Friday, November 20, 2009

Gabe Sapolsky Starting New Wrestling Promotion "EVOLVE"/Sapolsky & Chris Jericho Involved in Verbal War

Former Ring Of Honor booker Gabe Sapolsky along with Sal Hamaouri and Davey Richards are teaming up for a new joint venture called EVOLVE. EVOLVE will be a new pro wrestling promotion run by the aforementioned gentlemen.

The website is officially online at and features a video promo from Davey Richards. The site also teases that more information will be revealed sometime this week.

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Gabe Sapolsky & Chris Jericho Involved in a Verbal War

Former Ring of Honor booker and current Dragon Gate USA booker, Gabe Sapolsky, recently blogged on his MySpace page about how bad he thought last week's edition of WWE Smackdown was. Sapolsky wrote, "Punk was great, but the taping sucked," Sapolsky wrote on his Myspace blog. "Most of the wrestlers were robotic (stop at top of ramp, pose, walk into ring, ignore entire crowd and turn to hard cam, pose, turn back to ramp and wait for opponent). Everything was formulaic. I sat there for two hours from the opening bell waiting through dead time between matches and endless videos before Smackdown actually started. However, it wasn't all bad as Tommy Dreamer is still over in Philly and Punk is a superstar. Anyway, my point. I saw some crappy wrestling lately that turned me off to the business."

WWE star Chris Jericho fired back at Sapolsky by posting the following on his Twitter account: "Dammit, if Gabe Sopolsky (sic) wasn't impressed, then what chance does the WWE have to survive even one more day? Breadline, here I come..."

It doesn't end there. Gabe Sapolsky then returned fire by saying, "Don't worry about the breadline Mr. Jericho, you are always welcome in Dragon Gate USA or EVOLVE. Better yet, Mr. Jericho, consider yourself invited to 11/28 Philly or 1/23 (Chicago) DGUSA events and compare it to Smackdown yourself."

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