Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Comments from Lacey Von Erich interview

Lacey was interviewed on Right After Wrestling on Sirius satellite radio. She talked about how she broke into the business with WWE after they called her uncle Kevin and basically just asked him to ask her if she wanted to be a Diva. She said she was assigned to developmental in Tampa but things didn't work out too well. "We don’t watch wrestling in our family anymore because it was really a sore subject – I mean everyone died! ... I signed my contract and went to FCW [she relocated from LA to Tampa]. I took my first bump and I loved it. I love pain. We’re a little screwed up who wrestle. We all have something in us. I loved it, but I had a son. I was constantly wrestling and they were just about to put me on the road and they told me the schedule was like 300 days per year. I felt like my dad and he always left us. I just felt like I was going to turn into daddy and never see [my son], so I got out as fast as I could." She said soon after TNA called and the schedule was a better fit: "I love TNA and I like the writers. I’m just going to show up to work and do whatever the heck they tell me. I’m not going to question the writers or what they’re doing. They know where the story is going in the future. You want people to be captured in the story and that keeps them coming back. We need controversy and fighting and real-life things put into the show like me coming into The Beautiful People and Angelina coming back and being pissed."

Credit: Wrestling Globe Report

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