Thursday, November 26, 2009

Championship Wrestling (WV) Enters into Agreement with DirtBag Clothing



November 20, 2009 -- In November of 2009 a new sponsorship deal was reached between the West Virginia profesional wrestling company Championship Wrestling and international clothing line DirtBag Clothing.

“This is a great new venture for us here at Championship Wrestling.”said newly appointed Public Relations Officer Todd Hassett. “Our company is only a year old, and in that time we have grown by leaps and bounds.”

The full details of the new deal have not been disclosed at this time; but Mr. Hassett did say that Championship Wrestling will be an officialy endorsed company of the DritBag Clothing company. “We will have exclusive DirtBag Clothing on sale at all of our live events.” Mr. Hassett was quoted in closing, “This is an exciting clothing line that is worn by some of todays top stars in the entertainment world, and we (Championship Wrestling) are one of the first wrestling promotions to ever gain an endorsement form this world renowned company.”

About DirtBag Clothing:
In 1996, in a small four story walk-up apartment, coined the ten-cent apartment with the million-dollar view, just minutes from the famed Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco, two musicians, Doug Canning and John Alves, formed what would become the first authentic entertainment brand in the music industry. For the last 12 of the 57 year history of rock n' roll, DirtBag Clothing has embraced the core culture and subculture of music and the artists that comprise it. DirtBag is proud of the fact that it has created the first apparel brand that authentically captures our unique American identity. On any given night, somewhere in the United States, a rock star takes the stage wearing DirtBag Clothing.

About Championship Wrestling:
Championship Wrestling currently airs at 12:00 (noon) on the two Virginias CW network every Wednesday. Television tapings are done twice a month with the show being hosted by in-ring veteran Joe Brody and his right hand man Jason Shaffer. Championship Wrestling will celebrate its first full year of operation in 2010. Since opening its doors, and having put on some of the largest wrestling shows in the area (Super Shows 1, 2, & 3, and Friday Night Lights…etc.), Championship Wrestling has continued to gain bigger and bigger audiences at every show.
Starting in 2010 Championship Wrestling will be moving to a new network to expand our viewing audience. After picking up a huge endorsement deal with Cole Automotive, Championship Wrestling has been able to grow week after week. “This is old school wrestling action at its best just like you grew up watching!”

(Sent in to WNC by Todd Austin)

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