Thursday, December 31, 2009

Those we lost in 2009

The following is a listing of people from the pro wrestling business lost in 2009.

01/13/2009 – Cousin Junior, 48
01/16/2009 – Paul E. Normous, 33
02/02/2009 – Jim Wilson, 67
02/05/2009 – Renato Torres
03/03/2009 – Robert Bruce
03/04/2009 – Yvon ‘the Beast’ Cormier, 70
03/13/2009 – Andrew ‘Test’ Martin, 33
03/22/2009 – Steven Dunn, 48
03/22/2009 – Rick Crabtree, 51
03/23/2009 – Abismo Negro, 37
04/20/2009 – Ted Grizzly, 65
04/28/2009 – Buddy Rose, 56
05/08/2009 – Princess Jasmine, 60
05/28/2009 – John Tolos, 78
06/13/2009 – Mitsuharu Misawa, 46
06/21/2009 – William ‘Bud’ Osborne, 80
06/22/2009 – Billy Red Lyons, 77
06/29/2009 – La Parkita, 35
06/29/2009 – Espectrito, Jr., 35
07/05/2009 – Waldo Von Erich, 75
07/05/2009 – Karl Von Brauner (Doug Donnan), 78
07/11/2009 – Takashi Matsunaga, 73
07/20/2009 – Woodie Johnson, 80
07/24/2009 – Damien ‘Steele’ Dothard, 34
08/05/2009 – Al Tomko, 77
08/12/2009 – Gladys Gillem, 88
08/12/2009 – Karl Von Hess (Frank Fakketty), 90
08/14/2009 – Shelby Adcock, 72
09/07/2009 – Butcher Brannigan, 61
09/11/2009 – Kerry Brown, 51
09/18/2009 – Lester Welch
10/14/2009 – Lou Albano, 76
10/18/2009 – Ryuma Go, 53
11/05/2009 – Adam Firestorm, 32
11/24/2009 – Mike LeBell, 79
12/05/2009 – Edward ‘Umaga’ Fatu, 36
12/29/2009 – Steve ‘Dr. Death’ Williams, 49

Credit: GeorgiaWrestlingHistory.cpm

Update on Melina's Injury

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE Divas Champion Melina suffered a torn ACL at Tuesday night's WWE event in Manchester, NH. She was in Syracuse last night and was on crutches backstage. There is no word on if she will require surgery, but it is likely.


Chikara News

CHIKARA: 2 matches confirmed for our Season 9 Premiere in January!

Our brand new season of live events kicks off Sunday afternoon, January 31st at the famed ECW Arena in Philadelphia! In the card's main event, Los Campeonatos de Parejas (tag team titles) will be on the line as the reigning champs, Fire Ant & Soldier Ant look to make their 3rd successful defense against former Campeones Gran Akuma & Icarus! As is customary, this title match will be best 2-out-of-3 falls.
Just signed for this card: The Order of the Neo Solar Temple - UltraMantis Black, Delirious and Crossbones are set for action against the upstart threesome of Grizzly Redwood, Pelle Primeau and Andy Ridge (making his CHIKARA debut)! The Temple have been on a roll these last 7 months, and the underdogs from ROH will have their work cut out for them in Philadelphia!

For a full listing of our 2010 events announced so far just jump to our SCHEDULE page!

Currently available are our two Season 8 finale events - "Throwing Life's Instructions Away" and "Three-Fisted Tales" await you through our friends at!

Season 9 is taking shape:

A Touch of Class
1.31.2010 - Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The (ECW) Arena!
7 W. Ritner St. (corner of Swanson!)
in clean South Philly, PA!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm!

The Mint Condition
2.27.2010 - Saturday Evening
Live @ Goodwill Fire Assn. Hall!
100 Madison Ave. (right off the 5th St Highway!)
in scenic Reading, PA!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm!

A World of Comforting Illusions
2.28.2010 - Sunday Afternoon
Live @ GoodFellas!
1105 S. Center St. (right off Route 61!)
in easy-to-find Pottsville, PA!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm!

Wit, Verve and a Bit o' Nerve
3.20.2010 - Saturday Evening
Live @ The Palmer Center!
4100 Green Pond Rd.
in spacious Easton, PA!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm!

Testimony of Evil
3.21.2010 - Sunday Afternoon
Live @ Legends Xtreme!
606 Ryan Ave, Building Q (just minutes from Philly!)
in nearby Westville, NJ!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm!

King of Trios 2010
4.23 - 25.2010 - All Weekend Long!
Live @ The (ECW) Arena!
7 W. Ritner St. (corner of Swanson!)
in clean South Philly, PA!
Tickets go on sale January 1st!

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XOW in Hernando January 9th

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mid Georgia Championship Wrestling - Jackson, GA - 1/09/10

It's a Girl!

Former WWE Diva Candice Michelle announced on her website last month that she was expecting her first child. To follow-up on the news, she noted on her Twitter account this evening that she's having a girl. Michelle wrote: "What a special day! Just found out were having a little Girl!"


WWE Diva Injured

Melina was injured at last night's WWE house show in Manchester, NH.

Mike McMahon wrote on his blog:

Maryese/Katie Lea/Alicia Fox def. Melina/Kelly Kelly/Gail Kim

The story of this match was an injury to WWE DIVAS CHAMPION Melina. From my vantage point, it was hard to see what happened to Melina and it's tough to even speculate on what the injury is. It appeared that the injury occurred while she was giving Katie Lea Burchill a clothesline. I will say that it didn't appear to be all that serious, but you never know with these things. She was helped to her feet by referee Jack Doan and Kelly Kelly. Then Doan and Kelly helped her to the back where she went through an exit on the opposite side of the wrestlers'. As the doctor was examining Melina in the ring, paramedics brought a stretch to ringside, but it was never used, again pointing to the injury being not of a serious manner. Regardless, it was a scary moment for the crowd and certainly for Melina. She wasn't visibly limping when brought to her feet, but clearly seemed to shaken up and walking gingerly, with help. Kim and Kelly were clearly concerned, and stayed in the ring and left with Melina.


Cena Comments on WWE future

"I've wanted to do this all my life. I can't imagine doing anything else. Some people as a kid play baseball and basketball and then don't get to do it for a living. I always wanted to be a wrestler. I love my job too much to leave it. I'm going to stay as long as my body allows. My wife understands this. She was there with me when I had no money. Granted, sometimes she has to use a cardboard cutout of me at the movie theater to pretend we're on a date. But she understands."

--John Cena, from an interview at


"Dr. Death" Steve Williams passes away

"Dr. Death"

Steven Williams,
better known to wrestling fans the entire world over as
"Dr. Death" Steve Williams;
one of the most physically toughest men ever to compete
in the wrestling industry,
died late Tuesday night in Denver,CO
after a long battle with throat cancer.
He was 49 years old.

He had been battling the disease for a number of years,
first apparently beating it even with great odds against him.
It came back this year and his health had worsened in the last few months.

"Dr. Death" Steve Williams started wrestling in 1979,
and he held numerous titles in Japan.
He also competed for Mid-South Wrestling,the National Wrestling Alliance and World Championship Wrestling.
In addition,he had brief runs with the World Wrestling Federation and Extreme Championship Wrestling.
Also,for a 10-year portion of his career,
Williams went undefeated in the United States.

Williams formed two of the world's best tag teams
with the late Terry "Bamm Bamm" Gordy
and with Ted DiBiase Sr.,
as well as a notable team with current
WWE Vice President of Talent Relations
John Laurinaitis (Johnny Ace).

Williams was in particular a major star in the 1990s for All Japan Pro Wrestling
where he arguably had his most success becoming a main eventer for the company,
making him one of the most successful foreign athletes in Japanese wrestling history.

Williams was discovered and was recruited into professional wrestling
by "Cowboy" Bill Watts
at the University of Oklahoma,
where Williams was a star offensive lineman on the football team
and a four-time All-American heavyweight wrestler.

He also competed as an amateur wrestler losing in the finals of an NCAA tournament to future Olympic medalist Bruce Baumgartner.
Many of his peers in wrestling over the years had believed if he had not played college football and concentrated on wrestling that he would have been a strong candidate for an Olympic gold medal in 1984 or 1988.

Already interested in professional wrestling,
Williams had a ready-made nickname which dated back to an incident
when he attended Lakewood Junior High School in Lakewood,CO
where he had to wrestle in a hockey goalie's mask to protect a broken nose and was jokingly labeled "Dr. Death" by one of his school's coaches.

"Dr. Death" Steve Williams was truly one of the toughest men to have ever stepped into the squared circle and to have ever competed in the sport of professional wrestling.

He will be very truly and sorely missed beyond words.


Only TWO DAYS remain until the debut of the highly anticipated video series Wrestling Unmasked!

Only TWO DAYS remain until the debut of the highly anticipated video series Wrestling Unmasked!

Well the title says it all! Myself and NEW Announcer, John Steele have had enough and are going to voice our opinions once and for all. Wrestling Unmasked are out of character interviews that involve Wrestlers, Workers, and Promoters explaining what is wrong with wrestling today, what we can do to fix it, and letting off some steam. For instance, wrestlers who are sex offenders and working a show with kids, promoters with money and no wrestling background starting a promotion, and much more. We will have many guests from the area and maybe just a surprise or two. This new video series will be an exclusive to, and will debut in 2010. So stay right here for Wrestling Unmasked!

If you would like to be a guest or have a question answered on Wrestling Unmasked, please email us at!

ASWF Results for 12-26-09

Show Opens With Ricky Rowland Doing National Anthem
First segment Austin lane comes out to confront Demon X saying he got title shot Austin says yes but has to be no holds barred

First match
Cody Murdoch Vs Lee Micheals
As The Porkchop chants start,there is a wonder in everyone mind how is Lee Micheals going to pin this 330 pound man Lee starts out with dropkicks and forearms until Murdoch totally takes his head off with clothesline then spinning suplex with out reason Micheals kicks out after 2, even Athena got to beat on Lee with a body slam on out side when all went to settle Murdoch went outside ring to find weapon and Cody Only comes to say your not doing that as Murdoch gets in ring Lee hit a school boy for the 1.2.3

2nd Match
Vinnie Ramano comes out to tell Christopher Lee he took the X Division belt fair and square. Also telling Christopher Lee if he wants a match with Vinnie Ramano he has to beat this guy. Enforcer comes to the ring jumps Christopher Lee from behind as the beating starts on Christopher Lee as Enforcer uses monkey flips, and Negative tactics Christopher Lee finally pulls through with a Splash, Bulldog, and a roll up pin. After Christopher Lee's victory, Vinnie slides in and beats Christopher Lee down with his Italian Flag.

3rd Match
Hot Rod John Ellison vs. Cody Only
Cody Only starts out with all the momentum showing his dominate strength until he makes one critical mistake and rams his own shoulder into the ring post. Hot Rod seized the opportunity and works on Cody Only's left shoulder. At one point Cody Only does hit the LTO. Unsuccessfully he didn't have the strength to cover Hot Rod. Hot Rod counters and puts Only into a submission to tap out Cody Only

4th Match
Mark Wolf and Idol Bane Vs Seth Sabor And Tommy Wayne

Match started well for Seth and Tommy with double team moves to keep Mark Wolfe down even double ploncha over top rope and had it going until Idol took a cheap shot to Seth Sabor, they both put very powerful moves on Seth but this kid wont quit he heard that crowd and finally made the tag Tommy comes in house of fire and drop kicks idol then Mark came back up Tommy side steps him he hits Idol Tommy rolls up mark for Seth and Tommy to be victories
As Idol throwing fit crowd chants Austin

5th match
the final grudge match between Joshua Cross and Wild Bill
Starts with Wild Bill using Joshua's tactics to pay him back like it should be until Joshua seems a opening and takes bills head off using flying dropkicks moonsaults and chocks to keep bill down thought he had match one went to top rope for leg drop and missed it wild bill followed up with 3 DDTs and pined cross

ASWF Heavyweight Championship
Demon X Vs Austin Lane

What a no holds barred match we had here with Demon X using it all suplex on concrete, slams on guardrails, even a corkscrew cross body off second rope where did demon x get these moves he calls for it to be over and delivers a power bomb to Austin Lane luckily he gets hand on rope before three Demon X comes up looking for Johnny Hawk and he isn't there he turns around into a spear 1.2.3

Credit: ASWF ACE

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Two TNA Stars Apparently done with TNA

Cody Deaner and Kip James have had their profiles pulled from the "Superstar Roster" page. is reporting that the original plan at Final Resolution was for Cody Deaner to get the "fired" briefcase until the company had a falling out with Sheik Abdul Bashir. It is also being reported that there was talk of Kip James becoming an agent for TNA. Either way, both profiles are off the website.


SAW card for Friday 1/1 in Millersville, TN

SAW card for Friday 1/1

From the Bakery Line @ 615-664-2388

3-way for new (?) SAW Championship
Oh My God Its Nature's Greatest Miracle Rick Santel vs Arrick "The Dragon" Andrews vs "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant

2 Refs!
Hammerjack vs Lani Kealoha

Big Bully Douglas vs "Headliner" Chris Michaels

The Wrestling Weatherbys will be in the house!

Also a big announcement leading into following shows!

and other stuff

Credit: WWRD @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

ASW Card for 12-31 in SHelbyville, TN

Statum Cab Company
316 Holland Street
Shelbyville, Tn 37160
Wrestling - $5 before 6pm and $6 after 6pm. Dance is $5
WRESTLING 7:30 - DANCE @ 10:00PM
Doors Open @ 6pm








Card Subject to Change

USWO/ATL card for Friday 1/1 in Nashville

From the Falkin' Hotline @ 615-664-1669

Main Event-USWO Championship
Nore Havoc (c) vs Chuck Taylor

USWO Tag Team Championship
"Crash & Burn"-Josh Crow & Damien Payne (c) vs Crusher Eric Hodge & Mr. USA

Jeff "The Crippler" Daniels (w/Dominique) vs "Mr 110%" LT Falk

ATL Southern Championship
"No Mercy" Tommy Mercer (c) vs Bad Boy Dixon

USWO Jr. Championship
"Irish Arrogance" Dyron Flynn (c) vs Magnum Shane Smalls

Bryan Casey vs Psycho Medic

Convict vs Steven Green

and other stuff

Credit: Mr. USWO @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

USWO card for Saturday 1/2 in Nashville

From the "OUTLAWS" Line @ 615-780-3604

Main Event (non-title)
OUR USWO Tag Team Champions "Crash & Burn"-Josh Crow & Damien Payne vs "Shelby Street Brawler" Jocephus & Petey "Mr. Lohan" Wright

Chuck Taylor vs "Mr. 109%" LT Falk

Final Encounter! Losers Split!
Deathwish vs Saint & Kid Dynamite

David Matthews vs Kevin James Weatherby

Tiny Bear vs Cody Weatherby

Crusher Eric Hodge vs Impressive Anthony Wayne

Bad Boy Dixon vs Psycho Medic

and other stuff

Credit: Mr. USWO @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

Press Release from Pro Wrestling Ohio

Pro Wrestling Ohio: NEW TO YOUTUBE: Omega Aaron Draven Talks Sex Appeal in a PWO Web Exclusive

"Omega" Aaron Draven, PWO's resident thrillseeker and risk-taker, fought through injuries to his ribs, back, and head to become PWO Television Champion this past summer at "PWO Wrestlelution 2: A Coming of Age". However, when Omega attempted to valiantly fight on and defend his crown, PWO doctors deemed him medically unfit to compete and forced his first title match to be postponed. This upset scheduled first challenger "True Talent" Bobby "The Body" Shields of Sex Appeal, who has stayed red hot ever since. Now, Draven is medically cleared and 100% physically for the first time in months, and seems to be in a very unique frame of mind. Here, in this PWO web exclusive not seen anywhere else, Aaron Draven analyzes Bobby Shields & the entire Sex Appeal faction in very unique fashion.

Watch Omega's exclusive interview here -

"Omega" Aaron Draven defends the PWO Television Championship against "True Talent" Bobby Shields of Sex Appeal this Sunday night at 10:00 pm EST on Pro Wrestling Ohio TV only on Sports Time Ohio!

PWO TV 1/3 - Ben Boone Tries To Collect the $10,000 Bounty On Jason Bane

PWO - Pro Wrestling Ohio - your televised pro wrestling alternative, with more guts, more desire, and more heart, from a young hungry roster competing to steal the show. Old school meets new age and tradition meets tomorrow, its pro wrestling the way you want it to be! It’s Cleveland-owned, nationally renowned!

PWO TV regularly airs Sunday nights at 10:00 pm (check local listings for pre-emptions and additional replay times) exclusively on Sports Time Ohio, official television home of MLB’s Cleveland Indians. If you don’t get STO, call your cable or satellite provider today and demand it! For more information on channel availability, and on Pro Wrestling Ohio, visit PWO Online at

Scheduled airtimes for this week’s episode (all times Eastern Standard):

Sunday night, January 3: 10:00 pm & 3:30 am
Thursday night, January 4: 4:00 am

Scheduled line-up -

“PWO’s Most Dominant Man” Jason Bane vs. “Big Bear” Benjamin Boone
Jason Bane became a marked man a few weeks ago when arch-nemeses and evil power-agent Aaron Maguire successfully put, not just one or two adversaries, but EVERYONE against PWO’s Most Dominant Man by promising a cool $10,000 to anyone who can rid PWO of Jason Bane. Bane is a man alone more than ever, not knowing who to trust or where to turn… but he certainly will not run scared. “Big Bear” Benjamin Boone is still unpinned since moving to Michigan and aligning with “Amazing” N8 Mattson. With Mattson reportedly refusing to return to PWO action until he’s granted a PWO Television Title shot he feels he is owed, it’s up to Boone to fight for his Michigan agenda. Can The Big Bear take his career to a whole new level, eliminate Bane, and make Michigan’s economy $10,000 richer? Or can Jason Bane fight off the first attempt at taking his PWO career?

Comments from Johnny Gargano & Mike Tolar - One Week Before Their Rematch!
When PWO Champion Johnny Gargano met the challenge of “Greatest Thing Going Today” Mike Tolar several weeks ago, Tolar’s devious plotting and manipulation of his hapless lackey Ben Fruith proved to be quite costly (The conclusion of that match is seen here:, leading to a successful Gargano defense. Tolar spent weeks petitioning to PWO management that he received an unfair shake, going as far as to blame Fruith for the outcome of the match. Management finally gave in, and a rematch was signed, seven days from this Sunday night on PWO TV. With just one week until the epic confrontation, both champion and challenger have the chance to speak out once more. How will Tolar explain the previous encounter? Will Gargano remain the fearless fighting champion, already accepting challenges from Mike Tolar and “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross, with no doubt more on the horizon? Both stars speak out this week!

PWO Television Title: “Omega” Aaron Draven vs. “True Talent” Bobby Shields w/Dawn Decadence
Several weeks ago PWO’s thrillseeker and daredevil, Aaron Draven, attempted to valiantly defend his newly-one PWO Television Title against one of the cornerstones of Sex Appeal, Bobby Shields. However, after being examined by PWO doctors, it was determined the rib, back, and head injuries Draven had sustained before and during his PWO TV Title match at PWO Wrestlelution 2 were just too severe to medically clear him to compete. Management granted Draven a reprieve and rescheduled the match, much to Shields’ dismay. Shields finally receives his opportunity this Sunday night on television! Can Sex Appeal add prestigious gold to their self-proclaimed sexy waists? Or can Aaron Draven use his newfound health to continue to defy and defeat?

Matthew Justice vs. Michael “The Bomber” Façade
Two men not afraid to fly will collide in a match of mutual respect, bragging rights, and potential future title contendership. Justice has stepped up his game in recent weeks, even going toe-to-toe with first-ever PWO Champion M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross several weeks ago. Façade has made his PWO return after a lengthy absence, and showed a gutsy and determined performance against “Big Bear” Ben Boone in his return bout. This week, two men who think and compete in much the same way as the other will collide.

Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew Debut!
PWO gets its first look at Luis Diamante & Isaac Montana, collectively known as The Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew. These Latin American standouts have one goal in PWO, and that’s an encounter with The Clash with PWO Tag Team Titles on the line. The Wrecking Crew will give us comments this week, addressing the fans they wish to earn the support of, and the tag team champions that they hope to defeat.

All this plus more!

If you don’t get Sports Time Ohio, call your cable or satellite provider and find out how you can be a part of PWO TV!


Official Website:
Official Online Store:
Official YouTube:
Official MySpace:
Official FaceBook:

Questions and comments on this press release, or requests for information on having your news site added to the list of recipients of this release, should be directed to

Pro Wrestling Ohio is a regional independent professional wrestling organization headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Since opening its doors in October 2007, PWO has been televised via the Sports Time Ohio network, official television home of the Cleveland Indians, available in over 4 million homes via basic cable and available nationwide via select sports packages on both DirecTV and Dish Network. PWO utilizes the most exciting and talented professional wrestlers in the region today, with names such as “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross, Jason Bane, Johnny Gargano, Portia Perez, N8 Mattson and Mike Tolar. PWO also works closely with various causes, having helped raise funds & awareness for such groups as the Cops & Kids program, Wrestler‘s Rescue, and variety of other groups that aid worthy causes and communities. Pro Wrestling Ohio holds live events on a routine basis in suburban Cleveland, Ohio. For more information on PWO, please visit or e-mail

Flashback To the IWF Days

Neil "Real Deal" Taylor VS. Justin Envy For Southern Title
Uploaded by sensational123. - More professional, college and classic sports videos.

Greatest Matches and Moments of the Intercontinental Wrestling Federation and the IWF Slam television program in this decade! This match is for the Southern Heavyweight Campionship Of Professional Wrestling!

Check out the young Neil Taylor and Al Hall with hair!!

Xtreme Impact Wrestling (XIW) celebrates 2010 as they present "McHENRY MASSACRE" with their 1st show in McHenry,MS on Saturday night,January the 2nd!

What is the best way for wrestling fans like yourselves
to celebrate
the New Year of 2010?
Why,The XTREME way of course!!!

On Saturday night,January 2nd,2010,
will be kicking off the New Year with an
XTREME-ly,explosive supersonic boom
with their 1st show of 2010
as XIW makes its debut
at the JDL Auction House Building
right next door to Unity Baptist Church
on 170 DeSoto Road
which is off of U.S. Highway 49 North
in McHenry,MS
(north of Gulfport,MS).

Doors will be opening at 6:30 PM.
Belltime is at 7:30 PM.




Here is the official rundown of the matches
that will be taking place at

Making his very 1st appearance at XIW
will be none other than
"The Masked Marauding Menace"

as he will be taking on


Former WCW/TNA Superstar
former WWE Developmental Talent

In a highly anticipated
Grudge Match,
it will be
"The Old School Assassin"
with his manager,
the 3-time INDY DIVAS Manager/Valet Of The Year
at ringside

"The American Sexi Boy"
"Mr. 450"


In a Triple Threat Match
for the XIW Middleweight Championship,

the XIW Middleweight Champion
with his manager
at ringside

will be defending his title
against the challengers

and XIW newcomer

In the Main Event,
it will be a Tables Match
for the XIW Heavyweight Championship

as the XIW Heavyweight Champion

will be defending his title
against the challenger,
the XIW Pure Wrestling Champion
"The 21st Century Playboy"


Indeed,this match does feature Champion vs. Champion.
The Yellow Hornet's XIW Heavyweight Championship
will be the only championship title that will be on the line
in the Main Event Tables Match at the XIW "McHenry Massacre" show.

Also appearing
will be the newly named Commissioner
of Xtreme Impact Wrestling,
"The Gangster Of Destruction (G.O.D.")

as well as the General Manager
of Xtreme Impact Wrestling
"The PIMP-Tacular"
"Superfly B-Smoove"


.....who will PERSONALLY see to it
that the new XIW Commissioner;
as he promised to the powers-that-be at XIW
when appointed upon this new position back in November,
will continue to remain fair and impartial
as well as continue to stay and walk
on the straight and narrow path.

What a more fitting,better,proper way to celebrate the New Year than with
Xtreme Impact Wrestling
being there LIVE! and in person witnessing its 1st very show of 2010!!!

PLEASE make your plans to be at
the JDL Auctions House Building
(right next door to Unity Baptist Church)
promptly at 7:30 PM sharp
on 170 Desoto Road
(off of U.S. Highway 49 North)
in McHenry,MS
(north of Gulfport,MS)
to witness all of the awesome,spectacular wrestling action
at XIW's

Get ready,wrestling fans as the year of 2010 and the independent wrestling scene will be taken


For more information,
please be sure to go to the official XIW MySpace site at:

IWA Photos from December 26, 2009

IWA's December 26th pictures are now published!

If you ever in the Southaven area, be sure to check out the IWA show. IWA shows are always full of action and good family entertainment.  I always enjoy attending the IWA events.

IWA shows are held every Saturday at 2:00 pm at the IWA Arena, located at 1225 State Line Road in Southaven, Mississippi. The building is located right beside Sonic and across the street from Dale's. FREE Admission!

To view the rest of the IWA photos, go to's main page and click Photo Gallery!