Thursday, January 28, 2010

WWE Veteran Considering Retirement

During an interview with the Mexican newspaper Esto, Rey Mysterio said that he was two to three years away from retirement. However, he made sure to note that his future in the industry hinges on the reconstructive knee surgery he is getting in April — providing he lasts that long.

When asked who will be his replacement as the top Mexican star in WWE when he leaves, he mentioned Dos Caras, Jr. (Alberto Banderas ring name), Super Nova (the son of El Texano) and Incognito; all of whom are in WWE's developmental system. However, he said he doesn't see any of them as his replacement "because WWE doesn't work that way."

Mysterio also said that his match at the Royal Rumble would be a three-way bout with Undertaker and Batista — which has since been changed.

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