Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Picture of the Week

Danny B Good and Cedric the Entertainer
backstage at the Monday Night Raw taping!

AWN Results from 9-26 in Ft. Valley, GA

All-Star Wrestling Network was in Ft. Valley, GA on September 26th. Leon McMichaels defeats Shane Curtis. "Dangerous" Danny Horne defeats William Christ by count out. "Encore" Zac Edwards defeats Drew Adler. Q-Ball defeats Sam Slaughter. "Marvelous One" Michael Stevens & Mike Kross defeats Sin City Mafia by DQ.

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CSW Results from 9/26 Mossy Head, FL

Culture Shock Wrestling was in Mossy Head, FL on September 26th. The Intial Shock w/"Busti" Becki Kennedy defeats The Swat Team to become the #1 contenders for the tag titles. T-Bird defeats Rick "The Hammer" Rukkus by DQ. Mr. Marcus Gibbs defeats Dynamite Doug. Nero Jardin defeats "Mr. USA" TA JOnes to retain the US title due to the use of an illegal object. The triple threat elimination match for the the tag titles between the champions The Sadist Kingdom, The Elite and First Strike ended in a time limit draw. Even though the Sadist Kingdom were eliminated, they retained the titles because of the match ending in a draw. The California Kid defeats "Mr. Syndicated Saturday Night" "BTY" Colby Godwin and "Pure" Doug Pitt to become the new CSW champion. "Mr. Violence" Jon Ryker defeats DJ Durst, "Sho'Nuff" Bruce Marshell and "Supernerd" Lane Smart in a 4 way elimination barbwire match to become the #1 contender for the CSW championship.

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ECW Diva Tiffany Injured

ECW General Manger Tiffany suffered a broken arm during a match at last Thursday's FCW Show in Florida. Tiffany took a Dominator from Mia Mancini which obviously she landed wrong.Tiffany noted on her Twitter page that she broke her humerus, and that it "snapped in half". The humerus is the bone that connects the shoulder to the elbow. Tiffany was written off ECW last night with William Regal saying she was in a car accident. It is very possible that WWE creative will say her broken arm is tied into the "car accident".


The Rock Returns to WWE

MyNetworkTV issued the following press release today promoting this week's "Decade of SmackDown" special:

"The Rock" Returns to WWE to Celebrate 10th Anniversary of SmackDown on MyNetworkTV

WWE Friday Night SmackDown

"Decade of SmackDown"

Featuring the Return of "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson to SmackDown

Plus a Mega-Eight-Man Tag Match with Top Superstars from Raw and Smackdown.

Friday, October 2nd 2009 8 PM ET/PT on MyNetworkTV

What: WWE's Friday Night SmackDown will make history on October 2nd, 2009 by commemorating 10 years on air with a "Decade of SmackDown" themed episode. The episode features the return of "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson to SmackDown; plus an eight-man tag match featuring the top stars of SmackDown & Raw including John Cena, Undertaker, Sean Michaels and Triple H.

As a pop culture staple, Friday Night SmackDown has aired more than 520 episodes; surpassing The Simpsons, Married With Children, and Law & Order in total episodes. Over the years, SmackDown has featured such celebrities as Samuel L. Jackson, Ashton Kutcher, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jimmy Kimmel and Sherri Shepherd among many others in its storylines.

As an entertainment property, SmackDown has been watched more than 2.7 billion times by viewers in the U.S. since its inception and has been instrumental in the success of each of the networks that have aired the program. On October 3, 2008, Friday Night SmackDown moved to its current home, MyNetworkTV, where it holds the network record as most-watched telecast among households and total viewers. SmackDown is the number one show on broadcast television Friday nights among Males 50 and under and dominates the P18-49 demographic.

Friday Night SmackDown can be seen every Friday night at 8PM ET / PT on MyNetworkTV.

Samoa Joe Asks for Help

TNA X Division Champion Samoa Joe wrote on his Twitter account this afternoon asking wrestling fans to help donate to the American Red Cross for the devastation in the American Samoan capital Pago Pago and surrounding villages after a tsunami hit the area on Tuesday. CNN is reporting that at least 111 people were confirmed dead -- 22 in American Samoa, 82 in Samoa and seven in Tonga.

You can make donations via the American Red Cross at


Memphis Wrestling Coming To Potts Camp

Memphis Wrestling will be coming to Potts Camp Mississippi on Saturday Oct. 24th at the Potts Camp High School. Bell Time will be 7:30. Jerry "The King" Lawler, Grand Master Sexay Brian Christopher, Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock, Kevin White, and many many more. More Details coming soon to

XOW TV Taping Saturday Oct. 10th. in Hernando,MS.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2 wrestling legends will be hosting a 3 day wrestling seminar in Pascagoula,MS on Thanksgiving weekend!


On Thanksgiving weekend in Pascagoula,MS,
a 3 day wrestling seminar will be taking place on the following dates below:
-Friday,November 27th-
-Saturday,November 28th-
and on
-Sunday,November 29th-

This 3 day Wrestling Seminar will feature two of the greatest wrestling legends to ever step into the squared circle,



Les Thatcher was both a WCW and a WWE Developmental trainer whom throughout his illustrious wrestling career has wrestled against the best that the sport of professional wrestling has ever had to offer;
including 16-time former World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Hall Of Famer "Nature Boy" Ric Flair!!!

Les Thatcher has had a hand in training almost every big wrestling star you have ever seen on TV!

Jim Cornette,
the legendary manager of several notable countless legendary wrestlers
including one of the greatest wrestling tag teams of all-time
"Beautiful" BOBBY EATON and "Loverboy" DENNIS CONDREY

"Sweet" STAN LANE and "Beautiful" BOBBY EATON

and a 3-time Pro Wrestling Illustrated Manager Of The Year
(1985,1993 and 1995)
is also a former wrestling commentator/wrestling promoter/booker as well!

Cornette;whom is currently the Executive Producer for Ring Of Honor (R.O.H.),
is a former Commissioner of Ring Of Honor and & former road agent for
Total Nonstop Action (TNA).

He formed and founded the defunct Tennessee based wrestling promotion
Smoky Mountain Wrestling (SMW)
and he helped create Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW),
which would eventually become a former developmental territorial division for
World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Want to stand out on the independent wrestling scene?
Want to be booked because you can work and not just because you are cheap.....

This will give you the opportunity to see what it takes to get to the top level.
Les Thatcher & Jim Cornette have both been there,done that and back many,many times before!

Les Thatcher and Jim Cornette will be holding a 3 day Wrestling Seminar in Pascagoula,MS on November 27th,November 28th and November 29th....
with a location in Pascagoula,MS to be determined at a later date prior to the afforementioned 3 Day Seminar taking place.

At this 3 Day Wrestling Seminar,
you will learn more useful wrestling knowledge in these 3 days that you have ever learned from the guy or people whom that have already had trained you!

Now you can find out for yourself!
If you want to learn about the wrestling business;
especially about what it takes to become a professional wrestler and to
truly understand as to what a true professional wrestler is really all about,
then you need to come to this seminar!

This seminar will also be open tryouts for one of the top independent wrestling promotions in the
Gulf Coast area as well as in the independent wrestling circuit for that matter,
Xtreme Impact Wrestling (XIW).

These tryouts are open to anyone.....
who is at least 18 years of age or older and this seminar is also open to anyone whom that is currently in the independent wrestling business and for anyone who would like to enter into the world of professional wrestling.

The top two highest achievers/students whom have stood out the most during this 3 day Les Thatcher/Jim Cornette seminar will receive spots on the XIW roster in 2010!!!

Throughout the past year and a half,
XIW Wrestling shows have averaged between 100-200 people per show
and sometimes more.
You DO NOT want to miss out on this opportunity to train with the best!

The cost to attend the 3 day Les Thatcher/Jim Cornette Wrestling Seminar is only
an average of $50 a day per those 3 days!!!

both Les Thatcher & Jim Cornette will be in person and on hand at all 3 of these wrestling seminars!!!

It doesn't matter who you are in this business and;
as it was already stated before,

XIW honestly believes that a lot of guys.....and gals.....could learn a lot from attending wrestling training seminars such as this one!

The most important,proven fact that ALL wrestlers need to remember is this.....
even for some of those "smart-aleck" types whom that are in the business now who brag,boast and falsely claim that they know everything that there is to know about professional wrestling and even furthermore to the point with them in their very own
self-opinionated thinking that;
as being a professional wrestler,
they do not need any more further learning nor training!!!

If you do not want to better yourself in your career in the wrestling business so that in order for you to learn and to absorb all of
the wrestling knowledge that you can,

With that being said,
this is a great opportunity for yourself as well as for anyone else who wants to take those very 1st steps in an attempt to make their own mark in the world of professional wrestling.

XIW is looking for people who are going to take this tryout seminar seriously and to those who take professional wrestling and the professional wrestling business seriously,
so PLEASE.....

The 3 day Les Thatcher/Jim Cornette Seminar will be taking place in Pascagoula,MS
on the following dates below:
-Friday,November 27th-
-Saturday,November 28th-
and on
-Sunday,November 29th-

Once again,the exact location in Pascagoula,MS as to where the 3 Day Wrestling Seminar will be taking place will soon be determined at a later date
prior to the seminar.

This is NOT a joke,people!

For more information,please call:







Tommy Dreamer Talks Retirement

In an article with The Trentorian Newspaper, Tommy Dreamer says he has a time & date for his retirement, but says he is not there yet. He says he wants to retire in the Northeast where he got his start in the wrestling business. "I want to wrestle my last match in the New York-Philly area and walk off into the sunset," Dreamer says. "But not just yet."

Dreamer also discusses recent injuries & sicknesses, including food poisoning and bursting the sac in his elbow. Dreamer also touched on the addictive (and down right dangerous) adrenaline rush of performing live before a wrestling crowd. He said that rush alone helps wrestlers push through the daily pain they feel.

"One night recently before a match, I had a bad case of food poisoning. I could barely stand up and I was throwing up, but when I went through that curtain I didn't feel it anymore," Dreamer said. "It is amazing what you can put your body
through when you get that rush and adrenaline from the fans."

Dreamer finished the interview by saying "I wish I could be Tommy Dreamer 24-7, because when I’m out there, I’m unstoppable and I don’t feel any pain, but when I got done with the match, I remembered the food poisoning."


Lillian Garcia Wedding Photo

Lilian Garcia announced on her Twitter account that she got married yesterday. "I'm officially married..." she wrote. "One chapter closed last week, another started tonight." Lilian posted a photo from her wedding on her Twitter acct, which you can check out at

Jeff hardy in Court Tomorrow

Jeff Hardy's first court hearing will be taking place tomorrow morning in North Carolina. Hardy is scheduled to be arraigned on the following charges:

- Felony possession of cocaine.

- Felony drug trafficking of opium.

- Felony possession with intent to redistribute a Schedule III drug (two counts).

- Maintaining a dwelling for drug use and/or distribution.

- Possession of drug paraphernalia (misdemeanor).


MCW Results from 9-25 in Osceola, AR

-Homer Lee beat War Machine

-Pokerface with Rashard Devon beat Ray.

-"Natural Born Playas" [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular] won the MCW Tag Team Titles beating The Hambones.

-Frank Tucker beat by DQ Knockout Kid. Bishop and Ron McClarity caused the DQ, which lead to KOK joining forcing with Tucker.

-Frankie Tucker/KO Kid vs Bishop/McClarity - Doulble Countout


----Vicious did an interview talking about upcoming stuff this week...Tag team main event rematch this weekend...Also, coming up this weekend in Osceola, Sid Vicious and Scott Hall will meet again and the loser will lose their hair... Saturday Night, MCW will travel to Luxora with Scott Hall, WWE superstar, Sid Vicious, and Lord Humongous will be on the card. Another special guest will be Atomic Dogg.

Credit: Kim Wallace @

Monday, September 28, 2009

IWA Championship Wrestling TV Results-September 26, 2009

Jason Hall and Eddie Spain welcomed everyone to the show and said that coming up, we'll see A.N.T. vs Eldrick Hines and the debut of The Baron Malkevain. IWA Championship Wrestling starts now!

A.N.T. (Amazing Natural Talent) walks out carrying the United States title and giving me the evil eye. That's that Team Tia wearing off on him. A.N.T. said, "You people shut your mouth. I'm the U.S. champ and I demand respect. I almost broke my neck last week and I come out here and get booed. I'm not defending my title. I don't even need to be here. I need to be home on the couch trying to get better for my 2 out of 3 fall match at Fall Out. I'm in the spotlight, so you people shut your mouth!" A.N.T. got some major heat. "The New Flavor" Eldrick Hines made his way down to the ring.

A.N.T. unloaded on Hines, immediately, choking him in the ropes. Eldrick fought back with a dropkick. A.N.T. fired back with a clothesline. Harley Race knee drop by A.N.T. A.N.T. ducked a clothesline and caught Eldrick with one of his own. Near fall after the nonchalant pin by A.N.T. Hines with a takedown worked over A.N.T.'s knees. A.N.T. kicked out. A.N.T. with a vertical suplex. A.N.T. attempted his "Amazing" moonsault, but Hines rolled him up in a pinning combination. A.N.T. kicked out and hit Hines in the corner. "Amazing" moonsault misses Hines. Near fall. A.N.T. put away Hines with a powerbomb to get the win. "Big CA" Carnage Antwane walked out, trying to send a message to A.N.T. since they would be competing in a 2 out of 3 falls match at "Fall Out". A.N.T. said, "There's no way, you are taking that belt from me."

"Every Man's Dream and Every Woman's Nightmare" Precious out. Precious fired Officer Hudson. Of course, Precious had to say hello. He said, "There's my man. You got some long foots. Do you wanna stick one of them in me?" Precious's opponent was Malik "The Great". Before the match got underway, Precious posed for pictures. Malik got the crowd going. The two lock up with Precious getting all over Malik in the corner. Malik stormed out, screaming, "What tha hell are you doing!" Malik hit three dropkicks sending Precious to the floor, where he laid across the top of the guardrail. Malik flipped out on Precious. Precious flipped in on Malik from the apron for a near fall. Malik ducked a couple clotheslines and connected with a flying body press, but Precious would jump up and knock Malik back down with a clothesline. Precious with a standing moonsault. Malik, again, ducked two clotheslines and fought back with a spinning headscissor, followed by the rotation kick. Standing hurracanrana by Malik for a near fall. Precious comes back with a sidewalk slam. Precious with an impressive moonsault off the top-rope. Malik kicked out. Precious set Malik up on the turnbuckle. Malik knocked down Precious. Malik springboarded off the rope with a dropkick. Precious tried to springboard off the ropes with a leg drop, but got caught up in the ropes. Malik kicked Precious to the outside. Malik flew out with a body press. Precious got disqualified after hitting Malik with some sort of foreign object. As Precious was running to the back, IWA Commissioner Reno Diamond stopped him and sent him back into the ring with Malik. Precious managed to escape, again, and ran out into the crowd, towards the concession stand and bathrooms.

6-Man Tag Match-Full Scale Assault (Xander Raines & Jason Steele) & Crime vs IWA Tag-Team Champions SnS (Syn & Stunner) & Suicide-Crime said Bad Call. During SnS and Suicide's entrance, Syn held up the Team Tia T. Suicide started with Crime. Suicide got the crowd going. Suicide working over the arm. Fast pace exchange. Tags are made, bringing in Syn and Jason Steele. Arm drag, followed by a kick from Syn to Steele. Steele holds on to Xander's foot on the outside. Xander and Stunner tagged in. Xander works over Stunner's arm, saying, "That's how you take care of that high-flying!" Xander with a big vertical suplex. Tagged in Jason, who planted a couple kicks to Stunner's back. Suicide and Syn work over Jason's arm. Syn and Jason collide in what looked like a Japanese arm drag. Xander made the save. Jason took it to Syn with a fisherman suplex. Reverse chinlock. Steele with a double underhook suplex on Syn for a near fall. T-bone suplex by Steele. Makes the tag to Crime. Crime in with a wicked brainbuster on Syn. Crime applied a sleeperhold. Syn fought out, but got decapitated by a clothesline from Crime. Crime missed a frog splash from the top. This one broke down with all six getting involved. Xander delivered a spinebuster to Stunner. There was a "Tower of Doom" out of the corner, with Suicide suplexing Crime while Syn powerbombed Steele. This looked AWESOME! Syn rolled up Xander to get the win. After the bell, Full Scale Assault and Crime jumped SnS and Suicide, but SnS and Suicide would end up clearing the ring. Xander said he would take care of them at Fall Out.

"Big CA" Carnage Antwane would take on the debuting "Vampire" The Baron Malkevain-At the beginning, CA tried to plant a right on Baron, but Baron just stared at him. CA caught Baron with two clotheslines and clotheslined him over the top-rope. The Baron landed on his feet on the floor, walked around for a second then came back in. Baron put down CA with some right hands and then choked him. CA turned Baron inside out with two clotheslines. The Baron Malkevain slithered out of the ring to regroup. The Baron hung up in the air in the corner and knocked the air out of CA with a dropkick in the corner. Baron with a big leg drop, followed by a choke. Near fall. Baron got in the ref's face. Baron fires away at CA. CA ducked two clotheslines, but caught a dropkick from the vampire. Baron leaped off the top with a flying body press. Baron ducked two clotheslines, but CA caught him with a sidewalk slam. CA punched away at Baron and leveled him with a big boot. A.N.T. walked out, distracting CA. The Baron Malkevain caught CA with "The Nail in the Coffin" to get the win.

Main Event-Cymba & Armageddon, with "The Manager of Champions" Victor Reed vs "The Asylum" (Psycho & Pappy)-These four big men had a staredown before the fists started flying. Psycho hurt his hand and Pappy hurt his head on Armageddon's mask. Big boot by Armageddon. Armageddon and Psycho go at it on the inside. Cymba sent Pappy into the ringpost on the outside. Cymba choked Pappy with his chain. Armageddon with a big bodyslam on Psycho. Pappy hit Cymba with his chain. Cymba caught Pappy with a clothesline. Armageddon put down Psycho with a big boot. Psycho fought back with a spinning elbow. Cymba punished Pappy with the kendo stick. Armageddon put down Psycho with a clothesline. Armageddon drove Psycho's head into the turnbuckle, but this did little damage as Psycho fought back, delivering a big splash to Armageddon in the corner. Pappy drilled Cymba with the kendo stick. Big belly-to-belly by Armageddon on Psycho. Cymba and Pappy back in. All four battle it out. Armageddon and Psycho fight out on the floor. The referee declared this one a double countout, since Armageddon and Psycho were the legal men. Cymba with a ddt on Pappy. The Asylum executed a double face plant on Cymba. Pappy splashed Armageddon in the corner, followed by a running knee, courtesy of Psycho. Samoan Raja ran out, attacking Cymba and Armageddon. It would be Raja and Armageddon battling it out at "Fall Out" in a Buried Alive match.

Before the tv tapings, they had two dark matches-The first was "The Samoan Savage" Samoan Raja vs "The Punisher" Dre' Black-These two locked up with Dre' working over the big man's arm. Raja with some vicious chops and headbutts in the corner sending Dre' down. Raja missed a splash. Dre' with a belly-to-belly suplex on Raja. Dre' threw Raja head first into the turnbuckle, but that didn't phase him. Raja fought back. Raja worked over Dre's neck. Raja missed a headbutt. Dre' with a double underhook suplex on Raja for a near fall. The two go at it on the outside. Dre' threw Raja into the steel guardrail and ringpost. Official decision was a double countout. The two men fought to the back.

2nd Dark Match-Officer Hudson vs "IWA Original" Sniper-Hudson got into it with a fan at ringside. Hudson checked the referee by manhandling him. Collar and elbow tieup with a clean break in the corner. Sniper twists away with an armbar. Takes down Hudson and smashes some knees into his arm. Sniper with a big slam on Hudson that even sent Sniper down to the canvas for a quick second. Hudson ran in the corner with a knee. Sniper poked him in the eye and knocked down Hudson. Sniper choked and put the boots to Hudson. Sniper attempted a cover, but Officer Hudson grabbed the ropes. Snapmare by Sniper, who connected with three running fist drops. Two count. Sniper wins with the Cobra Clutch. Sniper continued his onslaught on Officer Hudson, after the match.

ASWF Results: 9-26-09

Our show would start as is does every week with Commissioner Rowland calling local kids to hold the flag during the playing of our National Anthem.

Before the show could get started, Demon X would come out with his confidant, Johnny Hawk. Hawk would taunt the crowd with a fishing pole that had a candy bar attached to it, saying he was fishing for fat women. At one point Demon X and Hawk would state that if you didn't brush your teeth you wouldn't get anywhere in life. So they squirted toothpaste all over an unsuspecting fan. After their round of fun, Beautiful Bobby Eaton and Brian Thompson would take to the ring. But they wouldn't be alone for long as LSD would challenge them to a couple of matches. The Commissoner would set it in stone, Cody Only vs Demon X for the ASWF Title and Deadly Dale and Idol Bane against Bobby Eaton and a mystery partner.

The first match to get under way was The Leader of the POB Ron Rage against Sanch Libre. Rage would tear Libre apart. He would plant his finisher and win the match. He stated that he was here for someone else and that everytime he went to a promotion where "he" was at "he" would sneak out the back door. And tonight he was going to get his once and for all.

The second match of the night was ASWF Original The Enforver vs The King of Newark Seth Sabor. Seth would come off on a great start and would take control early. But his control of the match would be short lived. The Enforcer, who had a chain hid, would strike Sabor with the chain followed by a low blow. The Enforcer would low blow Sabor and get the win via pinfall.

Tonight's third match of the night was The Irish Dragon Scott Fury taking on Joshua Cross. Both superstars would be hard keep up with. Fury who is one to stay on the match with his opponent would have a tough time with the high flyer Joshua Cross. But Fury would clip Cross's wings and pin him after his failed moonsault.

The forth match of the night was Demon X vs Cody Only for the ASWF Title. Cody would dominate the match showing Demon X who the true champion should be. Demon X would somehow make a comeback and begin to take the heat to Cody Only. Demon X would roll Only up for the pin.

The Semi-Main Event would be The Establishment's X-Kaliber/Tommy Wanye/Cody Murdoch/Cason McClain/Athena Eclipse against Christopher Lee/Mark Wolf/Morgan Williams. Tommy and Mark would start this bout with blood pumping. Wayne would make a tag to Murdoch when he started to lose control and the Big Rig would take Wolf to his knees. Things would begin to look grim. X-Kaliber would plant the Sword and Stone and tag in Athena Eclipse. Athena would then Chokeslam Morgan Williams and get the pin winning the match for The Establishment.

The Main-Event was a tag team match between Hot Rod John Ellison/Beautiful Bobby Eaton vs Deadly Dale and Idol Bane. LSD would be the powerhouse in the first part of the match. Showing the old school the way to wrestle. But, Eaton and Ellison would cheat behind the referee and show LSD how the old school does it. Dale would finally make a tag to Idol after a lengthy beating. Idol would take control and pin Hot Rod for the 1, 2, 3.

NEW Results: 9-25-09

Tonight's show was incredible, match after match was pulse pounding with excitement. The referee tonight would be Downtown Bruno with John Steele and T-Bone Terrence Ward announcing.

Just as the first match was about to get underway, "All That" Alan Steele would go to the announcer's table and state that he saw the card tonight and was not going to team up with Kid Nickels. T-Bone would then tell Alan that Ken Wayne had already spoke with him and to tell Alan Steele that if he did not tag with Nickels he would not get his match on October 9th. Steele would be outraged and leave with not quite knowing what to say.

Tonight's opening match would be Kolby Stern taking on the returning Scott Fury. Scott would take control of the match early giving the young blood, Kolby Stern, a lesson in technical wrestling. Just as Fury seemed to have the match in the bag, Stern would try and make a quick recovery. However in his haste, Fury would roll him up and get the 1, 2, 3.
Time: 5:53

The second match of the night was sceduled for a tag team match. Justin "The Juice" Smart would team up with Mike Anthony to take on Kevin Charles and "Dangerous" Dan Matthews. Smart would start off with control over Charles. But, early in the match Matthews would use up his teams two alloted saves. Smart would be on the fast track to victory, but would hurt his knee trying to counter Charles. Matthews would then be tagged in and would smell blood. Matthews would eventually tag Charles back in and it seemed Smart would be out of the match and one less victory. But in a ray of hope for Smart he would build up enough energy to tag in his partner Mike Anthony. Anthony would start cleaning house and finally pin Charles for the win.
Time: 8:22

Tonight's third match was from a challenge last week. Matt Justyce would take on the returning Shawn Reed, who was out on an injury. Both wrestlers would try to get control early on in the match but both would fail. Reed would catch Justyce off guard and roll him up for the pin.
Time: 3:41

The Main-Event was what everyone was waiting for. "The Human Highlight Reel" Austin Lane and "3G" Eric Wayne would go mano y mano with "All That" Alan Steele and Kid Nickels. Before the match even got in the ring Steele and Nickels would argue coming to the ring, in the ring, and during the match. Steele would start off with Wayne, but would soon tag in his partner Kid Nickels. Nickels would be on a roll, taking control over Lane, after his tag to Eric Wayne. Lane would be able to get a little control back from Kid and secure him in a submission hold but it would not last for long. He would escape Lanes hold and Nickels would go for the pin, but Steele would pull Nickels off of Lane. During that arguement Lane was able to make a tag to his partner Wayne would would not be standing for very long. During this heat of the battle Wayne would get knocked out by Nickels. But yet again Nickels would push Steele's buttons by using his finisher. After that Steele would leave his partner out to dry. But Steele would return but with Josh Carney in his clutches. Austin would be able to take advantage of the situation and pin Nickels. Steele would then get in the ring and begin to belittle Kid.

GCW Results from 9-24 in Phenix City, AL

J-Rod & Frankie Valentine defeated Champions Dany Only/Ron Stalker and The Winners Club (Kyle Matthews/Bobbby Moore with Princeton Gainey) in a Triple Threat Match to win the GCW Tag Team Championship.

Murder One defeated Tex Monroe to win the GCW Interstate Championship.

Cru Jones & Josh Storm defeated Reuben James & Shaun Banks.

Chris Stevens defeated Mike Kross; then immediately accepted Jimmy Rave's open challenge for the GCW Title. However before the match could start, Cru Jones came out to confront Stevens about attacking him last week. The lights went off, and when they came back on, the mysterious masked man was standing in the ring. Rave and Jones paired off to take on the masked man and Stevens, but the masked man nodded his head, and both Jones and Stevens attacked Rave. After almost four months, the masked man revealed himself to be Johnny Swinger. Swinger said he was cashing in on the championship match opportunity that he won in a battle royal on June 18. Frankie Valentine & J-Rod tried to even the odds, but Stevens and Jones beat them down. Finish saw Stevens get in the ring and spinebuster Rave behind the ref's back to set up the pin for Stevens, who became a seven time GCW Heavyweight Champion. Jones said this was a plan for 3 months, and if he had to slap hands with one more person, he was going to puke. Swinger celebrated with his new crew - "I love it when a plan comes together!"

Credit: Larry Goodman @