Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Memphis Area Professional Wrestler and Writer, Frank "The Crime" Wilson Announces the Start of a New, Innovative Column for Wrestling News Center

Photos Courtesy of www.myspace.com/thecrime420

Press release: November 16th, 2009. Memphis area professional wrestler and writer, Frank "The Crime" Wilson announces the start of a new, innovative column for Wrestling News Center. Based on your favorite Mid-south Wrestling personalities, each article will be an action-packed narrative set in an alternate universe where genetically enhanced professional wrestlers' rivalries are too intense and personal to be contained in a ring and championships are coveted in life-and-death situations. If you are a fan of graphic novels, action movies or books or just good old fashioned storytelling, get ready to have your mind smashed in with a steel chair with Frank Crime's "Total Chaos Wrestling" series.

The first issue entitled "Asylum Nightmare/A Vampire in South Memphis" will take you inside the worlds of Psycho and Pappy, who through some less-than-savory tactics by business manager, Jimmy Blaylock have been granted early release from a mental institute in order to hunt down and destroy the current Tag Team Champions; simultaneously, local ink-artist, Tatt2 must postpone the grand opening of his new tattoo parlor when an unexpected visit is paid to him by the undead Baron Malkavain who looks to make a meal out of the rising artist and underground fighter....
Issue one arrives December 1st exclusively on Wrestling News Center.

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