Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Detailed Look At Gregory Helms' Past Issues - Fights, Steroids, More

Coming off the heels of Gregory Helms' arrest Wednesday morning for public intoxication, here is a look at the numerous transgressions involving the WWE Superstar over the years:

July 2001: Helms gets involved in an altercation with fellow WCW alumnus Marcus Bagwell during a training session, which ultimately plays a part in Buff's quick dismissal from the World Wrestling Federation.

The two exchange words with Bagwell poking fun at Helms' speech impediment — or lisp as it were. According to Bagwell, Helms allegedly tells him, "We could either forget this now and move on or I can beat your brains in." Helms dares him to take a shot, which results in Bagwell slapping him across the face. Helms subsequently cowers away. A short time later, Helms creeps up from behind and strikes Bagwell in the back of the head with a frozen water bottle — requiring 19 stitches.

According to Bagwell, he actually tried to cover for Helms after seeing him sobbing in the bathroom because he thought he was going to be fired. When asked what happened by then-agent Fit Finlay, Bagwell simply told Fit that he fell. Later, Helms showed his gratitude by ignoring him when he tried saying hello, according to Bagwell.

WWF officials released Bagwell from his contract a few days later.

March 19, 2007: Sports Illustrated posts an article on its website investigating a steroid and HGH ring used by a number of professional athletes in several sports. The article mentions several current and former WWE wrestlers, including Helms, who was alleged to have obtained human growth hormone (HGH).

August 30, 2007: Sports Illustrated posts an article on its website naming Helms and nine other wrestlers to be given growth hormone not in compliance with the WWE Talent Wellness program. He was said to have received testosterone (anabolic steroids), human growth hormone and nandrolone (anabolic steroids) between November 2003 and February 2007. As a result of the infraction, Helms is suspended for thirty days for his first violation of WWE's drug testing policy.

May 6, 2008: Helms is assaulted in a nightclub in Johnston County, North Carolina, by an acquaintance, Dustin Narron. An argument between the two of them led to Narron hitting Helms in the face. Narron was later charged with assault and battery.

August 28, 2009: TNA performer Daniel Covell (a/k/a Christopher Daniels) is arrested in Smithfield, North Carolina on charges of driving under the influence after participating in a drinking contest with Helms at the WWE star's residence.

January 27, 2010: Gregory Helms and Christopher Irvine (a/k/a Chris Jericho) are taken into custody in Kenton County, Kentucky after police apprehend the duo for "alcohol intoxication in a public place."

Helms became violent as he allegedly struck Irvine, a male passenger, and a female passenger at a Shell gas station in the early morning. Helms reportedly left the scene after the incident, which led to police being called to the gas station. He then returned to the station and was booked with Irvine on charges of public intoxication.

Police say Helms was not arrested for the alleged attack because the alleged victims have not pressed charges — a requirement for an arrest in Kentucky if the police do not witness the attack.

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