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IWA Championship Wrestling's "GRATIFIED" Results-November 20, 2009-NEW Tag Champs Crowned, Reno Diamond Gains Control and Turns On His Own Team

IWA Announcer, Jason Hall welcomed everyone to "Gratified" and traded insults with an outspoken fan in the audience. Later, in the show, we will find out who will run the IWA. Also, Syn and Stunner will be defending the IWA Tag-Team titles against Psycho and Pappy, The Asylum. Things got started after Jason said, "This is IWA Championship Wrestling. Where only the strong survive. And that survival begins right now!"

Opening Contest-"Fat Machismo" (AKA Xander Raines) vs Cymba-Xander walked out wearing the glasses, hat and boa. Double axehandle off the ropes by Xander. Fat Machismo also landed a big suplex. Cymba fought back with a big clothesline, but in the end it was "Fat Machismo" getting the win after delivering a big elbow drop from the top-rope. Your winner, Fat Machismo! Following the match, Fat Machismo said he will be the next U.S. champion and that tomorrow's match with his partner, Jason Steele, will be a warmup match.

2nd Match-"Man of Steel" Jason Steele vs "The Punisher" Dre Black-Referee C'Lo Banks-Bulldog out of the corner by Dre Black. Things got a little bit sloppy for a moment when a sunset flip went wrong. Dre attempted the "Blackout", but Steele reversed it hitting the "Moonlight Drive" neckbreaker. "Fat Machismo" came out and jumped on the apron, distracting his partner, Jason Steele. Dre caught Steele with the "Blackout" to get the win. Your winner, Dre Black! After the bell, the Full Scale Assault partners argued with Fat Machismo telling Jason Steele that he earned his respect, so he no longer wanted to have the match against him. Jason Steele told him that the match was still on.

3rd Match-Triple Threat Match-"The Sharpest Card in the Deck" Ace vs Malik "The Great" vs "The Ladies Man" Beyond, who walked out wearing some pajamas to the hit song, "Bump n' Grind" by R. Kelly. That tripped everyone out. Ace got into it with a fan saying he looked like Lil' Wayne. Then, it was time for a pose off. Malik and Beyond double teamed Ace with a back body drop and a clothesline that sent Ace out, but then Beyond threw Malik out, as well. Beyond flew off the top to the outside. Malik hit the rotation kick. Scissor kick by Ace. Ace also landed a sidewalk slam on Malik and a big boot on Beyond. Ace with a neckbreaker, but Malik ran in to break the count. Beyond executed an innovative death valley driver. Malik tossed out Ace and Beyond, diving out on the floor on them. Beyond sent Malik into the guardrail. Beyond with a frogsplash. Malik tripped Beyond and attempted a pin, but Beyond managed to grab the bottom rope. Ace with the "Lethal Combination". Malik sent Ace up on top with Malik and Beyond double suplexing Ace. Malik kicked Beyond out. Ace shot Malik out of the ring with Malik hitting the ring steps on his way out. Ace delivered the "Cradle Shock" to Beyond and got the win. Your winner, Ace! Jason Hall and the refs helped Malik to the back.

4th Match-Return Grudge Match-The Crime vs Suicide-Crime jumped Suicide from the get-go, telling the fans, "What now!" Suicide and Crime took the fight out of the ring and into the crowd. Suicide threw Crime into the brick wall and even slammed Crime's head into Mickey Ray's sneaker. Mickey Ray was on hand, checking out all of the action with Jason "The Brain". Suicide hit Crime with a trash can. Crime with a neckbreaker. Crime slammed Suicide's head into the iron steps on the floor. Crime then, threatened the referee, by saying, I don't care what anyone told you, I know where you live. If you stop this match for any reason, there will be serious consequences. Suicide backdropped Crime on the ring steps. Suicide with a facewash kick on Crime. Back in the ring, Suicide set a chair up, but Crime raked Suicide's eye and hit a drop toe hold, driving Suicide into the steel chair. Suicide threw the chair at a running Crime. Suicide flipped onto the chair placed on Crime. Suicide crossbodied Crime, who was tied up in the ropes. Big leg drop by Suicide. Crime chanted, "Let's go Crime! Let's go!" Crime with a dropkick in the corner on Suicide with a chair covering his face. Crime with a enzuguri. Crime yelled, "You stupid people made me hurt myself!" Crime went up, but missed the elbow drop. Suicide with a clothesline in the corner, following it up with a t-bone suplex for a nearfall. Electric chair with Crime lifting Suicide up in the air, but Suicide countered with a reverse hurracanrana. It looked like Crime landed on his head. Crime fought back with a low blow, followed by a brainbuster. Crime went for the count, but pulled up Suicide's head before three. Suicide hit Crime with a reverse enzuguri, but Crime placed his foot on the rope to stop the count. Suicide tried a clothesline, but Crime delivered "The Crime Way". Suicide kicked out. Suicide executed a piledriver on the chair. Suicide leaped off the apron and into the crowd onto Crime. The crowd was giving the young ref hell during this match. Suicide suplexed Crime on the chair. Suicide leaped off the top, going for the dropkick, but collided with Crime who went for "The Crime Way". These two had another great battle. They really work great together. In the end, it was The Crime that delivered a SUPER "Crime Way" off the top-rope to get the win. Your winner, The Crime!

5th Match-Anything Goes Match for the IWA Tag-Team Championship-Champions SnS (Syn & Stunner) defended against the Challengers, Psycho & Pappy, "The Asylum"-Before the bell, Psycho gave the ref a high-five and thumbs up. SnS came out with a cart full of goodies. The four combatants, immediately, started brawling as the war began. Psycho teed off on Stunner. Pappy threw Syn to the outside. Once outside, Syn tossed Pappy into the guardrail. Psycho bashed Stunner with the kendo stick. Syn leveled Pappy with a chair. Syn went to work on Psycho with the stick. Stunner with a vicious kick to the face. Psycho hit Syn and Stunner with a sign. Psycho with a scoopslam on the steps. Psycho took the crutch to Syn. Pappy back suplexed Stunner on the steps. Stunner was busted open. Meanwhile, Psycho pried into Syn's head with a foreign object. Stunner hit Pappy with a road sign. Stunner followed it up with an Asai Moonsault off the apron. Stunner with a baseball slide on Psycho. Pappy hit Syn with a big school zone sign. Syn flipped out on Pappy. Psycho hit Syn with a chair. Psycho grabbed a fork named Delilah from Kayte. Syn missed a corkscrew moonsault on Pappy. Syn was blasted with the kendo stick. This was utter chaos. Bananas, I tell ya! I was cringing, during certain moments. The best part came when Stunner was covering Psycho outside the ring. Pappy threw the kendo stick from inside the ring and it nailed Stunner right in the head. He shoots, he scores! Everybody got a kick out of that. Pappy caught Syn flying from the top with a big spinebuster. Psycho with a single-arm ddt on Stunner. Psycho with an armbar on Stunner, who was yelling in excruciating pain. Psycho got trapped in the ropes. SnS set up chairs and placed a road sign in between them. Then, Syn poured thumbtacks on the sign. Syn went for the Sliced Bread #2, but got thrown off. Stunner was sent flying out. Pappy slammed Syn through the tacs and sign, with Psycho following as The Asylum delivered "The Fall from Grace" to win the titles. Your winners and NEW IWA Tag-Team Champions, Psycho and Pappy, "The Asylum"!

Main Event-Special 5-on-5 war with Reno Diamond's Team (Carnage Antwane, Sniper, Tatt2, Precious & Samoan Raja) battling IWA Light Heavyweight Champion Blalok The Blazer's Regime, Hell's Army (IWA Heavyweight Champion Bishop, IWA United States Champion Seth Knight, The Baron Malkavain, Cymba & Armageddon) in which the winner gets total control of the IWA-Referee C'Lo Banks-Tatt2 and The Baron Malkavain started off. Precious told Tatt2, "I'll bite him for you!" Big back body drop by The Baron on Tatt2. Pendulum kick by Tatt2 in the corner. Tatt2 followed this up by leaping off with a springboard flying attack on Baron. Tatt2 tagged in "The Righteous One" Carnage Antwane. Seth Knight tagged in. CA went to work on Seth Knight. Seth sent CA to the outside. Once outside, "The Samoan Savage" Samoan Raja, suddenly, slammed his own partner, "Big CA" Carnage Antwane into the ringpost. Raja was eliminated by the official. Meanwhile, Precious went at Seth Knight inside the squared circle. "The Ladies Man" Beyond and Malik "The Great" came out to check on CA. Afterward, Seth Knight shot off the ropes, hitting Precious with a flying springboard clothesline to get a two count. "Big CA" Carnage Antwane was unable to continue in the contest and was helped to the back, so it's 3 on 5, advantage Hell's Army. Precious tried fighting back, but Seth Knight laid into him with the running boot in the corner. Seth Knight went for his patented, "Sour Face Silencer", but Precious reversed it and executed, "The Backstabber", eliminating Seth Knight. Cymba in attacking Precious. Precious made the tag to Sniper, who Jason Hall announced was from, "Operation secret". Jason added, "I don't know where that is, but it's effective." lol. Hot shot on Cymba. Sniper eliminated Cymba. Afterward, Cymba attacked Sniper, softening him up for Bishop, who put him away with a spear. Bishop and Tatt2 went at it. "The Black Juggernaut" Bishop connected with his devastating "Hammer of Thor" clothesline. The Baron sent Tatt2 into the guardrail. Bishop dismantled Tatt2 with a big spinebuster. Tag made to "Satan's Pitbull" Armageddon. Fans rallied behind "The INKcredible" Tatt2. The Baron almost beheaded Tatt2 with a clothesline. Precious broke the count. The Baron went up top, but missed a leg drop. Tatt2 took advantage of the opportunity and rolled up The Baron Malkavain to eliminate him. This made it two on two with Armageddon and Bishop remaining for Hell's Army and Tatt2 and Precious for Reno Diamond's team. Armageddon tossed Tatt2 across the ring. Armageddon with a press slam. Armageddon started choking Tatt2 in the corner. Referee C'Lo Banks jumped up on Armageddon's back to try to get him to stop. When Armageddon turned around, C'Lo jetted out of the ring. That was funny! Precious hit Armageddon down low. Tatt2 followed with the 901, but Armageddon countered with a big powerbomb that eliminated Tatt2 from the match. Again, Referee C'Lo Banks tried to get Armageddon to quit the choking. Armageddon didn't obey so C'Lo disqualified him, eliminating him. This meant it was down to the last two, the IWA Heavyweight Champion Bishop and "The Flamboyant Mauler" Precious. Precious unloaded on Bishop in the corner. Precious set up Bishop for the "Curtain Call", but Bishop moved out of the way. Bishop hit the "Hellevator" on Precious. Precious kicked out at two. Blalok The Blazer jumped in, but Tatt2 pulled him out. Precious nailed Bishop with "The Backstabber" to get the win. Reno Diamond's Team wins!

Following the match, Blalok superkicked Precious and in an unprecendented turn of events, Reno Diamond betrayed one of his own men as he sucker punched Tatt2 with what appeared to be brass knuckles. Reno Diamond announced that he's now 100% Commissioner. Reno stated that, "Reno and Blalok are going to be running the IWA whether you people like it or not! We will dominate forever!" "The Commentating God" Jason Hall wrapped up the show by thanking everyone for watching "Gratified".

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