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NWA Anarchy Results from 11-21 in Cornelia, GA

From Bill Behrens:

NWA ANARCHY TV TAPING 11-21-09 Cornelia, GA

Show opened with a vignette with Jerry Palmer leading Kiomo through the Anarchy Lockeroom where he was introduced to Wes Grissom, Chris King, Hayden Young, Slim J, Ace Rockwell & Truitt Fields. Theme was mutual respect.

In a YOUNG LIONS Title Match, Champion Skirra Corvis defeated Aden Chambers

Rowdy Friends & Wild Bunch defeated Hate Junkies & Talent & Money when Chris King pinned Andrew Pendleton after hitting the CK1.

El Veterano 4 defeated Todd Sexton. El Vet unmasked just prior to the win revealing himself to be Adryan Hawkins. Crowd popped big.

Vignette aired following Todd Sexton backstage where he ran into Jeremy Vain & Orion Bishop. Vain was insulting.

Mikael Judas defeated Jeremy Vain. Postmatch Orion Bishop attacked Judas and Vain made it two ion one leading to Jerry Palmer & Kimo. Kimo drove Vain from the ring, and Judas bumper Bishop out. Judas & Kimo showed respect to each other, which the crowd appreciated.

Orion Bishop defeated the returning Jason Blackman when he caught Blackman with an impressive mid-air spear as Blackman tried to come off the top rope. Postmatch Bishop speared him again and as he went for a 3rd spear Shadow Jackson appeared. Bishop and Jackson went toe to toe until Vain recovered and it was 2 on one leading to Todd Sexton walking to the ring and instead of helping Vain & Bishop attacked Vain. Crowd responded strong for Jackson & Sexton.

Vignette aired with Tank asking the silent Azrael & Corvus if they had heard from The Rev. “Good talk” he said as neither spoke. Shaun Tempers appeared and announced that with Dan Wilson hurt, he had been chosen by Wilson to lead the team. Tank seemed bemused by that.

In a NWA National Title Match Shatter defeated J Rod. Good showing by J Rod. Postmatch Jeff G Bailey reminded everyone that at the TV taping on December 5, the 35days would be up and Kimo would return to the Elite. He told Jerry Palmer he would pay for the insult he paid to Kimo forcing him to interact with the commoners in the lockeroom. “He is like Royality in his country” said Bailey, and “I am like a father to him”, and “The Elite is his family”.

In the FAN STRAP MATCH, Slim J replaced Bo Newsome and defeated Brody Chase by tapout.

Hayden Young defeated Mike Mosley. Postmatch Jay Clinton attacked Young and was joined by Mr. Black and Andrew Alexander. Mr. Black hit his sitout, chokeslam powerbomb on Young as was about to hit a second when Jerry Palmer appeared with Kimo. Kimo went face to face with the huge Mr. Black. Clinton tried to attack Kimo from behind but suffered in the effort. Alexander led his group out of the ring with Clinton worse for wear.

In the Main Event. Caprice Coleman, Ace Rockwell & Truitt Fields defeated The Devils Rejects, Tank, Azrael & Shaun Tempers when Coleman pinned Tempers after hitting “That’s Life” (Thermal Shock).

NWA Anarchy’s next TV taping is December 5. The 35 days will be up and Kimo will be free to return to the NWA Elite. Seth Delay faces Slim J. Plus Orion Bishop faces Mikael Judas, and much more. Andrew Alexander was on commentary with Greg Hunter for this TV taping, replacing John Johnson who could not make it to the show. Season’s Beatings is Jan 2, 2010. Seth Delay & Mike Posey who were barred from the building had busy weekends, with Delay wrestling on a tour of Egypt, while Posey wrestled a doubleshot in Nashville & Lebanon, TN for NWA Main Event & NWA Top Rope.

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