Monday, August 31, 2009

NWA Anarchy Results from 8-29 in Cornelia, GA


From Cornelia, GA in front of almost 200 people

Palmer comes out in camo and says that the show will have a lot of pure southern hatred on it as people settle their differences, especially in the War Games match. He then welcomes the Solie family in attendance. They had copies of the Gordon Solie Chronicles available for sell.

Todd Sexton comes to the ring and demands someone fight him. Bo Newsome comes out and Referee Mike Posey starts the match

1) Bo Newsome d. Todd Sexton with a roll up

Mercedes Mosley brings out the red carpet and velvet rope.

2)The Entourage(Mike Mosley & Andrew Alexander) d. The Wild Bunch(Billy Buck & Chris King) with interference from Jay Clinton. Alexander had a spot in this match where he rolls into the ring and just log rolls over the referee to distract him from Mosley attacking haha it was interesting.

After the match, Wild Bunch lays out Clinton... who is scheduled to be in the next match. It was originally scheduled to be a 4 way for the Young Lions Cup but Malachi was not involved in the show tonight.

3) Skirra Corvus w/ The Reverend d. El Veterano IV and Jay Clinton to become the number one contender for the Young Lions Cup. Skirra is such an interesting worker... tall skinny guy that is super flexible and can do some amazing things in the ring.

4) Talent & Money(JT Talent & Andrew Pendleton III) d. New Wave(Derrick Driver & Steven Walters) in a ladder match when Pendleton blinded one of the members of New Wave with powder as he climbed the ladder. Some crazy spots in this match including a double spike ddt from the top of a ladder on Pendleton and a Spanish Fly on Talent through a ladder on chairs.


5) Seth Delay w/ Brodie Ray Chase d. Slim J w/ Orion Bishop in a brass knuckles on a poll match when fill-in Referee Mike Posey nails Slim J with his own brass knuckles. Brodie was sent to the back after he climbed the ropes and grabbed the brass knuckles. The first ref tried to re-hang them but fell off when the wrestlers hit the ropes. Posey came out to take over and Bishop helped the first ref to the back.

6) Jeremy Vain d. Shadow Jackson to retain the Anarchy Heavyweight title when Orion Bishop came out to check on Shadow Jackson and then SPEARS HIM! Vain and Bishop celebrate together.

7) Team Anarchy d. The Unholy Alliance when Ace Rockwell taped Shaun Tempers to the ropes and beat him into submission. Some AMAZING stuff in this match. It was announced that Truitt Fields could not make the show due to a death in his family and Slim J had said he would step in. The matched started and Slim was not able to come out due to the shot from the brass knuckles. SHADOW JACKSON replaced him! Ace Rockwell did an airplane spin with TANK on his shoulders... yes TANK.... he spun over ten times... it was crazy. Shatter then slammed Ace into all 4 sides of the cage, denting all 4 sides! Judas gave Kimo a crucifix powerbomb. Judas also worked with Iceberg to crucifix powerbomb him off the top onto Tank on a table... it was insane.
Order of entry:

After the match Team Anarchy throws The Reverend in the cage with Iceberg and Jerry Palmer. Palmer pummels him and gives him a tombstone piledriver. Iceberg went to the top and came down with a big splash on The Reverend! They carried Rev out on a medic board. Great show.

Credit: Scott Hensley @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

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