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TFW Results from 10-30 in Tupelo (Skyline) MS - 2 Titles Change Hands

Curly Moe defeated Jay Webster w/Dirty Rell Moe. Stipulations were that if Webster won, Curly would have to leave wrestling, but if Curly won, he would get 5 minutes with Dirty Rell Moe. So...

Curly Moe Destroyed Dirty Rell Moe in about two minutes. The fans were disappointed that Curly did not beat on him for the entire five minutes.

Hittman w/Al Hall defeated LSD.

"Dangerous" David Cox defeated David Andrews.

"Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs over Geno Sydal by DQ due to interference by Chris Chaos. Chaos and Sydal beat down Tony until Special Ed arrived and made the save. Yes, Special Ed is back!

Johnny Morton defeated Officer Hudson.

Neil Taylor w/Al Hall defeated "Big Daddy" Neno to win the TFW Heavyweight Championship.

In a Barb Wire match, Josh Matthews defeated "The Future" Chris Styles to win the TFW Lightweight Championship.

This Friday night, 11-6-09, the card will include "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs & Special Ed vs. Chris Chaos & Geno Sydal. Don't miss this show! It all happens at the TFW Arena on Hwy. 178 in Skyline. See you there!

USWO Results from 10-30 in Nashville

38 attended

Psycho Medic b Bryan Casey

Lee Cross b Crusher Eric Hodge

Bad Boy Dixon b Ryu

Chris Michaels b Tim Renesto

USWO Tag Team Champions Damien Payne & Josh Crowe vs Kevin Dunn & Matt Korbaine ended in a double countout when all 4 brawled to the back

Mitch Ryder b LT Falk

Credit: Jimmie Daniel @

DCW Results from 10-30 in Dyersburg, TN

-"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony over JR Manson

-Christian Jacobs over Rockin' Randy

-Tommy Redneck over Erik Hayes

-Jon Michael over Dell Tucker by DQ when Randy interfered

-Tim Edwards over Stan Lee

-Stan wins 10 man #1 Contendership Battle Royal. Next week is Stan vs DK!!!

So Stan is #1 Contender for title shot against Cody Melton but finally gets his hands on DK next week.

Credit: Brian Tramel @ Video Exclusive Video Exclusive: One of the workers from NEW in West Memphis was doing some stuff upstairs when he got stuck...Now I don't know if he is scared of heights or just simply didn't know how to get down.

At the end of the video 3G Eric Wayne would help the worker down and would state "finally when I work with somebody I didn't hurt him!"

And by the way Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween From The WNC Crew

Have a Safe & Happy Halloween from the crew here at

Friday, October 30, 2009



Live, Saturday, October 31st
Valiant Arena – Tuckerman, AR
Magic Show 7:00PM - Belltime 7:30PM
Kids in Costumes - FREE ADMISSION
Tickets Only $6.00

Quality Family Entertainment!
No Foul Language or Vulgarity!

(Noon – 7:00PM) Free Pre-Wrestling Festivities 
Include A Live Band; MAYZ END!! PRIZES!! Dunking Booth!!
Children’s Bounce Houses!! Free Food!!

Double Main Event CAGE Matches!
GraveDigger Vs. Tim Hanson
Scott Fury Vs. Ron Rage

Plus All Of The ASWF Superstars: Demon X, The Establishment, Mark Wolf, Johnny Hawk, LSD, Seth Sabor, Chuck Fears, Christopher Lee, and Many More!

Plus a special guest appearance by Michael Myers!!

Everything before 7:00pm is free to the public!

Sponsors: ASWF, City of Tuckerman, and Batesville Promotions.

Card Subject to Change. 

IWA Championship Wrestling presents "Halloween Massacre" TONIGHT in Southaven, Mississippi

IWA's next big event will be "Halloween Massacre" that takes place TONIGHT in Southaven, Mississippi! Bell time 7:00pm. Tickets-$10.00 for adults and $3.00 for children. Also, there will be two costume contests tonight with $500 going to the winner of the kid's contest and $1,000 going to winner of the adult's contest.

The event will take place at the IWA Arena, located at 1225 State Line Road in Southaven, Mississippi. The building is located right beside Sonic and across the street from Dale's.

Scheduled matches include:

Tatt2 vs The Baron Malkavain in a Casket Match

IWA Tag-Team Championship-SnS (Syn & Stunner) defends against Full Scale Assault (Xander Raines & Jason Steele)

Ladder Match for the IWA Light Heavyweight Championship-Suicide defends against The Crime

Falls Count Anywhere-"The Asylum" (Psycho & Pappy) battles Barnone (Sniper & V-Man)

Triple Threat Match for the IWA Heavyweight Championship--"The Flamboyant Mauler" Precious defends against U.S. Champion "Big CA" Carnage Antwane and Blalok The Blazer's "Instrument of Destruction" Bishop

And Much More!!!

Check out IWA Championship Wrestling on MySpace @


IWA Championship Wrestling Television Results From Show #2 at Noon-October 24, 2009

Michael Ward and Jason Hall gave the lineup of what's coming up later in the show and at IWA's next big event "Halloween Massacre" which takes place TONIGHT. Things got started with "The Commentating God" Jason Hall stating, "This is IWA Wrestling. Where only the strong survive. And that survival begins, right now!"

IWA Light Heavyweight Champion Suicide retained the title when The Baron Malkavain pulled "The INKcredible" Tatt2 off the apron and under the ring. Official decision was a no contest. They added another camera angle. Smoke filled one side of the ring. Tatt2 crawled out from under the ring, covered in blood, stunned and staggering to the back. The Baron Malkavain also popped up from underneath the ring, with blood around his mouth, suggesting that he took a bite out of Tatt2.

Suicide was attacked by his opponent for "Halloween Massacre" The Crime, who grabbed a ladder from under the ring. Crime delivered a "Crime Way" to Suicide on the ladder. IWA's acting Commissioner Blalok The Blazer announced that at "Halloween Massacre", it will be The Crime vs Suicide in a Ladder Match.

Michael Ward interviewed "Dynamite" Seth Knight in the ring. Seth said he's been disrespected for the last time by the fans. He added that they should be bowing down to him and clapping because he's the best talent around here.

"Dynamite" Seth Knight defeated One Half of the IWA Tag-Team Champions DJ Stunner when Full Scale Assault interfered with Jason Steele pushing Stunner off the top-rope. Knight delivered the "Sour Face Silencer" to get the win. After the bell, Full Scale Assault attempted to give Stunner the "Tech 9" on the belt, but Syn ran in with a chair to make the save.

Psycho & Pappy, "The Asylum" defeated Big Red & "The Sharpest Card in the Deck" Big Ace. This was Pappy's first match back after the horrific beatdown by Barnone (Sniper & V-Man). Pappy was still showing the scars from the vicious attack as his neck was still bandaged. Psycho delivered "The Dreamcatcher" to Big Red on the floor. Psycho and Pappy connected with "The Fall from Grace" on Big Ace to get the win.

Blalok The Blazer said he wanted to give the IWA Heavyweight Champion Precious a tune-up match, so Precious competed in a non-title match against Armageddon, who was managed by Victor Reed. Armageddon defeated Precious with a big chokeslam after Precious hit Victor Reed with the backstabber. The crowd was rooting for Precious.

Blalok The Blazer made a Handicap Match with the United States Champion "Big CA" Carnage Antwane having to take on Bishop and The Baron Malkavain. Blalok The Blazer joined Michael Ward to call the action. Blalok informed Referee C'Lo Banks that he was under review. He was tripping me out. Tatt2 ran in, going after Baron. They fought to the back. Precious came out to grab Blalok off the apron, as he was trying to interfere. Bishop won the match after hitting CA with the spear. After the bell, Precious tried to get him some of Bishop, but the champ was, once again, left laying after Bishop gave him "The Hellevator". Meanwhile, Blalok decked CA with his own U.S. title belt. The show ended with Blalok and Bishop celebrating.

You can watch IWA Championship Wrestling at 10:00am on Saturday mornings on WPXX My50 or ION Television as it's being called now

IWA's next big event will be "Halloween Massacre" that takes place on Friday, October 30. Bell time 7:00pm. Tickets-$10.00 for adults and $3.00 for children. Also, there will be two costume contests on that night with $500 going to the winner of the kid's contest and $1,000 going to winner of the adult's contest.

Wanna attend an IWA TV Taping at the IWA Arena? IWA TV Tapings are held every Saturday at 2:00pm at the IWA Arena, located at 1225 State Line Road in Southaven, Mississippi. The building is located right beside Sonic and across the street from Dale's. FREE Admission!

You can check out all of Tia's great pictures from this show, like the one's above at under Picture Gallery!

IWA Championship Wrestling Television Results From Show #1 at 10:00-October 24, 2009

Jason Hall and Michael Ward opened the show, talking about the big card for IWA's next big show "Halloween Massacre" on Friday, October 30th. This show will include a Casket Match between The Baron Malkavain and Tatt2, as well as, SnS (Syn & Stunner) defending the IWA Tag-Team Titles against Full Scale Assault (Xander Raines & Jason Steele). Tickets-$3 for kids, $10 for adults. Also, there will be two costume contests with $500 going to the winner of the kid's contest and $1,000 going to winner of the adult's contest. They went over what's coming up later.

Michael Ward interviewed the New IWA Heavyweight Champion Precious. Funny interview.

A casket was rolled out to ringside before the opening contest.

"The INKcredible" Tatt2 defeated "The Sharpest Card in the Deck" Big Ace when Ace was counted out after slipping out of the ring to avoid getting the 901. Ace walked to the back. As Tatt2 was leaving the ring, the lights flickered and, eventually, went out. The Baron Malkavain emerged from the casket and brutally attacked Tatt2, executing his signature finishing maneuver, "The Demon's Wings". IWA Commissioner Reno Diamond, Referee C'Lo Banks, Malik "The Great" and others ran down to get Baron off Tatt2.

Full Scale Assault (Xander Raines & Jason Steele) & Samoan Raja defeated The IWA Light Heavyweight Champion Suicide and The IWA Tag-Team Champions SnS (Syn & Stunner) in 6-Man action. During the match, The Crime took the Light Heavyweight title, causing Suicide to go after him. Meanwhile, Raja caught Syn with the Rikishi Driver and Full Scale Assault landed their "Tech 9" finisher on Stunner to get the victory.

"Dynamite" Seth Knight defeated Big Red after connecting with his "Sour Face Silencer" finisher.

Main Event for the IWA Heavyweight Championship-"The Flamboyant Mauler" Precious was challenged by the IWA United States Champion "Big CA" Carnage Antwane-This match ended in a time limit draw. Blalok The Blazer got a table set up in the ring. It's contract signing time! Blalok told the fans that he's not Reno Diamond and could care less what they wanted. Blalok announced that Reno Dimaond is on a one-month suspension, so Blalok is now the acting Commissioner. Blalok brought out his own handpicked "Instrument of Destruction" Bishop and added him to the title match, making it a Triple Threat Match at "Halloween Massacre" for the IWA Heavyweight Championship. After all three men signed the contract, Bishop speared CA and powerbombed Precious through the table when he attempted the backstabber.

Jason Hall and Michael Ward advertised the big "Halloween Massacre" show.

At the end of the show, they aired highlights from Barnone's (Sniper & V-Man) match against Psycho and his partner, who I believe was Dragon, that was subbing in for the injured Pappy. Although, I believe Pappy returned during that match.

You can watch IWA Championship Wrestling at 10:00am on Saturday mornings on WPXX My50 or ION Television as it's being called now

IWA's next big event will be "Halloween Massacre" that takes place on Friday, October 30. Bell time 7:00pm. Tickets-$10.00 for adults and $3.00 for children. Also, there will be two costume contests on that night with $500 going to the winner of the kid's contest and $1,000 going to winner of the adult's contest.

Wanna attend an IWA TV Taping at the IWA Arena? IWA TV Tapings are held every Saturday at 2:00pm at the IWA Arena, located at 1225 State Line Road in Southaven, Mississippi. The building is located right beside Sonic and across the street from Dale's. FREE Admission!

You can check out all of Tia's great pictures from this show, like the one's above at under Picture Gallery!

TNA Live Event In Tupelo, Mississippi Has Been Cancelled


The “TNA Live!” event scheduled for Saturday, November 7 at the Bancorpsouth Arena in Tupelo, Mississippi has been cancelled. All fans that have purchased tickets for this live event should contact the Bancorpsouth Arena Box Office for refunds. The phone number for the Bancorpsouth Arena Box Office is (662)-841-6528. Refunds may also be available at point of sale. TNA Wrestling would like to thank our fans for their continued support of our product. TNA looks forward to re-scheduling our debut in Tupelo sometime in the near future.


Ric Flair's TNA Status, Will Sting Retire?

According to sources within TNA, it is now being said that Sting has no plans to leave the company anytime soon or retire from the business now that Hogan has signed on with the company.

Additionally, it was reported yesterday that Ric Flair had signed a multi-year deal with Hogan when he agreed to work the upcoming "Hulkamania" tour in Australia, and that there is a possibility that he might also be signing with TNA to work with Hogan and Bischoff. In an update on that situation, it's now being said that Flair is very close to signing with TNA, and that a deal with the company is no longer a matter of if but a matter of when.

Credit: Nick Paglino @

Hogan's Controlling TNA, Vince is Furious

Source: Nick Paglino @

I spoke to a source within TNA this morning that has exclusively informed WrestleZone that Hulk Hogan is in complete creative control of TNA at the moment. His reach in the company even goes beyond Dixie Carter, and at this point the only person Hogan is answering to is Carter's father.

The future of employees such as Vince Russo, Ed Ferrara and others within management have yet to be determined. At this point, they will remain with the company on a trial basis depending on how well they work with Hogan.

Additionally, it's being said that when Vince McMahon heard the news that Hogan had announced his signing with TNA during a press conference at Madison Square Garden, he apparently became furious as he considers MSG to be "his building." It wouldn't surprise most people to see Vince take some kind of action in retaliation to Hogan's signing as he is apparently very angry with the situation.

Credit: Nick Paglino @

TNA To Debut New Monday Night Show?

According to's own Mark Madden, TNA will be adding a second weekly show to their television schedule. When, you ask? Monday nights from 8:00-10:00PM ET head-to-head with WWE's RAW.

While the time frame of when this will happen isn't confirmed, we can report exclusively that a second show on Monday's from 8-10PM ET is in the plans right now.

Credit: Matt Boone @

Brock Lesnar's Fight At UFC 106 Cancelled

According to a report on Sherdog, Brock Lesnar is out of his scheduled Heavyweight title fight at UFC 106 in November against Shane Carwin due to a bad illness.

UFC president Dana White stated, "He's never been this sick in his life. He said it's been going on for a long time and he just hasn't been able to shake it."

White did shoot down the rumors that Lesnar had contracted the swine flu virus, but didn't go into specific detail on what the illness is that is keeping Lesnar off the UFC 106 card.

Reason Lesnar Pulled Out, New Rumored Date For The Fight

To update our previous report on Brock Lesnar's UFC 106 fight being cancelled, apparently it is because Lesnar has been suffering from a severe flu for almost a full month.

Basically, Brock Lesnar has still yet to shake the illness and felt he wouldn't have enough time to properly prepare for the November fight.

According to reports, UFC contacted Shane Carwin and told him right now that the tenative plan is to have the fight rescheduled for UFC 108 on January 2nd, 2010 in Las Vegas. That card was originally scheduled to be headlined by Rashad Evans vs. Thiago Silva, which if the Lesnar-Carwin fight is added as currently planned, would then become the co-main event for the event.

Credit: Matt Boone @

WWE Claims WMania PPV's Bring $50 Million To Host Cities

WWE issued the following press release Monday:

WrestleMania Makes Close to $50 Million for Host City

STAMFORD, Conn.--(Business World)-- World Wrestling Entertainment announced Monday that The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania generated a $49.8 million dollar economic windfall for the greater Houston area, according to a study conducted by the Enigma Research Corporation. Despite one of the biggest economic downturns in recent history, local and state governments collected $5.7 million in taxes. This follows the $51.5 million of economic impact WrestleMania XXIV brought to Orlando.

"Having the opportunity to host The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania was a huge honor and success," said Greg Ortale, President and CEO of the Greater Houston Convention & Visitor`s Bureau. "The direct expenditure demonstrates that WrestleMania is indeed economically on par with the world`s greatest sports and entertainment offerings."

"Our overarching goal with our public and private sector partners is to consistently provide positive economic impact for WrestleMania`s host communities and establish a lasting pro-social legacy, "said John P. Saboor, Senior Vice President of Special Events for World Wrestling Entertainment.

A capacitycrowd of72,744from all 50 states, 24 countries and seven Canadian provinces attended the pop culture extravaganza. Key highlights from the study included:

* $49.8 million of direct, indirect and induced impact derived from spending by non-locals visiting specifically for The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania, equating to 600 full time jobs for the area.
* During WrestleMania Week, 86% of out of state, overnight visitors who came in for the festivities, stayed in local Houston area hotels. 67% stayed for three nights or more.
* Nearly 75% of fans that came to The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania from outside of Houston traveled by air.
* 23% of the fans that came from out of state were from California and New York.
* Nearly 65% of the fans that attended were between the ages of 10 and 34.

Next year, WrestleMania XXVI will take place March 28, 2010 from University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ. Tickets go on sale Saturday, November 7 at 10 AM MT through the University of Phoenix Stadium box office, all Ticketmaster outlets,, or charge by phone at 1-800-745-3000. The event will be broadcast live on pay-per-view, and viewed in more than 100 countries.

Enigma Research Corporation is an international consulting firm which specializes in measuring the economic impact of special events. Enigma`s economists developed a customized model which converted expenditures into economic impact, employment created and taxes generated as a result of the event.

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., a publicly traded company (NYSE: WWE), is an integrated media company and recognized leader in global entertainment. With programming broadcast in more than 145 countries and 30 languages, WWE provides 22 hours of weekly PG-rated programming domestically, in addition to 14 pay-per-views a year. Each week, 16 million people tune-in domestically to see WWE Superstars and Divas on Monday Night Raw, Friday Night SmackDown, ECW, and WWE Superstars` with millions more internationally. WWE holds more than 300 live events, entertaining over two million fans a year. The company`s brand extends across multiple platforms including: WWE Studios; and; WWE Magazine and WWE Kids Magazine; licensed merchandise; music and home entertainment. In addition, WWE "In Your Corner" is WWE`s charitable arm that focuses on literacy programs, civic engagement, military support and a 20+ year partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. More information on World Wrestling Entertainment can be found at

Trademarks: All WWE programming, talent names, images, likenesses, slogans, wrestling moves, trademarks, copyrights and logos are the exclusive property of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. and its subsidiaries. All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

Credit: Nick Paglino @

Memphis Wrestling Television Results-October 24, 2009-Replayed May 2nd Show

Memphis Wrestling returned to television last week, but replayed the show that originally aired on May 2nd of this year. The show went a little something like this:

Corey Maclin welcomed everyone to another action packed hour of Memphis Wrestling and gave us a rundown of what's on tap for the show.

Up first, was video of the Main Event that took place at the recent show at Minglewood Hall, featuring Jerry "The King" Lawler and "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher in action against "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert and "Wildfire" Tommy Rich. During the match, Rich received his fair share of heat from the rowdy Minglewood crowd. Tommy kept warning Referee Jerry Calhoun that Lawler and Christopher were hitting him with a closed fist. Rich and Gilbert gained the advantage when Christopher was punching Rich in the corner and Gilbert snuck up behind him, giving him a low blow. Then, Rich and Gilbert began to punish Christopher by double teaming and choking him with a rope. Finally, a shaken Christopher managed to escape the two and make the tag to the fresh King. Lawler pulled the strap down and took it to Rich and Gilbert. The finish saw Doug Gilbert crash into Tommy Rich from off the top-rope with a chain when Christopher ducked out of the way. Lawler pinned Rich to get the win.

Video of "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart in sunny Tampa, Florida. Hart said he's heading to Memphis to be the campaign manager for Corey Maclin, who's running for County Clerk. Jimmy also sang "Happy Birthday" to Corey Maclin, that celebrated his birthday on Saturday.

Up next, was an entertaining Mixed Tag Match that took place at Chester County High School in Henderson, Tennessee, involving "Superstar" Bill Dundee and Veronica Fairchild against "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White and Su Yung, with Angelina in their corner. Dundee got the win by rolling up White. Fun match that the Henderson crowd enjoyed although I think "The Superstar" had the best seat in the house, being surrounded by the three lovely ladies. Just goes to show you that Dundee is still tha man!

Opening the Vaults of Memphis Classic Wrestling with The Rock 'N Roll Express taking on The Nightmares, managed by The Bee Keeper. The Nightmares picked up the win after striking Ricky Morton with a chain. Following the clip, Corey said they may try to get The Rock 'N Roll Express for the big AutoZone Park show.

Speaking of upcoming action, there will be Live FREE Wrestling at the Super K-Mart in Raliegh at Coleman Rd/Austin Peay Hwy on Saturday, May 23rd with a 1pm bell time. This will be a part of the big Block Party that's taking place on Memorial Day weekend. Corey said they will have the television cameras out there, as well as, lots of free stuff, autographs, and more. They will actually have a wrestling booth set up for all three days of the Block Party.

Jerry "The King" Lawler checked in with us and thanked everyone for attending the show at Minglewood Hall. He said "Wildfire" Tommy Rich has still got it and told everyone to mark Saturday, May 30th, on their calendar because that will be the next Memphis Classic Wrestling show at Minglewood Hall. Visit for more information. Lawler said, "Thursday is, obviously, not a wrestling night for Memphis. It's either Monday, which was always historic Monday, or Saturday night." If you would like to e-mail "The King" you can do so at Plus, there will also be some of the action from Minglewood Hall on the site. Jerry added that just last week, The Rock 'N Roll Express, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel, Austin Idol, and even PG-13, Jamie Dundee(J.C. Ice) and Wolfie D, all called him and wants to be a part of one of those classic wrestling shows. Also, a big announcement coming up, next week, about prices. They are thinking about throwing back the prices for the next event. "The King" will also have some footage of Mick Foley talking about Tommy Rich's recent Minglewood Hall performance. Lawler ended by reminding everyone that Saturday, May 30th, will be the next Classic Wrestling event at Minglewood Hall.

Corey said there will be a special segment coming up, next week. Corey reminded everyone about the FREE Live Wrestling that's taking place on Saturday, May 23rd, as part of the Block Party event at the Super K-Mart, located at Coleman Rd/Austin Peay Hwy in Raliegh with a 1pm bell time.

Corey Maclin wrapped up the program, by saying, there's a major announcement that's coming up, next week, that you don't wanna miss.

Tonight At TFW 7 Year Anniversary

This Friday night is TFW's 7th anniversary show. Seven years, now that ain't too shabby, folks. Lots of surprises for the kids, costume contests, candy... who knows what will happen! It all starts this Friday night at 8:00 at the TFW Arena on Hwy. 178 in Skyline (Tupelo) MS. Don't miss it!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

All Pro Wrestling Presents Halloween Night Wrestling In Carthage Ms.

This Saturday night spooky things will be happening at the All Pro Wrestling Show in Carthage Mississippi at the Carthage Coliseum. Bell Time will be 7:30 and there will be FREE Candy and Toys for all the Children. Come and see Cameron Valentine, Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor, CJ Cash, Candy Man, Leatherface, and many more All Pro Wrestling Stars. 6 BIG MATCHES and Leatherface will be there.

Hulkamania Tour Press Release

According to a new press release issued by the "Hulkamania" tour in Australia yesterday, the upcoming November tour was listed as the "only" time Hogan would be appearing in Australia. This appears to be done to stress that Hogan will not be appearing on TNA Wrestling's tour of Australia in 2010.

The full release reads: "Following the extraordinary excitement generated by the Hulkamania – Let The Battle Begin Australian Tour, Hulk Hogan has announced that he is joining TNA in America. CSEG and Eric Bischoff stress that the only opportunity to see Hulk Hogan wrestle in Australia will be at Hulkamania – Let The Battle Begin in November. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to see this legend take on the only opponent worthy of him – The Nature Boy, Ric Flair."


WWE Still Planning to Release Hogan DVD Set

Despite his signing with TNA Wrestling this week, WWE still has plans to release their "Hulk Hogan's Unreleased Collector's Series DVD" set in a few weeks reports PWInsider. The DVD is already said to be in the duplication process and there doesn't appear to be any plans to cancel it. Were told WWE may end up downplaying the release and market it more as a nostalgic product.

The complete DVD listing is as follows:

Hulk Hogan is one of the most popular and recognizable WWE Superstars of all time. Now for the first time ever, some of the rarest matches and moments from his career are featured on this three disc set, many being available on DVD for the first time. Packed with highlights that span his thirty-year career in WWE, WCW and beyond, this set is an absolute must for all Hulkamaniacs!

Disc One

Path to Immortality

Hulk Hogan vs. Harry Valdez
Championship Wrestling November 13, 1979

First Major Obstacle

WWE Championship Match
Bob Backlund vs. Hulk Hogan
Philadelphia, PA April 12, 1980

A Work in Progress

Handicap Match
Hulk Hogan vs. Steve King / Angelo Gomez
All Star Wrestling September 10, 1980

Building Momentum

Andre the Giant vs. Hulk Hogan
Madison Square Garden September 22, 1980

An Emerging Star

Handicap Match
Hulk Hogan vs. Nick Bockwinkel / Bobby Heenan
American Wrestling Association May 2, 1981

Hulkamania is Here!

Hulk Hogan and Mr. T. in a Grocery Store
Tuesday Night Titans March 22, 1985


WWE Championship Match
Hulk Hogan vs. Randy “Macho Man” Savage
Detroit, MI April 26, 1986

Revered by Crowds

Hulk Hogan / Junk Yard Dog vs. Big John Studd / King Kong Bundy
Maple Leaf Gardens May 4, 1986

Snake Pit with Hulk Hogan
All American Wrestling March 29, 1987

The Legend Grows

WWE Championship Match
Hulk Hogan vs. Kamala
Houston June 26, 1987

The Power of the Hulkamaniacs

WWE Championship Match
Hulk Hogan vs. Killer Khan
Boston Garden September 12, 1987

Disc Two

A Gang of Destruction

WWE Championship Match
Hulk Hogan vs. One Man Gang
Philadelphia, PA December 5, 1987

Simply Ravishing

WWE Championship Match
Hulk Hogan vs. Rick Rude
Boston Garden January 9, 1988

Corporate Greed

Hulk Hogan / Bam Bam Bigelow vs. “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase / Virgil
Maple Leaf Wrestling March 12, 1988

The Evil Empire

WWE Championship Match
Hulk Hogan vs. King Haku
Los Angeles October 16, 1988

The Corrupt Prison Guard

WWE Championship Match
Hulk Hogan vs. Big Boss Man
Los Angeles December 17, 1988

Hulk Hogan Promo on Randy Savage
Wrestling Challenge February 25, 1989

MegaPowers Explosion

WWE Championship Match
Hulk Hogan vs. Randy “Macho Man” Savage
Boston Garden June 3, 1989

Hulk Hogan Promo on the Ultimate Warrior
Wrestling Challenge March 31, 1990

The Natural Disaster

Hulk Hogan vs. Earthquake
Madison Square Garden April 30, 1990

Hulk Hogan Promo on Sgt. Slaughter
Wrestling Challenge March 23, 1991

The Turncoat

WWE Championship Match
Hulk Hogan vs. Sgt. Slaughter
London, England April 24, 1991

Real World’s Champion

Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair
Madison Square Garden December 29, 1991

Disc Three

Hogan Joins WCW!

Hulk Hogan / Randy Savage vs. Vader / Ric Flair
Slamboree May 21, 1995

The Resident Monster

Steel Cage Match for the WCW Championship
Hulk Hogan vs. Vader
Bash at the Beach July 16, 1995

Legendary Fan Favorites

Hulk Hogan vs. Sting
Nitro November 20, 1995

The nWo

WCW Championship
The Giant vs. Hulk Hogan
Hog Wild August 10, 1996

Hitman & Hollywood

Bret Hart vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan
Nitro September 28, 1998

The Return!

Hulk Hogan on the Fans
RAW March 18, 2002

Red & Yellow is Back!

WWE Undisputed Championship Match
Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair
RAW May 13, 2002

Still in the Hunt

# 1 Contender’s Match
Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. Triple H
SmackDown June 6, 2002

Tag Team Gold

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Hollywood Hulk Hogan / Edge vs. Billy / Chuck
SmackDown July 11, 2002

An Olympic Hurdle

Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. Kurt Angle
SmackDown August 1, 2002


Bonus Features

• “Around the World”
Nassau Coliseum – September 7, 1984

• “Hogan and Mr. T”
Tuesday Night Titans – March 7, 1986

• “Back to Square One”
MSG – February 23, 1992

• “The Mega Maniacs”
Wrestling Challenge – March 13, 1993

• “Hulk Hogan and Rod the Bod”
Bash at the Beach – July 16, 1995

• “The Darkness of the Doom”
Nitro – November 13, 1995

• “Times Have Changed”
Nitro – September 2, 1996

• “Hulk Hogan and the Heartbreak Kid”
RAW – April 25, 2005


Hogan & Kong Meet

Photo Credit: Bob Mulrenin

Two Former World Champions Meet

(Lake Grove, NY) – A local mall became an impromptu meeting place of wrestling icons when female superstar Awesome Kong joined Hulk Hogan during a book signing.

Awesome Kong, multiple-time Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Women's Knockout Champion and former National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) World Women's Champion, appeared with former WWE and WCW World Champion Hogan at a book signing in Lake Grove on Tuesday, adding her larger-than-life, big time support to the publicity of Hogan’s “My Life Outside the Ring,” recently published.

When Hogan saw the world champion wrestler arrive at the Barnes and Noble bookstore in the Smith Haven Mall, he pointed to her and proclaimed, “I’m a BIG fan of yours!”

The two megastars then posed together, spoke, and then it was Awesome Kong’s turn to talk—specifically about Hogan signing with TNA, announced Tuesday in New York City.

“I’m very excited to have Hulk join me at TNA,” she said about the wrestling and entertainment empire that airs its shows on Spike TV.

Awesome Kong is widely recognized within the industry as a wrestler with huge star power and overwhelming tenacity and ferocity.

“This is a great day for me, and a great day for TNA,” Awesome Kong said about both appearing at the book signing and Hogan being brought into the fold.

The crowd at the book signing was awestruck and riveted as they watched the two high octane stars talk and share some private moments while photographers snapped pictures frantically.

Awesome Kong, a world champion wrestler and superstar in TNA, NWA, and American Wrestling Association (AWA) wrestling, is one of the most dynamic personalities in the sport today.

Pro wrestling and entertainment observers believe that not only is Awesome Kong among the most scintillating figures in the sport today, but that she is likely to maintain that status well into the future.