Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Hulkamania" Tour Results: Show #1 (11/21): Melbourne

Thanks to Roger Sidom for sending in the following results:

Quick results from the "Hulkamania" tour:
I'm Using their WWE names here, but the wrestlers came out using their real names which confused the crowd.

-Eugene & godfather beat "rock of love"

-Spartan 3000 beat Shannon Moore with an amazing shooting star press (move of the night)

-Nasty boyz beat Gangrel and Black Pearl in a street fight

-Brutus Beefcake beat Heidenrich with sleeper hold

-Lacy Von Eric wins a bikini contest then tried to start a USA chant (bimbo!)

-Mr. (don't call me kennedy) Anderson beat Val Venus with a mic check

-He then announced that Kennedy was dead!

-Rikishi & Brian Christopher beat Umaga and Orlando Jordan

Ric flair pinned hogan ...... Just kidding,

-Hogan went over Flair in a match that Ric carried, both guys bladed, flair did his usual spots and hulk nearly collapsed in the ring having to throw away the knee brace. He won after hitting flair with the knuckle dusters that flair had in his tights..... Hulk posed for 10 minutes sending the fans home happy....

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