Monday, March 29, 2010

ASWF results from 3-27 in Tuckerman, AR

ASWF opens the show on March 27, 2010 with the National Anthem.

We Started off the night with the announcement of our new majority owner, Ms. Betty Butler. She stated that alot of changes were fixing to take place! The first thing she did is make next Saturday's show completely FREE!!! And she is bringing in the Mighty Midgets for it. Next, she announced that beginning on April 9th @ 1:00a.m., ASWF will be airing on KAIT-8! She stated that there are more surprises to come with her in charge!

This was a match between "Hot Rod" John Ellison and the European Champion, Lee Michaels. Throughout this entire contest Hot Rod continued to push the rules and challenge the ref until finally the ASWF Commissioner, Ricky Rowland came out and called him on it. As Hot Rod was standing there arguing with Commissioner Rowland, Lee Michaels surprised him with the roll up pin from behind and got the 1,2,3. This takes Lee Michaels undefeated streak to 16 weeks here at ASWF.
Winner: Lee Michaels

In this bout we had Dante Cain vs. "Prime Time" Kevin Charles. During this match Kevin showed us that he has an excellent technical background while Dante Cain was showcasing his mixed martial arts background. It was back and forth with Cain bending the rules when it suited him. After several near falls for both contenders, Cain secured the victory by using the ropes for extra leverage to pin Charles.
Winner: Dante Cain

This match was Enforcer and Casino. This match was full of dirty tricks at every turn. The Enforcer choked Casino with the chain that Casino always wears in his matches, rubbed his eyes across the ropes, and hit him with closed fists every time he got him near a corner. The ref finally saw this as The Enforcer was in the corner using his Enforcement stick to pummel Casino in the midsection. The ref then promptly disqualified Enforcer. Winner: Casino

We were about to go to intermission when some familiar music that we haven't heard in a while hit. Out of the curtain stepped none other than "Iron" Mike Anthony. The crowd was hostile towards him and kept telling him to go back where he came from. Anthony said he came back to grace us with his presence for one reason, to take out Austin Lane. Anthony made the comment that Lane wasn't even a good enough wrestler to lace up his boots. To say that the crowd was hostile at this point is an understatement. Austin chants went up all over the building. Anthony said that they could chant all they wanted too, nothing was gonna stop him from destroying Austin Lane.


Just as T-Bone Terrance Ward was about to start the 2nd half of the show, Austin Lane's music hit. The place erupted. Austin came out and took to the center of the ring. Austin announced that tonight was very special night because not only did we get a new owner, it would be the last night with T-Bone Terrance Ward as our live commentator. Austin proceeded to thank Terrance for all his wonderful contributions to this promotion and then stated that Terrance wouldn't be leaving ASWF completely, just moving up in the ranks to join the production team for ASWF's new TV show. As Austin bowed and the chant of "Thank You Terrance" went up, it was a very emotional moment for several in the ASWF.

4th Match
This was a Tag Team Title match with CM2 taking on CCR, the team of Wild Bill and Demon X. This contest had several twists and turns. It was looking like the Champs were in danger of losing their belts at several points during this match, until Cason McClain got outside of the ring and brought a steel chair in. Cason hit Wild Bill and just as Cason was getting ready to use the chair on Demon X, Austin Lane came out and speared him. The ref called for the bell and disqualified CM2 for the use of the chair. McClain then issued a challenge to Austin Lane stating that Lane stuck his nose into CM2's business and he would pay in a no DQ match later tonight. Lane accepted.
Winner: CCR

The semi-main event placed Johnny Hawk against Seth Sabor. Seth took control in the opening minutes of this contest to the point of Johnny Hawk begging off in the corner. Once Johnny Hawk got some momentum going, he turned this match around. After several turns in this match, Hawk finally secured the pin over Sabor. Winner: Johnny Hawk

The main event of the night is the much anticipated battle between CM2's Cason McClain vs. Austin Lane for the ASWF Heavyweight Championship. This is a no disqualification match and McClain is accompanied to the ring by Athena Eclipse and his tag team partner " Big Rig" Cody Murdoch. This is a good solid bout with McClain and Lane both being excellent technical wrestlers. However, we can't disregard Murdoch on the outside of the ring. There were several times during this match when it was as if Lane were facing these 2 competitors in a handicap match. As they attempted to double team Lane in this match using powder to his eyes, Lane surprised them by kicking their hands and sending the powder flying into CM2's eyes. As Murdoch went to Flatbed Lane, he accidently picked up McClain and planted him firmly. Lane then speared Murdoch and rolled over to cover McClain for the win. Austin Lane retains the ASWF Heavyweight Championship!
Winner: Austin Lane

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Anonymous said...

Austin lane champ and booker seen this train wreck before in aswf and other promotions. Austin is a good wrestler not the best, what is he best at taking a good idea and making it into a big pile of shit. Austin likes to watch tna and wwe then try to recreate them in a sub par manner this Ms betty shit stinks of tna dixie carter you take a money mark(some one who puts money into shows but has no real idea how to really run a show) and put them into a leadership role. Once again we get a shit show that is now going to be on Kait at 1 am boy thats one hell of a time slot I am sure that they are paying way too much for it should last a month of two much like LAW land of the lost. If you think this show will be anything other than a nightmare go buy yourself a dvd copy of a aswf show at the valaint arena you will see the "great production values" aswf has. I know you will all say prophet austin is one of the great preformers in the area and I will say Meh I have watched hundreds of austin lanes matches in several promotions yea he is good for his size and I have seen him take a back bump from 12 feet in the air but his best talent is his ability to bullshit promoters and fans into thinking he is the best. From his stories about working puerto rico to being to fast for aj styles they are all bs hell he would tell you he worked mick foley but in fact only worked on the same card as foley if you will listen to him! My favorite moment is when he went to work raw only to be football player number two in a stupid ass guest host sketch. Austin is out for Austin no one else he will drop aswf in a second if he thought he could have a better spot somewhere else and has before so this should be no big shock to anyone. As far as aswf on kait I say go for it one more bad move in a company that constantly makes bad moves eventually wrestler like X calaber, CM2, and Christopher Lee will leave and the NEW guys (kid nichols , eric wayne , and dan matthews)will get tired of taking your money and making fun of you on youtube(yea I watch wrestling unmasked)and leave for bigger and better things, and all that will be left is greenhorns and old wantabe wrestlers. Please tuckerman stop giving these people your money you are only hurting yourselves!!