Monday, August 31, 2009

Jarrett Returns to TNA This Week

Mike Johnson of PWInsider reported the following...

By Mike Johnson on 2009-08-31 08:41:09

Jeff Jarrett will be heading to Australia this week to take part in a TNA promotional tour with Jeremy Borash in Jarrett's first appearances publicly since taking time off from TNA several months back.

As reported last week in the Elite section, Jarrett had been expected back shortly as the prime reason he was away from the company, a custody issue between Kurt and Karen Angle over their children had been settled and the Angles are again on good terms. Jarrett is currently involved with Karen Angle.

Dixie Carter had stated Jarrett would be back working with the company "sooner than later" in media appearances last week.

Jarrett and Borash (and possibly other TNA personalities) will be doing a promotional tour. It appears the company may be touring Australia in the future.

Credit: Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

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