Sunday, September 27, 2009

UCW Results from 9-26 in Tompkinsville, KY

Ultimate Championship Wrestling was back in Tompkinsville, KY last night at The National Guard Armory for a great night of hard hitting wrestling action.

Match #1) "Marvelous" Mitch Ryder beat Val Joiner by count out in 9:14. Mitch was building a comeback when he shot Val into the ropes. Val held on and slid to the outside and deliberately was counted out.

Match #2) Justin Sane defeated Charles Colton in 9:46.

Match #3) JD Thunder beat Southern States Champion, Randall Shane in 11:20 by DQ when The Wild Boys interfered. After the match JD challenged them to a match right then and there.

Match #4) UCW Tag Team Champions, The Wild Boys (Ben Jordan & Steve Neely) beat Southern Thunder (JD Thunder & Randall Shane) when Jordan pinned Thunder in 16:32. The referee was caught in the middle of a train wreck. JD then nailed Jordan with a cross body from the top. Mitch Ryder then came out and pulled Randall Shane out of the ring and those two brawled to the back. Steve Neely hit JD with a chain and rolled Jordan onto him for the 3 count.

After the match Randall Shane issued a challenge to Mitch Ryder for October 10th when UCW debuts in Glasgow, KY. He even stated he would put the Southern States title on the line. JD then said he would have a partner on the 10th to face The Wild Boys. He said his partner is a long time friend who has been away for a while brawling in bars.

Match #5) UCW Ultimate Champion, Jeff Crowe beat "The Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant in 18:57. After the match Mitch Ryder again came out and this time left Gary Valiant laying. Mitch said his actions tonight were for a purpose. He was putting UCW on notice and that he was taking over.

UCW Wrestling returns to Monticello, KY next Saturday night October 3rd with The Wild Boys -vs- Southern Thunder for the UCW Tag Team Championship. Check us out on the web at for more information!

Credit: Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

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