Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ASWF Results: 11-14-09

Our show would begin with Commissioner Rowland welcoming everyone to the crowd and asking them to stand for the national anthem. He would be stoped after the anthem by The Establishment. The Commissioner would pull the mic away from X-Kaliber and state that the "30-Minute Mic Speels" were over. He would also state that tonight Cody Murdoch would take on Cody Only later in the evening. He would also tell Tommy Wayne that he would get another shot at the X-Division Title, but if he lost he would never get another shot at the title. He would then turn to X-Kaliber and tell him that he would be in a match against Seth Sabor and Morgan Williams with a non-Establishment member and his match would start now.

1st Match: Tag Team Match

X-Kaliber/Joshua Cross VS Seth Sabor/Morgan Williams

Winner: Morgan/Seth would win after Morgan would deliver a Muscle Cutter to X-Kaliber and get the pin fall.

Commissioner Rowland would then take to the ring again, but this time on a lighter note. He would call Betty Butler, legal aid and sponsor, to the ring. He then presented to her the Lifetime Achievement Award from the ASWF for her hard work and loyalty to the ASWF. After the plaque was given he would then turn to T-Bone Terrence Ward and begin to explain that he was having to leave for the night. He then told T-Bone that he was appointing him Commissioner for the remainder of the evening.

2nd Match: One Fall

Hot Rod John Ellison VS Idol Bane

Winner: Idol Bane would win via DQ after Demon X and Johnny Hawk would interfere attacking him during the match.

3rd Match: No DQ Match

Johnny Hawk VS Austin Lane

Winner: No Contest. Demon X would come out to help Johnny Hawk. Eventually Idol Bane would come to the aid of Austin.

After the fighting was over, T-Bone would address Johnny Hawk and tell him that he and the crowd were tired of seeing him get away without a scratch and that tonight he would team up with Demon X to face Austin Lane and Idol Bane.

4th Match: One Fall

Cody Murdoch VS Cody Only

Winner: Cody Only would win via pin fall after delivering his finishing move the LTO.

5th Match: Handicap Match

The Beach Bums(Mark Wolf/Kalaiki) VS Kid Krazzy

Winner: In what was supposed to be a Tag Team Match, Kid Krazzy would find himself without a partern tonight.. But being the risk taker he is, he would take them on anyways. Kid would win via pinfall. Mark and Kalaiki would fued throughout the match resulting in their loss.

6th Match: X-Division Title Match

Christopher Lee (C) VS Tommy Wayne

Winner: Lee would roll Tommy up for the pin.

7th Match: Tag Team Match

Johnny Hawk/Demon X VS Idol Bane/Austin Lane

Winner: Idol Bane/Austin Lane via DQ. Hawk would get a chair and begin to assault Idol causing an injury to his ankle. Austin would be handcuffed to the security rail and would look on in anger. He would be eventually released and chase Demon X and Johnny Hawk off. 

To see videos from the ASWF go to www.youtube.com/valiantarena!

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