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More Info On Jericho/Helms Incident-Matt Hardy Involved, Two WWE Stars Posted Bond & Woman Says 'They Were Play Fighting'

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WWE star Matt Hardy was among a group of people involved in an early morning incident that led to the arrests of Chris Jericho and Greg "Hurricane" Helms, this according to law enforcement sources.

Witnesses told cops Hardy was in a taxi with Jericho, Helms and several others Wednesday morning -- when Helms allegedly struck three people ... including one female.

Witnesses say Hardy took off on foot -- just like Helms allegedly did -- when the cab driver pulled over at a Kentucky gas station and called 911.

We're told Helms came back to the scene and was arrested -- but Hardy was gone for good. Cops are not pursuing any sort of action against Hardy.

As we first reported, the female passenger decided not to file charges against Helms over the alleged attack. Helms and Jericho were arrested for "alcohol intoxication in a public place."

Two WWE Stars Posted Bond For Jericho & Helms?

According to a report on, Phillip Brooks and Jason Reso, better known to WWE fans as CM Punk and Christian, respectively, were the two who posted the bond to bail out Gregory "Hurricane" Helms and Chris Jericho from their drunken incident Tuesday night.

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The Woman In Helms-Jericho Incident Speaks - 'They Were Play Fighting'

According to TMZ, Ashley Storer, the woman who took an elbow from The Hurricane early Wednesday morning has decided to speak and clear things up.
Storer claims that Jericho and Helms were play fighting, and things escalated, due to them being drunk. During the play fight, she took an elbow to the face, and then at that time, the cab driver pulled over to the gas station, where the arrest happened. She also says that Matt Hardy was completely sober. Finally, she admitted that she blew things out of proportion, saying…

"I was crying and drunk and tired from being out all night and I just wanted to leave."

Note from Ryan Clark: This seems like a case of a bunch of buddies getting drunk and messing with each other in public. It appears as if they went out, got drunk, started 'slap boxing' or something along those lines and things escalated due to the alcohol involved. It's probably a thing where you wake up the next morning and say: "What the f#$& did I do last night"?!?! Lets be honest - we've all had those moments!

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