Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thoughts From The Brain

Well Last night me and a couple of friends went to a wrestling show in Independence, MS because our IWA show was cancelled due to the weather. Well as we sat there I just knew that the promotor -and I use that term very loosely-was gonna do what he normally does and that's talk crap about us and IWA, because he is not good enough to get himself over as a part of his own show. I thought of the past ten months when the promotion was at the top. We did Thunder on the Water and was running very well with good crowds. Then it started, all the back talking and jealousy began, and how people like The Asylum, Suicide, Syn, DJ Stunner and myself who worked all his shows, even got there early to put the ring up. Where most of us started our wrestling careers. But since we started working for IWA we are trash to him. Even when we agreed to still do his shows, to be honest it was because of Billy Russ not this other guy. He still has this obsession with Charlie Parks and IWA, he talks about us more than his own show and his workers. The best I can figure, he wants to be where we are, on tv every Saturday, or even run a show every week. But nope, he screwed his promotion up by trying to make himself the star of his show, a guy that runs a bar show and gets totally trashed while doing it. A guy that pretends a guy is Sammy Hall so he can feel he is somebody, but in all honesty people like Charlie and Corey Maclin have no clue who this guy is. That's like me going up to Bobby Heenan saying "I'm The Brain", he would probably react "Who the F@#% is this guy?" that's how it is with him. He feels like he is bigger than everyone else, and that's why people like Hollywood Jimmy, Mickey Ray and other guys, would love to come work for IWA, the#1 promotion in the mid-south. You can't blame them, can you? As I wake up from my day dream and walk to the back, Mickey Ray and Chris Styles battle in the ring for the title, all of a sudden I hear Al Hall say "Syn, Suicide and Stunner hit the ring" and my heart sank, I thought to myself here we go, I walk out and they are on the outside of the ring, then I see the promotor with the mic. Well as he talks about IWA and how he is gonna bring his best friends Pure Destruction, and run over all of us, I start to laugh. I remember hearing Brody Hawk dislike this jack-off as much as I do. About that time I look up and see Suicide spit right in big birds face! It was one of the top-ten funniest moments in my life, to see this loud mouth shut up. We gathered around talking about going in the ring and shutting him up for good, but we decided to just leave. I know something that he don't, his promotion is just about dead and he can blame himself. I'll leave everyone with a comment from a very good friend of mine." Tic-Toc Tic-Toc "

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Xander Raines said...

dang that is truth spoken straight forward and glad to hear you feel that way i got your back if you ever need it along with you guys. i will stand beside you in the heat cause i got a score to tsettle anyway with big bird myself.