Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Brock Lesnar Needs Surgery; May Never Fight Again, Diagnosis of Illness

The Toronto Star has posted an article today revealing new information concerning UFC Champion Brock Lesnar's current medical condition. Below are highlights from the article.

Ailing cage fighter Brock Lesnar has developed a serious intestinal disorder that requires surgery, Ultimate Fighting Championship boss Dana White told TMZ.com Monday.

UFC President Dana White originally told the press, this past weekend, that "He's [Lesnar] not well. He's not going to be getting well anytime soon," White told reporters after a UFC event in England. "He doesn't have cancer or AIDS or anything like this, (but) he's got some problems."

On Monday, White clarified his diagnosis somewhat. He also said that Lesnar is back in the U.S. and that he might be admitted to the Mayo Clinic for surgery. According to White, Lesnar, 32, might never fight again

Lesnar himself has not been heard from since cancelling a scheduled bout three weeks ago. Shortly thereafter, UFC announced that Lesnar had contracted mononucleosis. Rumours swirled that he had swine flu. Things appear to be going from bad to worse for the superstar mixed-martial artist.

Update: A Possible Diagnosis of Brock Lesnar's Illness

WCCO.com, which is a CBS affiliate, is reporting that UFC Champion Brock Lesnar is indeed suffering from an intestinal disorder as UFC President Dana White originally reported. A quote from the report reads, "A source told WCCO that Lesnar has a severe case of diverticulitis, a disease where small pouches form in the digestive system."

Credit: Nick Paglino @ wrestlezone.com

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