrestler the only thing worse than his wrestling is his running of aswf which is probably because he never trained to wrestle and knows nothing about promoting other than he was conned into buying aswf from polston. Why pay for a name and a ring that is really small when you can buy a ring make up a name for alot less dumbass. He didnt even get a building out of the deal he had to find one and put alot of money into it to hold a show!!! And on to wild bill I dont know why people like this guy I remember him from wfac when he was green as goose shit and besides ripping of jerry lawler's look and moves I dont see much improvement except for the fact that he thinks he is a superstar. I will never understand why someone in their late 30 early 40s would try to get into wrestling as a preformer there are many thing you can do besides wrestle like ref, at that age you will never go anywhere but I guess that it makes them feel special kind of sad though. Next we have johnny "chicken" hawk the bowling ball with sticks for legs. Please stop trying to wrestle it is sad almost as sad as your mic skills or lack there of(SAY IT AGAIN!) You "claim" to be this bad ass vet but we both know that's not the case your own brother has stated that you are full of shit and have not be in the business as long as you pretend to have been. Your crap may work on greenhorns but everyone else knows your a joke if you are such a professional why did you leave a match and go crying to the locker room late last year when you hurt your shoulder in a match with ray ray I thought you were suppose to finish the match not leave ray the ref and tbone wondering what the hell is going on. So what business do you have talking about how someone else preforms when you are not professional enough to take the match home before running to the back! I could go on all day but I will leave it at that. I cant forget hotrod john ellis all I have to say is you take a sweet back drop and get rid of the dangerzone gear oh and quit tagging with johnny hawk if you can. Man I need my own column, I will be back to spread some more love later intill then remember if you quit giving these people your hard earned money they will quit putting on these bad matches or so we can hope.