Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ARW Results from 1-23 in Dalton, GA

Results: Adrenaline Rush Wrestling, 01/23/10, from Dalton, GA

- from ARW's Homecoming II show

Mickey Gotti defeated The Ultimate Destroyer;

Iron Bear defeated Johnny Vortex & Jason Hager;

Tommy Mercer defeated Shawn Shultz & J.T. Hott;

Perfection Unlmited defeated The Southern Outlaws;

Paul Dollar defeated Mr 360;

Adam Jacobs defeated Shaun Tempers;

Mark Anothony defeated ARW Heavyweight Champion Fly Guy in a non title match;

ARW has also announced that ARW High Card will be running shows every Friday night at 8:00 PM. Champions Ground Fitness, Parkers Plaza, 41 hwy, Carbondale Road, Exit 326

Credit: http://westgawrestlingfans.blogspot.com/

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