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IWA Championship Wrestling Returns To ION Television/Results

IWA Championship Wrestling returned to WPXX-ION Television this past Saturday at Noon. The show has a cool, new intro featuring all the IWA stars.

The beginning of the show saw "The Commentating God" Jason Hall interviewing the New IWA Lightweight Champion "The New Era" Johnny Dotson in the back. Dotson said that he wanted to collect all of the gold in the IWA. The IWA United States Champion "Dynamite" Seth Knight walked in, asking Johnny what was he saying about taking all the belts because he's holding one of those. Knight congratulated Dotson on winning the belt, last week, but told him he's looking at the United States Champion and he's had that belt longer than anybody. Dotson said he's the only wrestler that's undefeated with IWA gold around his waist. Knight responded by saying that was pretty impressive, but was quick to point out that if it wasn't for him, Dotson may not even have that belt around his waist. Knight added, "If I would have let Tatt2 keep that belt a little bit longer, maybe I'd have both belts." Dotson persuaded Knight to team with him, later and wrestle The Asylum for the IWA Tag-Team titles so they both could have two belts. Seth Knight agreed to be Johnny Dotson's partner.

In the IWA Arena, Jason Hall was joined by "Big CA" Carnage Antwane at the announce table. They talked about IWA's next big show "New Beginning" that will take place on Saturday, January 30th at the IWA Arena, located at 1225 State Line Road in Southaven, Mississippi. Tickets will be $10 for adults and $5 for kids with a 7p.m. bell time. They advertised the show by scrolling the info across the screen. At "New Beginning" Carnage Antwane will be squaring off against "The Human Juggernaut" Bishop. They showed clips of Bishop's recent attacks on CA with a chair. Also, they announced at "New Beginning" the Main Event will be for the IWA Heavyweight Championship with Precious defending the gold against "Satan's Pitbull" Armageddon.

Showed a clip of "Dynamite" Seth Knight assisting Johnny Dotson, last week, in his Lightweight Championship match with Tatt2, in which, Knight distracted Tatt2 enabling Dotson to get the rollup to win the title. Later in the show, the New IWA Lightweight Champion, Johnny Dotson, will team with the IWA United States Champion, Seth Knight, to challenge the IWA Tag-Team Champions, Psycho & Pappy, "The Asylum".

IWA Heavyweight Champion Precious came down to the ring and announced that he can't wait for "New Beginning" and wanted to wrestle Armageddon today. Precious said he will put up the IWA Heavyweight Championship on the line against Armageddon's undefeated streak. Precious added that he's got so much confidence in himself that he's willing to put up his IWA career on the line. So, if Precious doesn't defeat Armageddon, he will leave IWA.

Footage from last week, featuring Jason "The Brain" strategizing with Syn and DJ Stunner in the locker room until Reno Diamond along with "Full Deck" (Ace & Joker) barged in. Reno told Jason that just because they're teaming with them they still don't like them and they are going to be the next IWA Tag-Team Champions. Jason informed Reno that SnS will take the titles whenever they want. Jason told Reno and Full Deck to have their backs, keep their end of the deal and take care of Full Scale Assault and they will take care of the rest. Reno, with a sinister smile, ensured Jason that they had their backs.

Then, they aired the ending of the 8-Man tag match from last week with SnS (Syn & Stunner) teaming with Full Deck (Ace & Joker) against the team of Suicide, Malik "The Great" and Full Scale Assault (Xander Raines & Jason Steele). During the match, while Xander Raines was holding DJ Stunner in the air with a vertical suplex both Jason "The Brain" and Reno Diamond each grabbed one of the big man's legs tripping him. Once on the mat, Jason and Reno held his legs down so Stunner could get the three count and the win.

This week's telecast had Full Scale Assault (Xander Raines & Jason Steele) in action versus SnS (Syn & Stunner) accompanied by The 2009 Manager of the Year, Jason "The Brain". Xander Raines and Jason Steele had a thumb wrestling war to determine who would start the contest. Jason Steele ended up starting against Syn. Syn took down Steele, by pulling his hair. Syn showboated by flexing his muscles. Steele reversed a hiptoss attempt from Syn, landing a hiptoss of his own and followed it up with a bodyslam that sent Syn fleeing to his corner to make the tag to DJ Stunner. Xander was also tagged in. Xander sent Stunner flying with a big back body drop. Then, Xander went to work on Stunner's arm. Full Scale Assault connected with the hi-lo combo on Stunner. Jason Hall said, "Hit em high, hit em low!" Oh snap! That reminds me of that song off the Space Jam soundtrack. Syn jumped back in, going to work on Steele. Syn and Stunner swapped out while Referee Adam Bell had his back turned. Wishbone by SnS on Steele followed by double kicks. Syn went over and spit on Xander, provoking the big man to storm in while Jason "The Brain" choked Jason Steele in the ropes. SnS targeted Steele's left leg. Steele would fight back, catching Stunner with an inverted powerbomb. Xander made the tag and stormed in, cleaning house. Xander hit the WMD on Stunner, while Steele leveled Syn with an innovative double underhook face plant. As Full Scale Assault were preparing to deliver the "Tech 9" on Syn, Full Deck (Ace & Joker) with Reno Diamond jumped in the ring and started attacking Full Scale Assault. Full Deck planted Steele with their "I Declare War" double flatliner finisher. Full Deck will battle Full Scale Assault at "New Beginning" in a Last Team Standing Match.

Former IWA Heavyweight Champion "The Human Juggernaut" Bishop came out calling "Big CA" Carnage Antwane a coward and tried to pressure him into getting in the ring. However, CA said he had doctor's orders to not compete, in order, to heal from the injuries that he suffered at the hands of Bishop. Suicide intervened and accepted Bishop's challenge on behalf of CA.

Bishop vs Suicide-The fans got behind Suicide, who used his speed early, landing some kicks to Bishop. Bishop stopped Suicide in his tracks with a vicious clothesline that upended Suicide. Bishop followed it up with a big powerslam. Jason Hall noted that Suicide and Malik "The Great" will have the First Ever Tag Team Ultimate X Match against SnS (Syn & Stunner) at "New Beginning" that will determine the #1 Contenders for the tag titles. Bishop lifted Suicide in the air with a military press that sent Suicide's head crashing into the turnbuckle. Suicide tried to fight back, but was launched across the ring with a belly-to-belly suplex. Suicide went for a sunset flip, but, again, Bishop overpowered him tossing him with the crackerjack overhead choke suplex. Suicide and Bishop traded chops. Bishop hit Suicide with the Alabama Slam and went out on the apron to say a few words to Carnage Antwane. Suicide jumped on Bishop's back to try and slow down the big man. Suicide was able to hit Bishop with a ddt. Suicide went up to the top-rope, but when he jumped off he was cut in half with a wicked spear by Bishop. Bishop followed it up with The Hellevator finisher to get the win. Your winner, Bishop! After the match, Bishop got in CA's face telling him, "Just like a crystal ball, Punk! Looking right into your future! You're mine, Boy! Your mine! You don't want none of me!"

Jason Hall and CA ran down some of the matches for "New Beginning" that include: Sniper vs Dre Black
Bishop vs CA
Precious vs Armageddon

IWA United States Champion "Dynamite" Seth Knight and IWA Lighweight Champion "The New Era" Johnny Dotson challenged The 2009 Tag-Team of the Year, The IWA Tag-Team Champions, Psycho & Pappy, The Asylum. This match was a Special Lumberjack Match. The lumberjacks that surrounded the ring included SnS (Syn & Stunner), Jason "The Brain", Full Deck (Ace & Joker), Reno Diamond and Dre Black on Knight and Dotson's side while Suicide, Malik "The Great" and Full Scale Assault (Xander Raines & Jason Steele) were on The Asylum's side. The Samoan Raja stood by himself in one corner, not picking a side. Pappy started things with Dotson. Pappy shoved Dotson down twice after locking up. Dotson rolled out of the ring, but was thrown back in by Malik and Jason Steele. Dotson kept getting thrown out on the floor and getting thrown back in by Malik, Suicide and Full Scale Assault. One time, Seth Knight even walked over to tell them to stop touching Dotson, but they ended up throwing both Johnny Dotson and Seth Knight both back in the ring. Fans cheered for Pappy. Dotson threw Pappy outside the ring in front of Suicide, Malik and Full Scale Assault, but they helped Pappy. An irate Johnny Dotson jumped out of the ring, ordering them to throw Pappy in. They still didn't, but instead threw Dotson back in, again. Johnny Dotson flipped out. Psycho and Seth Knight were tagged into the match. Seth was quickly sent to the floor in The Asylum's corner. Malik landed a couple shots before sending Knight back in. Psycho and Pappy both punched away at Seth before Psycho caught him with a ddt. Then, The Asylum connected with a double-arm ddt. Pappy hit Knight with a big sidewalk slam. Dotson ran in to break up the count. Seth Knight threw Pappy out to the floor on the side of SnS, Jason "The Brain", Full Deck, Reno Diamond and Dre Black. They attacked Pappy out on the floor before sending him back in. Samoan Raja still hadn't picked a side. Seth Knight also threw Psycho outside the ring. As the two sides went after one another, Raja grabbed Psycho and tossed him back in the ring. The fans rallied behind Psycho as Dotson fired away with a series of punches and kicks. Seth Knight held Psycho while Johnny kicked him after breaking out the running man dance. After repeated knees to the head, Seth Knight brought down Psycho with a big Russian leg sweep. This was followed up by a wheelbarrow double team by Knight and Dotson. Psycho tried to fight back, but Johnny Dotson slowed him down with a low blow. While Psycho was down in the corner. Dotson did a cartwheel, driving his feet into Psycho's jewels. Psycho managed to catch Dotson running with a devastating nail in the coffin/Michinoku driver. Psycho made the hot tag to Pappy, who came in with a flurry of offensive strikes against Seth Knight. Psycho threw Johnny Dotson out to the floor where Malik, Suicide and Full Scale Assault took it to him. Meanwhile, inside the ring, Seth Knight attempted his "Sour Face Silencer" finisher on Pappy, but it was countered by The Asylum that hit Knight with "The Fall from Grace" to get the win. Your winners and still IWA Tag-Team Champions, Psycho and Pappy, The Asylum! All hell broke loose with all the lumberjacks going at it. Samoan Raja jumped in the ring with Seth Knight. Knight demanded that Raja get out there and beat up Psycho. Knight slapped Raja twice. Raja dropped Knight and left him laying in the ring after delivering the Rikishi Driver.

They aired highlights of the IWA Heavyweight Championship Match between "Satan's Pitbull" Armageddon challenging The IWA Heavyweight Champion "Every Man's Dream and Every Woman's Nightmare" Precious. Not only was the match billed as Precious's title versus Armageddon's undefeated streak, but Precious stated that if he lost the match, he would leave the IWA. The music in this highlight package rocked! Highlights included: Armageddon launching Precious out of the corner with a big hiptoss. Precious leaped off the top-rope nailing Armageddon with a flying clothesline. Armageddon would repay the favor by catching Precious with a big clothesline of his own. Precious sent the big man down with two dropkicks, followed by his signature heartbeat leg drop. Armageddon kicked out. Armageddon went for the chokeslam, but Precious escaped and kicked him low, connecting with the backstabber. Precious could only get a two count. Armageddon fired back with a chokeslam that got a three count, but Referee C'Lo Banks did not see that Precious had his foot on the ropes so the match was restarted. Precious clubbed away at Armageddon. Armageddon caught Precious in the corner, but Precious slipped out, catching Armageddon with another backstabber. Precious covered Armageddon, but it still wasn't enough to defeat the monster. It appeared that Precious hurt his leg in the process. A limping Precious tried to loop around Armageddon, but was caught by Armageddon, who delivered another massive chokeslam. One...two...three! Your winner and NEW IWA Heavyweight Champion, Armageddon! With Armageddon defeating Precious, this meant that Precious's IWA career is over.

The show ended with their new intro video.

You can watch IWA Championship Wrestling every Saturday at Noon on WPXX-ION Television

IWA presents "New Beginning" this Saturday, January 30th at the IWA Arena, located at 1225 State Line Road in Southaven, Mississippi. Tickets will be $10 for adults and $5 for kids with a 7p.m. bell time. The card will include:

SnS (Syn & Stunner) vs Suicide & Malik "The Great" in The First Ever Tag-Team Ultimate X Match to Determine the #1 Contenders for the IWA Tag-Team Championship

Sniper vs Dre Black

Bishop vs "Big CA" Carnage Antwane

Full Scale Assault (Xander Raines & Jason Steele) vs Full Deck (Ace & Joker) in a Last Team Standing Match

And Much, Much More!

Wanna attend an IWA TV Taping at the IWA Arena? IWA TV Tapings are held every Saturday at 2:00pm at the IWA Arena, located at 1225 State Line Road in Southaven, Mississippi. The building is located right beside Sonic and across the street from Dale's. FREE Admission!

Check out IWA's Official MySpace @ www.myspace.com/iwa-wrestling

IWA Championship Wrestling "Where Only The Strong Survive!"

To check out all of Tia's great pictures from this show, you can view them @ http://wrestlingnewscenter.blogspot.com/2010/01/iwa-pictures-from-january-16th.html

Results from this past Saturday's Tv Tapings should be up soon

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