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Results from Saturday's IWA Tv Tapings-THIS SATURDAY Wrestling News Center Awards and IWA presents "New Beginning"

"The Commentating God" Jason Hall kicked things off by welcoming everyone to the IWA Arena, which is located at 1225 State Line Road in Southaven, Mississippi. The fans were treated to a couple bonus matches before the television tapings began.

1st Dark Match-"The Ladies Man" Beyond vs Joker, who was managed by Reno Diamond-The action got off to a quick start. Beyond connected with a crossbody, but Joker would slow him down with a spinebuster. Joker would follow with a textbook vertical suplex, ddt and a short-arm clothesline. Joker also added more punishment with a spike piledriver. At one point, during the match, while Beyond was tied up in the ropes, Reno Diamond laid in some cheap shots from the outside. Diamond cutter by Joker. Beyond with the Crossroads. Beyond went up top, but Reno Diamond grabbed his leg. Joker grabbed Beyond up in a fireman's carry to attempt his lol, "laugh out loud" finisher, but Reno Diamond ended up getting knocked off the apron and Beyond slipped out and rolled up Joker to get the three count. Your winner, Beyond!

2nd Dark Match-"The Sharpest Card in the Deck" Ace vs "IWA Original" Sniper-Referee C'Lo Banks called the match and walked out representing the Wrestling News Center. Sniper took it to Ace from the beginning. However, Ace managed to slow him down with a poke to the eyes. Ace went for a cover and got a two count, which sparked him to ask C'Lo, "What grade did you complete?" since he couldn't count to three. Ace floored Sniper with two scissor kicks, but again Sniper was able to kick out at two. Sniper dropped Ace's neck across the ropes, following it up with a big spike piledriver to put away Ace and get the win. Your winner, Sniper!

Like the new entrance ramp they've added. Looks good.

Tv Taping Began

Jason Hall announced that for today's show, they would have a special guest. Jason introduced "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock, who joined him in calling the action. "First of all" Jimmy had to make friends with all of the IWA faithful, by telling them that they were the ugliest group of people that he's ever seen. "Hollywood" Jimmy explained that he was there because the IWA won a lot of the awards on and he wanted to see for himself why they won. Jason Hall said, "This is IWA, where only the strong survive. And that survival begins, right now." "Hollywood" Jimmy told Jason that he needs to learn how to use deodorant.

IWA United States Champion "Dynamite" Seth Knight made his way to the ring. Knight told everyone that the reason why he was out there was because he's got something to say to Raja, who attacked him, last week. Knight said he brought Raja a gift and asked him to come out. Raja came to the ring. Seth Knight gave Raja a skull as a sign of friendship. Raja like skull! Knight to Raja: "We're friends now and we're going to team up to face Full Scale Assault. And we're going to beat them."

IWA United States Champion "Dynamite" Seth Knight & Samoan Raja vs Full Scale Assault (Xander Raines & Jason Steele)-It was noted that at "New Beginning" Full Deck (Ace & Joker) will battle Full Scale Assault in a Last Team Standing match. Raja and Xander tied up. Full Scale Assault hit the hi-lo combination on Raja. Xander with a big bodyslam on Raja. "Hollywood" Jimmy chimed in on Full Scale Assault, during the match, stating, "I guess that's why they're the most improved tag-team over at" Seth Knight almost took Xander's head off with a big kick. Knight connected with a knee to the back of the head. Knight and Raja cutoff Xander in their corner, inflicting more punishment. Seth Knight said, "Good Call!" Big Russian legsweep by Knight on Xander. "Hollywood" Jimmy talking about Seth Knight on commentary: "I like him because he's a good Christian man, like myself." Knight missed a lionsault. Xander caught him with the WMD. Xander tagged in Jason Steele. All four went at it. Knight and Xander battled on the floor with Xander landing a superkick on Knight. Full Deck (Ace & Joker) with Reno Diamond walked down the entrance ramp, distracting Full Scale Assault. Raja ended up catching Jason Steele with his "Samoan Storm" finisher to get the win. Your winners, Samoan Raja & "Dynamite" Seth Knight! Following the match, Knight hit Raja with the skull and leveled him with his "Sour Face Silencer", making a statement.

Jason Hall announced the list of all the IWA Winners from the 2009 Wrestling News Center Awards at "Hollywood" Jimmy said, "I'm here to see the talent. So far, I'm impressed!"

Light Heavyweight Championship-It was suppose to be a triple threat contest, but it was announced that Johnny Dotson was unable to compete, so the winner of the match would be the NEW IWA Light Heavyweight Champion! Suicide vs DJ Stunner, accompanied by The 2009 Manager of the Year, Jason "The Brain"-Great fast-pace, back and forth action between these two. The ending saw two new innovative maneuvers. First, Suicide broke out a wicked variation of a spinning Unprettier/Crossroads, but Jason "The Brain" got involved, giving DJ Stunner the opportunity to pull off a cool, new version of the Attitude Adjustment to get the win. Your winner and NEW IWA Light Heavyweight Champion, DJ Stunner!

"Big CA" Carnage Antwane & Malik "The Great" vs "The Human Juggernaut" Bishop & Syn, accompanied by The 2009 Manager of the Year, Jason "The Brain"-Later in the match, Bishop launched Syn from the top-rope, who caught Malik with a splash. Bishop executed a powerbomb. CA grabbed a chair from ringside, but Referee C'Lo Banks was quick to take it away from him. While CA had his back turned, Bishop, who was pressing Malik over his head, threw him into CA, knocking him off the apron. Bishop and Syn went to work on Malik with the camel clutch. Syn and Bishop swapped out. Bishop missed a frog splash from the top-rope, giving Malik just enough time to make the tag to CA. CA stormed in pummelling Syn in the corner, while Bishop and Malik went at it on the floor. Bishop jumped back in the ring and went for the spear, but ended up hitting his partner, Syn, instead of his target, CA. Malik jumped back in with the springboard, while CA pinned Syn to get the win. Your winners, "Big CA" Carnage Antwane & Malik "The Great"! Following the match, Syn and Jason "The Brain" had words with Bishop.

Main Event-Wrestling News Center 2009 Tag-Team of the Year, IWA Tag-Team Champions, Psycho & Pappy, "The Asylum" vs "The Punisher" Dre Black & The Undefeated IWA World Heavyweight Champion, Armageddon-Psycho started things off with Dre Black. Psycho went to work on Dre. Pappy in on the attack. Big clothesline by Pappy. As Jason Hall would say, "tandem offense by The Asylum" as they hit the double elbow, followed by headbutts. Psycho hit Dre in the corner with what "Hollywood" Jimmy referred to as a "mule kick". Double-arm ddt by Psycho and Pappy. Dre hit Pappy below the belt and made the tag to "Satan's Pitbull" Armageddon. Armageddon went at Pappy, who was knocked out of the ring. While out on the floor, Armageddon sent Pappy into the guardrail. Dre Black connected with a running bulldog out of the corner. Armageddon back in leveling Pappy with a clothesline. Armageddon with repeated thrusts to the throat. Pappy fired back, but was decimated by another devastating clothesline by Armageddon. Pappy caught Dre with a ddt and made the tag to Psycho. Psycho went at Armageddon. All hell broke loose! Armageddon and Psycho's brawl went out to the floor, while Dre Black hit Pappy with "The Blackout" inside the ring. Dre went to use a chain, but Sniper ran in and grabbed it from Dre. Meanwhile, Psycho popped Armageddon with a chain out on the floor. The Asylum picked up the win after delivering their signature "Fall from Grace" finisher. Your winners, Psycho and Pappy, The Asylum!

Jason Hall thanked everyone for coming out to the show and reminded everyone about "New Beginning" that will be THIS SATURDAY, January 30th at the IWA Arena, located at 1225 State Line Road in Southaven, Mississippi. Tickets will be $10 for adults and $5 for kids with a 7p.m. bell time. The card will include:

SnS (Syn & Stunner) vs Suicide & Malik "The Great" in The First Ever Tag-Team Ultimate X Match to Determine the #1 Contenders for the IWA Tag-Team Championship

Sniper vs Dre Black

Bishop vs "Big CA" Carnage Antwane

Full Scale Assault (Xander Raines & Jason Steele) vs Full Deck (Ace & Joker) in a Last Team Standing Match

And Much, Much More!!!

Also, Wrestling News Center Will Be Attending The IWA Show This Saturday In Southaven to pass out the awards to the workers and the owner of IWA, The Wrestling News Center "2009 Promotion Of The Year".

Be on the lookout for all of Tia's great pictures from this show

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