Thursday, November 19, 2009

Total Chaos Preview: "Asylum Nightmare" Title Page

Above is page one of "Total Chaos: Issue # 1" by Frank D. Wilson.

Issue Synopsis: After years of court-ordered psychiatric treatment in the Hale County Mental Institute, two extremely violent and unstable patients, "Psycho" and "Pappy", are given a second chance at freedom when underground wrestling promoter and manager, Hollywood Jimmy offers to manipulate their releases. In exchange, they will have to use their vicious brutality to track down and eliminate the Tag Team champions, "Picture Perfect", who themselves have an unconventional method of defending their gold.

Disclaimer: The characters portrayed in this series are fictional. Any resemblances to any actual persons, living or dead either intended or otherwise are purely coincidentally. However, in the (reasonable) likelihood that any character appearing in this series is not entirely fictional, then the rights of that character are solely those of the original creator ( in other words, regardless of what is depicted in this literature, "Wrestler X" owns the name and likeness of his character. Not me.)

Check back with Wrestling News Center later this week for the First page preview for the second half of Issue One, "A Vampire in South Memphis".

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